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Little Mac Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Little Mac Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 82 Tier Ranking: 49th Popularity: 16th
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Yersinio_Pestis posted November 25, 2014

Little Mac plays like a rush down character, he is in your face and doesn't tend to stop. He is an offensive character that is best put to use on the center of the stage. When using him, use mainly his normals and smash attacks. His side Bs will kill you if you use it less than half-way from the ledge when going towards a ledge so if you ever use it (which you should not in most cases) make sure you are going toward the center of the stage. As far as his up B goes, it has its uses as a counter move against Little Macs multi hit combo but has little other than a upwards recovery move. His down b is used as a counter so if the opponent is ledge guarding you I would suggest using this as a way to deter them from using a side or down smash whilst you are trying to recover. As far as his Knock Out Punch goes, it is best not to use it unless you know you can successfully bait the opponent into it by waiting until they whiff an attack.

A helpful tip to those who want to use him to his fullest is that Little Mac can cancel his dashing animation into a side or up smash. This allows you to have three good damage options when dashing toward the opponent.

Another thing to keep in mind whilst playing Little Mac is that he can around quickly so when you find yourself and your opponent in a dodge loop you can catch your opponent off guard with a turn around multi-hit combo to end the constant back and forth.

I hope this helped and settle it in Smash with Little Mac.

Zebraman7279 posted November 21, 2014

Mac's gameplay can best be described with, "Float like a butterfly sting like a bee". Mac is not the character that can dash attack to start an offensive assault. You must keep yourself and your opponent in the middle of the stage at all times, this is where Mac is considered at his best. You should only be using your normals and foward smash to rack up damage, Mac's specials are terrible and hardly need to be used. Your dodges are extremely quick and should be used to mix up your opponent. You will hardly need to dodge opponents attacks if you beat them to the punch, and this is hardly a problem with Mac's normals.
Your dependable killing moves are the Uppercut (Foward Smash Up tilt) Down Smash, and rarely the Straight (Foward Smash). Mac's K.O punch is, and I cannot stress this enough, NOT A DEPENDABLE KILLING MOVE. The terrible range and short time of the K.O punch is not worth the hassle so don't bother using it unless you see a VERY obvious opening.
Mac has a terrible air and recovery game. His aerials are virtually useless under most circumstances, and both of his recovery options are terrible. Your 2 options is the air are you UP and DOWN B. UP-B can kill at reasonable percentages and should be used if your opponent is DIRECTLY above you, most people won't see this coming because of how infrequently it is used. The DOWN-B is best used when your opponent is below or next to you in the air. This allows you to get some breathing space and will provide enough time for you to get to the ground.
Of course there will be a time when you are knocked off the stage. IN that case you have two options.
1. If the opponent is catching and throwing your continuously off the stage, wait until you are barely under the edge of the stage and UP-B.
2. If the opponent is going to hit you mid-recovery activate Slip-Counter. This is very tricky because if you miss the counter all of your forward momentum will die and you will have a MUCH harder time recovering.
That's all I have for now, good luck!

spyro777 posted June 20, 2017

Little mac is ranked 47th on zero's tier list.

SFITB posted March 24, 2017

Sakurai why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SFITB posted March 24, 2017

I hope Mac doesn't return

ZachSmashAttack posted February 15, 2017

Ok. Since no one cared to mention Little Mac's air game that much I will give a little talk about it. This is how to air mac. First off, (In case you haven't noticed) Little Mac has seriously and purposely underpowered Aerial game. All his air attacks don't do that much damage and have point blank range. So people are just like, "Oh man, Little Mac's air game sucks." However, a lot of people don't take into consideration what his air attacks properties are. Let's go into these properties.

First of all and most important, all of Little Mac's aerials are auto-cancelable from a short hop.

Down air can jab lock so if they miss a tech at any time then you could follow up with a jab lock and then a F-smash or even in some rare cases a KO punch, Plus it the the fastest meteor smash in the game (albeit weak it can still gimp).

