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Lucario Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 99 Tier Ranking: 19th Popularity: 39th
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lofbea56 posted December 5, 2014

One thing I've noticed playing lucario is his lack of a close-quarters game. You primarily want to harass/zone with side B and Aura sphere. However doing only this will lead to a very stale/predictable lucario, you must mix in running grabs and down B double teams. Once you land a grab your options really open up for his other attacks such as: down throw, Fair, Nair, down B for a counter attack. Mix in a running grab with his dash attack and you'll have your opponent guessing and you'll create opportunities for his close-quarter attacks, combine that with the zone game of side B and aura sphere and you should come out ahead. Another thing worth mentioning is lucarios roll, it's fast. Use lucario's roll to get in position to grab or jab attack, probably safer to grab however. But again remember to zone enough to "control" the fight so you can control the damage you take. Once you get to 60 to 70% damage, your range and power of attacks makes things difficult for the opponent.

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

For a character currently ranked second on the Ehubs tier list, I am kind of surprised there are no tips here!

The most important thing to know about Lucario is his aura mechanic. It powers him up as he takes damage, capping at a very high number - around 190%, or so - and it stacks with Rage (more damage on you = stronger moves) and if he is on his last stock he gets a small boost as well.

His KO moves - Bair, Uair, Usmash, Dsmash, and Fsmash, as well as Aura Sphere- are all extremely dangerous when he is above 130%.

He also has an extremely long poke in Side B when he is at high damage. At the beginning of the move, there is a small grab hitbox right next to Lucario, and then he shoots a long projectile that grows with aura. Great for ranged harassing when the aura is high.

He also has a unique Dair, which halts his momentum (except when done out of hitstun). This can be used for many tricks, such as jumping over fireballs without going to high, or changing the timing at which you fall to the ground to avoid getting anti aired.

His recovery with high aura has some of the most distance in the game, and can be curved around in extreme ways. If you can survive from being outright knocked out of the blastzone, you can make it back.

Outside of that he is a pretty straight forward character. Close range jabs and utilt, spacing with Side B and the 2hit Ftilt, harassing with Aura Sphere, charging Aura Sphere for a stronger KO potential move, Utilt combos, Fair and Nair for air moves.

Uthrow Uair is a combo at earlier percents.
Fair into Fair is a combo at earlier percents.
Dash attack is a good whiff punish. Pops them up in the air close to your at low percent so you can attempt an utilt trap or more dash attacks or dash grab as they land.

HiKalibre posted May 27, 2016

After putting it off for so long, I'm going to say it- Lucario is a beast in disguise and highly underappreciated.

Lofbea56 is completely incorrect in saying that Lucario lacks a close-quarters game. Lucario has solid tilts and is capable of comboing from d-tilt, u-throw and d-throw. Following up side throws with Aura Sphere will either hit the opponent or force them to jump and DI, forcing them into patterns. Side-B done at close ranger on a character can kill at the right percentages; all in all, I can't imagine why -anybody- would say Lucario "lacks a close-quarters game", when the bulk of his lethality is dependent on close-range fighting. And while Lucario's Smashes possess noticeable startup and can be punished, they are absolutely lethal when they connect- using them in conjunction with good reads will net you some early kills.

He's not easy to pick up and play, however- Lucario requires finesse in order to shine, and does taking a working knowledge of the opponent's moves and abilities to really excel. It will take time to know when and how to employ his U-air, B-air and D-air- the first two can kill early if used right, and D-air can stage-spike opponents. I cannot stress this enough- do NOT play Lucario as an all-out, high-risk, high-reward character. Lucario is first and foremost a defensive character- he does not get rewarded for having his face punched in, he gets rewarded for surviving adversity. To that end, watch out for heavy-hitters like Ganondorf, King Dedede and Bowser, and pay close attention to quicker characters like ZSS and Shiek. Skimping on Lucario's defenses and throwing out moves for anything other than a bait will get you demolished in short order.

A tip for ExtremeSpeed- in order to negate a hefty portion of Lucario's ending lag, there are 2 ways. The first is to land as vertically as possible and faceplant Lucario into the ground. It doesn't look graceful, but it shaves off the few seconds he'd otherwise be vulnerable. The second way is to approach at a steep angle and run parallel to the ground, then pulling the stick in the opposite direction as he stops. If done correctly, Lucario will do an about-face as he lands and slide backwards a bit- the positioning can enable Lucario to follow-up with f-tilt if necessary.

AllTheWayLucario posted June 24, 2015

For my experiences, Lucario us my namesake main for a reason. I have met no good Lucario players on For Glory, and I feel he is almost as underappreciated as Pit. Lucario may not be able to do squat combo-wise, he's not the combo character he is in Project M, but his Aura mechanic has lead me to sure truly amazing comebacks. By default, Lucario is arguably the weakest character in the game. At 0%, his fully Charger side smash does 15% damage. But, at 190%(his Aura cap) it easily does upward of 40-45% damage, and can actually kill certain characters at 0%(I have only tested this one Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, and Greninja) and that makes Lucario a massive threat. As for strategies, zoning with Force Palm is good, but for some odd reason Force Palm us counted as a projectile. I have been killed more times by reflected Force Palms than reflected Aura Spheres. But, all in all, Lucario is a character who takes a surprising amount of skill to master(despite being a six-year Luca main, I'm just now going competitive with him), but is easy to pick up and play. I recommend Lucario to and beginner/intermediate player. Heck, to anyone.

blooper98 posted April 27, 2015

To be brutally honest, when I first got the game Lucario was one of my favorites. However, I noticed something fairly recently that is highly detrimental to how Lucario is supposed to be played.

After you land on a platform directly with Extremespeed, there is a good 2-3 second Lag period in which your opponent can lay waste to you fairly quickly.

I believe this is new to Lucario, as in it was patched in during one of the recent updates, as I'm almost certain that before you could instantly roll out of this. I could be wrong though.

Overall though, with a decent amount of Kill moves (Usmash, Fsmash, Side B (high percentage only), Aura Sphere (High Percentage Only), thanks to Lucario's Aura ability, you can easily make a comeback. Definitely recommend to people new to the game, as he's fast and easy to pick up.

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