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Kirby Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 79 Tier Ranking: 47th Popularity: 33rd
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delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Unfortunately for Kirby, he lost a lot of his strongest damage setups compared to Brawl because they changed his Fthrow to not allow for Uair followups at low percents. His Side B was also made harder to use in the air, as now it is slower (but has a possible charge up).

He still has solid pokes in Fair and Bair, and his jab has a finisher, but this character is IMO one of the most limited in the game.

Utilt is still a great damage racker and great anti air. It is super fast and hits behind Kirby, so being able to turn around at will to use this move will be important to learning the character.

Ftilt and Dtilt are decent ground pokes.
Fsmash and Usmash if you need to dash before hand are, as always, solid KO moves.

Yosha05 posted December 6, 2018

Kirby has a brilliant edgeguarding game, his F-air and D-air are extremely useful moves to keep your foe off stage, plus his D-air can combo into lots of things (tilts, grab, Down smash to perform a kill combo, jab and grounded stone for breaking shields). His recovery, while predictable, is extremely useful, with 5 midair jumps and a great vertical up B. However, his powerful tools are overshadowed by his two main weaknesses, he has few approaching options and he is slow. In my personal opinion, he should be much higher in the tier list.

Prizrak posted May 28, 2018

use the big succ and you win da game by killing your self when they in ur stomach like a psychopath

lucasxness posted July 23, 2016

kirby may be slow and has no range BUUTTT a gOOD kirby can block ANY moves upclose and punish ,t his means that he doesnt even HAVE TO APPROACDh well atleast a good kirby. but i can hear you complain "but what if they outrange the kirby" well the GOOD kirby can still block all moves you frickin dumbface!!!

shininglight94 posted December 25, 2015

Kirby is a lightweight character, and like most lightweights, this mean heavy hitters like Captain Falcon, Bowser, and Little Mac can K.O. him easily, so make sure to plan your moves carefully. From me being a kirby main, I also noticed that kirby is a really good air fighter, so air combos are kirby's go to moves, his smash attacks are also good tools of destruction, considering that these moves have very little beginning and ending lag, and have really good knockback. All of Kirby's moves are close range attacks, his neutral A, air moves, special attacks, are all close ranged, added to the fact that kirby is a fast runner , meaning that you need to strike first, he can't do much defensively, and lastly, kirby's has two meteor smashs, his down-a, and up-b, both are good for edge guarding. All in all, kirby's a very well rounded fighter, and is easy to play.

beanman911 posted October 22, 2015

Dair into Dsmash is a true combo most of the time, and can kill at over 100, depending on the character. If they can't escape from the dair fast enough, you might be able to dair - dtilt - fsmash. NOT a true combo.

You can also try dair into usmash, but again, not guaranteed. Off the edge, dair is a meteor smash, but due to its lack of power, it usually won't be effective unless you immediately footstool after the final hit of dair (just mash jump) and works almost every time.

Dair can also combo into up tilts, and maybe an up air afterwards. It can go into jab, down tilt(s), grab, and possibly more. Try mixing them up to get creative. One I like is dair - fthrow - fair.

For most characters, forward throw can combo into any air attack but bair. For fast falling characters, it will work at later percents (like fox) and for floaty ones it will work at lower percents (like jigglypuff.)

One of his good pokes is his dtilt, which can often go right into grab or another dtilt.

A good edge guard I like to use is just to face left and do quick bairs at the edge, and try to see what kind of getup from the ledge they use most often so you can bair at the right place.

An interesting thing to try is neutral b into bair, not spitting them out after use (press down.) This works at low percents.

For kills, the number one thing I would use is dair into dsmash, as I've mentioned. All smash attacks also kill very well, but I recommend dsmash and sometimes fsmash.

As for a decent approach... again, dair. His best move in my opinion, so use it as much as possible. Don't worry about being off ledge, as you can usually float around to edge with all the jumps kirby has.