Up air is a solid anti-air attack and can be used to do combos like U-tilt to Uair multiple times and maybe finish it off with an up b.

Nair can be used to do interesting combos and comes out on frame 2. While this attack may be very weak when it comes to damage and knockback, there is ONE very unique trick that Little Mac may be able to pull off that involves this move. If he use his Down-A on an opponent (At around 70%, give or take) to get them in the air, quickly footstools them, and then in a certain rhythm, quickly alternates between Neutral-Airs and footstools, he can potentially carry opponents to the top of the stage and then finish them off with a Rising Uppercut! This move can combo into itself in the air, and the opponent's weight class and damage percentage doesn't matter. This can be used as a guaranteed kill combo at any percentage if used off the stage. When your opponent is trying to recover, jump off and intercept them with a neutral air. Punch them at least 4-5 times (if you jumped from the stage ledge) and toadstool jump a bit above the blastline. If done correctly this is a guaranteed kill. The timing is strict for this combo, and the opponent must be beneath Mac. *Credit to Zebraman7279 and KarmasCamera for the info on Nair.*

Fair and Bair are semi-spikes allowing for gimps combined with Nair and Dair. Even though they have poor range they have good knockback allowing for some great gimps. Also a combo could be D-tilt to fair to D-tilt to fair to F-smash is effective on an unprepared opponent.

Now some people might be wondering how little mac can gimp even though he has extremely bad recovery but I am about to tell you step two to a decent air mac.

Step two: I am just going to say this straight out. Lots of people think Little Mac's recovery sucks. He has the third lowest jump and is a fast falling lightweight with mediocre air speed which doesn't help at all. However what is often overlooked (See some posts above.) is his wall jump. He has the second highest wall jump in the entire game (Surpassed only by Lucario). If you go for a gimp and keep your second jump you will definitely be able to make it back if you know what you're doing. Also use this wisely and you can make some amazing recoveries. But don't overthink it if a simple side-b or up-b will work. Try to pick an omega form stage with walls.

One more thing, to get air mac down and your gimping game down you need to PRACTICE. Don't expect to get amazing gimps your first try. It takes precision, skill, and good reads. Plus if you're not prepared you might not be able to recover. So only gimp if it's worth it.

And that about wraps it up. But remember, Little Mac's ground game is tons better then his air game. However if you play it right it could lead to some surprise KO's. And remember that I didn't cover any of mac's ground game. Make sure to take a look at the other posts. But if you want to play air mac then you read the right post. I hope you found this informative and I hope to write more. Thank you and goodbye.

lucasxness posted July 19, 2016

To Add To My oRignal Comment He May Have A Bad Up Special Recovery, But Since He Can Literelly Jusz Spam SMAShed Attacks And Never Be Hit He Will NEver get Hit OffSTage Anyway!!!!!

lucasxness posted July 16, 2016

Little Mac Is So Fri*king OP Honestly If You Main Little Mac I Have No Respect For You. He Has The Fastest Moves In The Game And If He SHields Your'e Attacks Theirs Nothing YOu Can DO About It. Also Theirs A Glitch That Makes It So You Cant Hit Him When He Does A Smashed Attack. Please Patch Sakorai!

NoTechZone posted February 13, 2016

Mac is either high risk high reward character, or play him tactically. He has the best punishes in the game with a jab coming out on frame one and some of the fastest smashes in the game. 100% percent is kill percent as a mac. forward smash unstaled kills here, and so will up smash, a good option out of dash on a missed tech. His d-tilt is one of his best combo tools and combos into basically everything he has at varying percents. If you want to play in your face game then you better do it right as one mistake can ruin a stock. Utilize your roll dodge. "only scrubs roll". this is an elitist statement. macs dodge is incredible. it is very fast, and mixed with jab and d-tilt can be very hard to punish. not impossible though, don't abuse it. up tilt combos into up b at about 60% depending on DI. down throw combos into up-b for the kill at about 100% up b comes out pretty quick and from standing goes pretty high. use this as an air dodge punish from the floor. sorry this wasn't super organized (kind of all over the place) but im going to leave this how it is because i'm lazy and wanna smash. Good Luck

