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Weight: 104 Tier Ranking: 37th Popularity: 7th
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Wintry posted November 21, 2014

A good Link needs to be able to move between a zoning game and a close up game. The transition between the two makes things hard on the opponent, as you never give them a moment to breathe. Bombs are a surprisingly useful move for both zoning and melee, so get used to pulling bombs all the time.

Your main kill moves will be Up Smash, Up Air, Down Air, and sometimes Side Smash. Up Smash is great if you can predict the dodge roll toward you, as it stays active for a long time. Up Air has a great amount of knock back and combos from a shorthop downward bomb throw. Down Air spikes, making it an option for off stage edgeguarding as well as in combos. Side smash has two hits, which usually only combo at low percents. If you can hit the second hit, it has much more knock back, making it a powerful, if not hard to hit move.

Zoning requires a mix of projectiles, using your boomerang to push people out. If your boomerang catches people on the way back, it'll start pulling them towards you, so get ready to follow up with an attack, or a grab. Link is a character that can excel at almost any style of play, so have fun with the Hero of Hyrule.

Riolku posted May 29, 2016

Link is considered a mid tier at this point in time. His projectiles can keep an opponent away for a long time as well as racking up damage fast. His zoning takes some work but overall, he's a strong character that needs to be invested in.

His early game is pretty good. He needs to space. I would suggest practicing with your Zair, as it is safe on shield, it does four percent and it spaces extremely well. If it is spaced correctly, your opponent cannot punish you and is forced to block. His combos are limited, but some good ones I use are down throw+up tilt, Nair to jab/grab, and running bomb throw to dash attack. His down throw can string if your opponent is incorrect in his escape attempt no matter the percent. In early game, his up tilt can be followed with a jump nair. If your opponent if your opponent air dodges, you will get the sour spot, which can set up for another grab. Repeat. Use his projectiles to play keep away. His bomb is great for keeping them away and for comboing, a jump down throw is great at any percent. His arrows are great for spacing, but beware of reflectors. Boomerangs are great because they can be angled, and they have a good knockback.

In the middle game his combos become limited, mostly relying on down throw to full jump nair of fair or even Uair if you want. He can zone effectively still, and he has much better keep away game.

His late game is nothing short of fabulous. His down smash is his fastest and has the least lag time. The first hit kills guaranteed at 140. His upB can kill, but is very punishable on shield or miss. It also kills at 140. His up smash is probably his best kill, being a great anti-air and killing guaranteed 140. It will beat airdodge and spot dodge. His dash attack can be a great kill if a nair comes before it, but be careful. The lag is horrendous. It kills at 150 I think. Up throw kills at 210, but it can be viable against zss if you get it at 150 or so. Forward smash is probably the riskiest but kills at 125. Finally, down throw to up air can true combo and kill at some percents. It is very good, use it often.

Techniques. Link has many techniques, I recommend you check out no contest on youtube, he is a fantastic link mentor. His bombs can be dropped on the ground with a full jump +zair. It will take practice but is a great technique.

For recovery, make sure that you are constantly diing to the stage, then immediately grab a bomb and continue diing. This technique will help you recover if you cant make it. The bomb will explode in your hand and then you can upB again.

If you guys have questions, feel free to ask in the comments but I hope this helped out any upcoming link mains!

spyro777 posted June 20, 2017

Link is ranked 24th on zero's tier list.

lucasxness posted July 28, 2016

GREAT character. his bnb combos include:
neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > roll behind > upsmash > side taunt > down taunt > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > neutral b > side b > roll behind > upsmash > uptaunt > duck > duck > duck > save replay > insult opponent with name tags > get reported > land in fg hell > go on eventhubs > write shiitty guides about link (examples below&above)

grandmaster posted February 2, 2016

He has many smash options.

1. Side smash with two swings or 1 swing at high percent
2. Upsmash, I like to do this when they roll behind me or When they got off edge and all I do is run to corner and shield then upsmash.
3. Up air works at high percent, I like to downthrow + jump + upair or when theyre above bomb throw + jump + up air.
4. Down air can spike at edge or over edge.
5. Down tilt can cover ledge and if hit at certain point, it will spike.
6. Neutral air + running forward smash will kill at certain percent. (god move if pulled off right and often).
7. Bomb throw + forward air kills but is very precise.
8. *If shield is broken= stand in front throw bomb up + pull another bomb + jump forward + down throw + up B kills at certain percent.
9. If they edge guard at high percent and close to ledge = fall + up B
10. Side B the ledge will kill.