Mcmotherbrain posted October 12, 2015

HOW, do you approach as kirby

thescrublord posted October 3, 2015

kirby, simple character, but extremely fun, your main focus for winning matches as him is his copy ability, choose a person and you copy their b move. plus, if your good at kirby, you can go online and beat people to death... with a marshmallow

ShadedUmbreon posted September 23, 2015

Kirby is all about being unpredictable. If you are great at reading your opponent, kirby is a force to be reckoned. Use Kirby's jab,d-tilt, and u-tilt in neutral to force your opponent to either shield, jump away, or dodge. Dair can be used in neutral if you catch your opponent in some end or landing lag, otherwise they can shield grab kirby due to the attack's startup and endlag. Dair can also poke through shields if all of it's hitboxes connect and your opponent doesn't perfect shield.
Because of Kirby's ground speed he can make some use of extended dash dancing by running in to bait a grab or attack, and then punishing by running away and back in again for a grab or aerial attack.
if you need space, F-tilt, D-tilt, Nair, Fair, and Bair are great for keeping your opponent away, while simultaniously putting them in a bad position if your attack hits.
Inhale (neutral Special) Can really change the tide of battle if your opponent has a great neutral special. This is particularly useful against characters with projectiles. when copied, kirby can make better use of most projectile's because of his multiple jumps, short stature, and ability to crouch under most projeciles. Other types of neutral Specials to absorb(shield breaker, comand grabs, counters, etc) are pretty situational. If your opponent is using a character with a projecile, it is in your best interest to inhale, and copy that ability.
Final Cutter (up Special) is a great tool both offensively and defensively. Offensively, it can be combo'd into with f-throw at around 30-60% on most characters. Defensively, it can be used to keep your opponent away with it's projectile and blade at the edge of the stage.
Stone (Down Special) can break shields if short hopped, and can knock your opponent away if you use it grounded. In the air, it can be used to punish an air dodge if your opponent expects one of kirby's aerials and can kill relatively early if you catch them with it. Just be sure to use this move sparingly, kirby may be immune to some damage while in this form, but he can still be grabbed, and is vulnerable in both it's startup and endlag.
Hammer Flip (side Special) very situational Special. If you are going to use this attack, make sure that it will hit. the ammount of startup and endlag on this attack is extremely punishable. This attack can break shields, and can kill most characters at around 40% when fully charged.
Kirby relies on your ability to read your opponent. with his Up smash and forward smash being some of his best options to kill when you predict your opponent's moves properly. Don't give your opponent space to breath, stay close and force a reaction, and then punish that reaction if you can. Stay unpredicatble when playing kirby, do things your oppponent wouldn't expect, and then hit them hard while they try to figure out what you are trying to do.

nexus563 posted September 13, 2015

If you want to do good with Kirby and get some solid combos, follow these steps.
1. If your opponent is open, low jump and DAir your opponent from the top. It can then be linked to an Up tilt, Up smash, grab, or forward smash.
2. Kirby has one of the fastest jabs in the game. Use that to your advantage if you DAir combo or anything else
3. Be careful when you're using your side B (Hammer Flip). If you miss, it can lead to a punish.
4. Taunt at the beginning of a match just for the lolz
5. Also be careful when you're using your Down B (Stone). If you miss, it can also lead to a punish or grab.
6. Take this advice and you'll be a great Kirby player!

- A Kirby Main in every Smash Bros :D

missrballerforever posted June 9, 2015

Kirby can be a great character once mastered, but has major flaws. While his opponents are at low percentages, he can get them to 40-60% with a single combo. However, combos like that aren't easy to pull off, especially against experienced opponents. Kirby's inhale, rock, and hammer flip moves are all very situational, often leaving him with just his "A" button attacks to take down his opponents, similar to the case of Jigglypuff. If they made these situational attacks a bit easier to perform, like reducing lag time, I think Kirby would be much higher ranked. But for now, his current low ranking is unfortunately fitting for him.