crimson316 posted January 11, 2016

Little Mac is a character that relies heavily on punishing. With very few options to pressure the opponent safely (those being f-tilt, d-tilt, and f-smash straight), he will have to wait until his opponent retaliates to start racking up serious damage. Fortunately, Mac has one of the best punish games in Sm4sh, with his forward smash able to rack up good amounts of damage even after being used consistently (though throwing this move out is not recommended, as while it is a strong move, it is also very punishable in return). His f-smash can also be angled for different effects. When angled upwards, it's a powerful launching move that does low damage, and has increased range, as Mac will take a step forward when performing the attack. Angled downwards, the f-smash will do small knock back, but increased damage, even being able to shatter a slightly weakened shield. Use these as mix ups from your standard f-smash to catch your opponent off guard, or whenever the situation may call for it. Overall, be aggressive, but be smart. Don't rush in and dash attack immediately, but get a feel for your opponent first. See if they're the type of player to try to grab and gimp you immediately, if they're aggressive and like to rush you, or if they're defensive and try to space you out. Find out their patterns, and when an opening pops up, take it and punish hard.

Screamouts posted August 6, 2015

Little Mac isn't a rushdown character like Captain Falcon.You have to be patient.
Playstyle : defensive punisher
You have to punish you opponent's mistake.If you dash attck too much you'll get a hard time.Dash attack is good only for punish really laggy moves or if your opponent is too far from you.
Your side-B (Jolt Haymaker) is your recovery tool but a punishing-roll move.Just be carefull when you use it as it can throw you out of the stage.I recommend to use this move only when you are at the half of a FD stage.
Your Down-B (slip counter) is ...a counter.Don't use it too often as it can be very predictable.I recommend to air dodge sometimes.

In the Punch Out!!! series you have to dodge your opponent's move and counter them.His game really set his playstyle

So that's it for this.This is not a breakdown on all Mac's tool this is just for all Mac's beginners need to know as they don't really know how to use his moves.

Thanks for reading this post ( this was my first post)

btw I'm French so forgive me about spelling mistakes :p

I'll see you next time

Comonavi posted August 2, 2015

Little Mac is infamous for his terrible recovery, but his wall jump is often overlooked. On FD form stages with walls, you can recover from just below the stage, as long as you're close enough to the wall. After walljumping, preform an UP B quickly. With the right timing, you can grab the ledge and get back onstage. Waiting until you're at the bottom of the wall can give you an airdodge to avoid edgeguarding. From more of the middle of the wall, you can wait after walljumping a bit longer to follow up with a side special.

LordVincentEsq posted July 31, 2015

So here's the biggest misconception about Little Mac:
"Oh he has fast speed and really quick attacks, he must be a rushdown character!"
This is wrong. Little Mac's attacks all have fast startup, but only two of them are safe on shield (d-tilt and properly spaced jab). Try to throw things out and you'll just get grabbed. This combined with his horrible air game and abysmal grab range make him not well suited for rushdown.
They make him godlike at footsies though. Little Mac is a footsie character.
If an opponent is throwing things out at you too much? You can armor through. Somebody mis-spaces themselves? D-tilt pressures and leads into big damage combos with pretty good range. Little Mac is a character to be played slowly and methodically, with damage coming in huge bursts. This is necessary not only because it benefits how he's built, but because of his atrocious recovery.
On the KO Punch: there are reliable ways to combo into it, it is amazing for combacks and mindgames, do not waste it. Having KO punch stocked puts insane mental pressure on the opponent- they want to knock it out of you, but they don't wanna get killed at 30%. Use this to your advantage.
Play Little Mac like you're playing Punch-Out. Wait for your opponent to give you an opening, and wreck them for it with your fast, high damage attacks.
Also, have a co-main, because jesus christ does little mac have some unwinnable matchups.