A. One most useful recovery if fallen off edge so far. Bomb + jump + jump + up B (bomb explodes in your hand) + up B

the other recoveries are pretty much left to preference.

Supahotfire posted August 31, 2015

Link is a defensive char due to his speed lack compared to most. But link can play defense better than 3/4 of the cast here's why. Link contains many projectiles with many diffrent effects. Enough his clones Young link/Toon link cant even keep up with. His bow Is great for keep opponents away from link usually causes them to block so i wouldnt hold it for that long/only for long distances from you and your opponent. The bow can gimp chars due to forcing them to dodge or hitting them furthur. when they dodge you can quickly get closer allowing a up smash (Notably the most deadliest one in the game due to multiple hits with high knockback. then we have his gale boomerang. It lacks full time hitboxes like toonlinks but the pro about it is the windbox when the boomerange comes back towards link it can save you from characters like C falcon since their speed will get the boomerange to pull them off along with you allowing link to activate a meteor smash which activates right at his activates his down air near his fist. His bombs can stun them enough to grab and to cancel a opponents 2nd jump as they try to recover. It can also force them to dodge allowing you to fast fall throw bomb down then back air kicking them with a nice stage spike. But Link overall is a balanced character of many with his many projectiles and huge grab range to scare opponents to play it safe. should never rest against a link

Knighteousness posted June 19, 2015

Link's bomb can set up a "zugswang" when used during an aggressive approach. Pull a bomb, run toward your opponent, and throw it when close. The following moment can be broken down in a series of If-Thens. If...
1: the bomb connects, then attack according to the recovery speed of the opponent.
2: the bomb is blocked, then grab and combo.
3: the bomb is dodged, then time an attack to connect the moment the opponent's evasion frames end.
4: the bomb is reflected, then roll and up-smash.
5: the bomb is caught, then grab and combo (preferably long enough for the bomb to go off in their hands)
6: the opponent rolls, then shoot a boomerang and reload a bomb while they're stunned to start the process over.
7: the opponent jumps, then up-smash for a small jump or reload and restart for a large one.

It takes training, and is less effective when the opponent is at high damage. Also, the timing varies for each opponent, so it's difficult to develop it into an instinct. It can also be done while falling down (though with less options and higher risk). As a final (obvious) note, trying to predict everything can be end up making you even more predictable than your opponent. Link is a character of rhythm and reading; the second you start playing catch up, is the second you start to lose.

divise_two posted April 29, 2015

zonijng link is the most frustrating thing in smash bros after the fake leak of rayman... and it's just like a copy of duck hunt with op attacks!

i'm waiting for character balance...

Uniquez posted April 24, 2015

Link recieved a HUGE amount of buffs and now he is considered one of the best characters in the game. As well he is more viable for competitive play ^~^

Enough of that though , lets talk about what link can do in this installment

Link is a heavy character and using projectiles as a spacing tool as well as a tether recovery

His normal jab is decent , it can jab lock to set up a smash or tilt attack , it kind of hard to pull off though

His tilts are really fast now thanks to the crazy amount of speed buffs in his attack , his Ftilt has low ending lag and can kill at high percents and its safe to use , his Utilt is good for juggling , you can chain 4x Utilts or 3x Utilts followed by a Usmash since it swipes three times , his down tilt is only good for aerial setups , it can setup for a Nair or Fair or Uair

Links aerial game has gotten better but still not good enough :/ , although you can work around that :) , his Nair is just amazing it has no lag and is his best aerial , his Bair is not that good but its only safe to throw out after a Down Throw at low percents , his Uair (( even though he looks stupid when doing it lol )) is disjointed so use that to your advantage , his Dair is now a spike , it only spikes at the first few frames so use this to your advantage , his Fair got better so its safe to throw out at low percents and as well it deals good damage , don't use at high percents though , so yeah thats his aerial game for you ^~^ , link as well is one of the few characters to a have a Zair , its good for spacing and applying pressure

Links smash attacks are NOT TO JOKE ABOUT , they have crazy knockback and can kill early , his Fsmash is good for trapping since of the buff but its not that safe to throw out , His Usmash is your go to smash attack since he covers his body with 3 swipes and his Dsmash is good to throw out at oppoents who spam roll and it has a vertical hitbox (( at the front )) and a Semi spike hitbox (( at the back , second swing ))

His specials got some buffs :) , his Bow is good for spacing and his boomerange is good for pushing them away and his bombs are for combos , and his recovery got buffed so he can make it back , and the spin attack on the floor is a decent punish tool !