babymario3ds posted May 9, 2015

im going to say it, kirby is way too low on the tier list

ThrowBackG posted May 4, 2015

Kirby IMO is way to low on the tier list, he's fast, has many multi-hit moves, and is great at edge guarding. His biggest weakness is his weight and range. Kirby's feet have been reduced in size since Brawl, but don't let that discourage you. Kirby is pretty solid so there are many play styles you can use with Kirby. When playing Kirby, ALWAYS stay unpredictable and learn Fast falling and Ledge trumping.
Kirby can set up a wall of pain with ease with his Up-Tilt, B-Air,
D-air, and grabs. The moves you should avoid are his Down-B, Up-B, and Side-B as these moves are very punishable and are situational.
Some of Kirby's combos are (Early %) 2x Up-Tilts followed by a B-Air/ U-air. D-Air-Side tilt. D-air-Down-tilt-side smash.
(Mid %) D-Air-Dash attack. D-Tilt-D-Air-Grab-D-throw/B-throw.
There aren't that many combos that Kirby can use at Later %s and this is where Ledge trumping and fast falling come into play. Kirbys B-air needs to be sweet spotted but has little to lag if you fast fall it. So you can Sour spot the move to get them of the edge and KO them with a sweetspotted B-air. Ledge trumping is good for this as a mix up. Ultimately, Kirby is a solid character who thrives on staying unpredictable and racking up damage by pocking and pressuring. But he does have a hard time with smaller characters like Pikachu and Villager due to their size and Kirbys reduced range. I forgot to mention that Kirby's aerials have little to no landing lag and fast falling can help quickly get of damage while not being punished.

thatotherguy posted December 31, 2014

If against diddy kong in a battle, when he uses his b special, use the inhale ability to swallow his peanuts and recover from damage while defending from it.

Mijinion posted November 28, 2014

Overall, a very solid character still, this time around being perhaps even greater than his Brawl incarnation.

Changes? Kirby has traded a bit of power for speed. The speed is noticeable, while the knockback and strength is incredibly subtle. Many shorthopping strategies still work marvelously, and even more are available to Kirby this time around. F-Air has suddenly become incredibly reliable as an approach, with two very solid trajectories existing to make Kirby very unpredictable. Meteor Smashing with D-Air has greatly improved as well.

Kirby's legs have been shortened by design, resulting in a lower range existing for any kicking move Kirby has. In compensation, Kirby now possesses the ridiculously useful edgeguarding tool with his rapid fire punches, now with slightly greater range and knockback punch!

Kirby's Side B has once again been altered for this game, now gaining the ability to charge. A slight to moderate charge causes Kirby to retain his Brawl swing, while a full charge now gives Kirby a ridiculously powerful charged swing.

KIDGoggles posted November 21, 2014

Side B: Hammer Flip
Kirby pulls a hammer almost as big as he is out of nowhere (i.e. hammerspace) and charges it, crushing his opponent(s) on the release of the swing.

Press side b in the air or on the ground and hold it to charge the hammer swing. The move does 18% (Percents were tested on Luigi) and kills middleweights at roughly 120 with no charge from the middle of the stage, and does a whopping 35% and can kill at percents as absurdly low as FORTY from the middle of the stage at full charge.

Hammer takes about 3 seconds to reach full charge, and can be recognised when Kirby’s stance becomes hunched down and lower and when his body starts flashing, and bigger flames start to emanate from the hammer itself. Kirby can not stock his hammer charge and must release it at some point after it is activated before he can do other moves. However, he can completely control this and the charge can be held indefinitely. Unfortunately, after Kirby reaches full charge, he begins to take damage from the heat of his own hammer at the rate of roughly 2.5 % per second until he reaches 100%. After Kirby is above 100% however, he will no longer take damage from charging hammer in any way. Full charge hammer has an upward swinging motion, that improves its vertical hitbox over the completely horizontal swing you get before full charge. And in the air, the horizontal swing spins Kirby around for a second hammer swipe. Full charge still gives the one upward swing

Even when fully charged, this move does not have a very fast activation of its hitbox upon release (I would guess 7-10 frames). Kirby can walk very slowly while charging, and can also full jump with it with no access to a short hop or any of his double jumps (meaning that he can’t turn around to swing the hammer the other way until he lands) Kirbys air mobility is far superior to his slow hammer walk. Walking with hammer is nearly useless. All that being said, this move is pretty bad and only really useful for a small number of gimmicks and situational punishes.

Greninjas side b can consistently be punished on shield by dash up hammer.
Against a character that has low air mobility/a dive kick dair, you can bait them to try to attack you from the air, you can jump and fade outside of their attack range and fade back in to punish.
Or if you are fighting a character that has trouble putting hitboxes below them, you can just charge it under them after an up throw and try to low profile their attack or punish the airdodge to the ground.

The only really consistent use this move has in 1v1 matches is punishing characters with counters due to the fact that unlike smash attacks, Hammer Flip can be charged indefinitely to outlast the opponents counter window.

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