Mewty posted June 11, 2015

I don't know if this has alreasy been said, but Little mac's dtilt can combo into most of his moves at low percents, and can combo into K.O. punch at all percents.

Screamouts posted March 27, 2015

He's actually my main but his recovery sucks.Your comments are helpful but it's hardcore to stay in the middle with Little Mac because you must move from your opponent's move

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Mac has a reputation of being a scrub character, and many players are often seen on For Glory doing very similar things (dash attack, rolling, and smashing). It goes without saying that these players are not that successful -

Anyway, the key to a good Lil Mac is to keep a safe distance to poke, and then read your opponent to blow through their attacks with the armor on his smashes to net yourself the KO.

Ftilt is your primary spacing tool. It has two hits, does good damage, is quite fast, and has quite a bit of range. Because of this move, walking instead of running is advised to control space.

A similar move, but less range, is Dtilt. Dtilt can set up small juggles (like a combo into KO punch around 30% for an easy stock) so it has a little more reward than Ftilt.

Note KO punch actually goes through shields, and makes a great landing punish as your opponent tries to get down from the air.

Dash attack is a good whiff punish, but don't try to use it as an approach tool - experienced players will easily shield and punish hard for trying this move, even if you try to make it go through the opponent.

Grabbing will be important. Shielding will protect vs all of Lil Mac's other moves, so use Mac's dash speed to put fear in the enemy.

Usmash and Fsmash are strong and have armor. They also can be tricky to punish for opponents, so be careful with them. They are fast enough to do after lowering your shield to punish a variety of things, so be on the lookout.

Recovering is tough. A successful Counter can help you get back, unless you were attacked from the other side, so be very careful when using Counter.

Side B has a bit of horizontal range and Up B has a bit of vertical. Up B does not auto snap to the ledge, so be careful using it- a Melee style sweet spot is needed (spacing the Up B so that it ends below the edge but still just close enough to grab the edge).

Platforms are a bit tough for Lil Mac to deal with, but Uair is a decent move for it and has okay range. Still, be careful whenever you jump with this guy! Stick to the ground and out footsie your opponent, or risk getting tossed off and getting KO'd super early.

MadaraUchihaXIX posted November 29, 2014

Plain and simple Keep Little Mac out of the air and off floaty stages....

iYeaMikeDave posted November 21, 2014

If you're a noob. You found you character. If you thought master hand was OP on this game, wait till you see this little guy in action. Weighing in at 126, this little guy can can be pretty deceiving. This is not a "how to" instructional on how to be good with little Mac. This is a how to on how to beat little Mac. If you want to be good with home, just get a round your opponent and just tap "a" in any random direction. You'll get some sky uppercuts in there. If you wish to beat little Mac, don't choose a swordsman unless it's Robin, Link, or toon Link. Make sure you thro hella projectiles at this kid. Unless it's bombs, cause somehow he can punch right through a splash damage bomb. His gloves have a special coat of rubber that bounces any attack that you throw at him, back at you and allows him to throw combos for days. Even if you have a lengthy sword, he will hit you with his 8 foot wingspan. Not even Ike's hefty , golden light pole outreaches little mac's wingspan. Also, if you thought mario and sonic were fast in their 2D scrollers, little know fact about little Mac is that he beat Usain bolt in the 100 m dash. While everyone else plays at 60fps. Little Mac is moving at a swift 300fps. He is damn near teleporting. Honestly, he is so fast and so OP, you might as well play defensive most the time. Put up your shield and wait for him to attack you and grab him. And do a couple throws. But beware, he's fast enough to recover and punch you before you can even get a chance to grab him. Fudge it. Let's be real. Just spam the projectiles shield roll for your life.


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