Overall , link is solid character , he is about spacing and making sure they don't get close ! Go on and give this Hylian Hero a try ! ^.^

b2jammer posted December 14, 2014

Keep your distance. The bow is a good way to edgeguard from the other side of the stage, and the boomerang can pull enemies away from you when thrown backwards.
If an enemy is too close, the dash attack and Ftilt can be used as close-range spacing tools, but be careful of their startup lag. The neutral combo isn't a bad option for spacing either.
When in a pinch, the down smash is good for getting people off of you, as it comes out fast and deals quite a bit of damage.

happygamer321 posted December 7, 2014

This version of link is pretty good, his attack speed has been buffed substantially. (though it is still pretty slow so watch out for fast close ranged characters) His attacks do a lot of damage and have great kill power, especially his finishing blow and spin attack. His jump attack is great just kind of risky to use. His projectiles are good for zoning as always and his clawshot makes for good recovery. Jump attack is amazing for KO's but very risky to use because it is a very predictable move. Overall they did a good job on buffing up link, he has a chance against the entire roster. Very fun character to play as.

SmackTheStorm posted November 23, 2014

Link Is known to by one of the weaker characters in smash bros. However in this installment, link have been buffed a substantial amount, making him one of the stronger characters in the game. His speed has increased slightly, but his attacks do slightly less damage. Remember that when playing link that the best idea is to keep your enemies from getting too close to you. Links greatest strength is that his attacks are usable from a larger distance than many other characters. His larger reach gives him an edge against brawling type characters. He can also use his Bow to damage enemies from afar, and use the gale boomerang to bring his opponents closer. Overall, Link has become one of the stronger fighters in this game and is able to defeat enemies from both near and afar.

Link24 posted November 21, 2014

link is pretty simple: his projectiles are damaging, hes got combos, and he can kill easily

his standard special is good for long range (goes almost exactly straight fully charged), his side special is good for mid range, and bombs are good for more close range and combo starting

he can kill easily with his up and side smash, but both have consistency issues with connecting all of the hits. for more reliable kills, his Ftilt can kill at somewhat high percents and comes out fast, and his Uair can chase people down and kill (though his air speed is somewhat poor, so toon link is better at this)

Utilt is great for combos too. try something like bomb>utiltx2 or 3>usmash or uair

CalamityCarbine posted November 23, 2014

In Super Smash bros, it is very easy to pay all your attention to the speed, damage, and launch power of a specific move. These, of course, are important, but I will caution you on not falling into the trap of solely paying attention to these factors.

The oft-overlooked essential of this game is space. Super smash bros is a fighting game that boasts high mobility, and as such, space is always changing and is always a factor. By space, I am talking about the distance between two characters, and the amount of gap closing the different moves possess. The reason heavy and slow characters are often relegated to the bottom tiers is that most players don't utilize space, and only begin their move animations when it is too late.

But I digress, let's talk about Link. Link is unique in that he has a variety of moves, almost all of which make use of different spaces. Mastering Link has to do with master the relation of space between characters. Of course, this includes harassing distant enemies with bow shots and boomerang throws, and bombs can be particularly helpful against characters like Mario or Luigi, as they can arc over the fireballs they can throw more quickly than you can launch your projectiles (bombs aside, their fireballs would completely dismantle your distance game). But it is also important to look at Link's inner ring of space as well. His up tilt and uo smash are great because they cover a wide range of space above Link's head. His front smash has a second hit, giving you that extra step that the enemy may not be expecting (especially if you delay this second hit by a second, but watch out for the ending lag they put in this gen!). If the enemy gets too close, punish them with a basic combo, which is generally faster than other moves and will do a nice little chunk if you land all three hits. More importantly than the damage however is the fact that you will push them away enough to take advantage of the moves that cover further distances and do more damage.

As a general tip, try to get a sense of how far characters roll. A lot of good players depend on rolling, and you will be ahead of the game if you understand the animations. It has become especially popular to roll behind an opponent and then attack. Counter this with a down smash, which will strike in front of you AND behind you, covering all your bases. Link's spin attack also works in this regard, and has a longer duration, but also great lag afterwards.

Utilize Link's mastery of space using his projectiles and the reach of his sword, and you will become a much better Link player.


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