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King Dedede Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

King Dedede Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 119 Tier Ranking: 53rd Popularity: 37th
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shortyish posted November 22, 2014

Dedede is sluggish and a lot of his moves are slow and hard to hit with, but he can deal a lot of damage and take a lot as well. A lot of his moves are very bad or easily countered, so this character takes some work to get those wins.

His main tools for getting in against grounded opponents are short hop back air, which is one of his faster moves and has a good hitbox on the bottom of him, and forward tilt, which is long range. Down tilt is also decent. Neutral air and up air are great for catching opponents in the air. For edgeguarding, neutral air is also a very good tool.

Dash attack and forward smash are Dedede's worst moves, so he may be a bit difficult to play for less experienced players. Dash attack's only real purpose is to read the opponent if you think they're going to backdash. If they do, this move will KO at very early percentages. Forward smash is just too slow to do anything with. His up air has great recovery potential, but if you don't sweet spot the ledge you will just fall to your doom. It's also not very good offensively, and can easily be shielded and punished.

Avoid throwing gordos if the opponent has a projectile or reflector, or you will get it knocked right back at you. Gordos are decent at helping you recover. Throw one before you get to the edge to fend off someone trying to edgeguard.

Inhale can be thought of as a long range command grab. Once you suck someone in, you can carry them to the ledge and spit them out to get an edgeguard opportunity. It's easy to punish if you miss though, so use it sparingly and when they don't expect it.

Jet hammer doesn't have very much use to it. It's like a weaker smash attack that you can move while charging, but you move very slowly and can easily be grabbed or hit out of it.

Overall, Dedede is one of the weaker characters on the roster, but with practice he can be a very scary sight.

wigglytuff6645 posted November 3, 2016

If you are looking to become a dedede main,

Wigglytuff6645 will now be giving advice.

oreninjagaming posted October 25, 2015

I know how to use king dedede very well I also got a amiibo of him and he kicks butt :D

AllTheWayLucario posted June 24, 2015

The first time I ever played against someone as Dedede, they laughed at me and told me I was going to lose(I was up against an experienced C. Falcon player at the time). However, I was able to brutally beat Falcon due to Dedede's incredible hitboxes, the fact that pretty much any of his moves can kill(except do nair and dtilt), and his overall fatness(hes heavy and can't be KOd as easily). Dedede is an incredible punisher, a powerful hitter(his fullow charged forward Smash does nearly as much as a turnaround Warlock Punch. Dedede can chaingrab very powerfully, and is a great character as he can switch between playstyles at the drop of a hammer. My preferred kill moves are Dsmash, uair, and bair. All can kill at 85-120%, depending on who you're fighting. Dedede is one of the few "lower tier" characters that can pound the living daylights out of any Rosalina main. A good strategy with Dedede is to rack up damage with Gordos. They can be reflected, yeah, but with the way I use them, not a single Gordo has ever been hit back at me. The trick is to use then right next to the opponent, so the gordo and the hammer swing hit them (25%) right there!) And if you're really lucky, the gordo bounces off them and slams into them again. Another method is to use airborne Gordos. This is a maneuver that is next to impossible to counter and even if you do, the opponent can't reflect them, they either shield(grab pummel and fthrow), dodge(forward tilt time!) Or take damage. Either way, Dedede is Avery underappreciated character whose many combos and powerful hitboxes make him a serious force to be reckoned with.

blooper98 posted April 27, 2015

What I'm noticing is that no one is mentioning the amazing pseudo infinite jab combo that Dedede has. I've gotten people up to Kill Percentage with one of these, but it takes timing. You gotta tap a over and over again, but not to the point where Dedede starts spinning his hammer. This can very easily be followed up by a Dsmash or, if you're lucky, a Fsmash.

I don't recommend using Fsmash too much though, as it has a lot of beginning lag. However, if it lands, it can kill at even lower than some of Ganon's Smashes.

Gordo is a wildcard for Dedede, as you can easily have that backfire on you. However, I also found a neat trick, if you can hit it right. If you do your gordo throw at just the right angle, you can hit the side of some stages and stick your gordo there, which you can then use to punish opponents who like to ledge guard.

Personally, Dedede is one of my favorite characters to use, and is definitely one of my mains. If you can pick him up quickly and figure out how to use him effectively, you can easily dominate anyone you face.

Pharaoh_Amaranth posted February 25, 2015

Dedede sure has risen up the tier list since I started using him. lol

Gastlis posted December 12, 2014

The first two hits of Dedede's jab combo (A button attack) can be linked into a variety of different things. It's pretty handy for racking up damage and putting pressure on in a variety of ways.

This tactic is tricky, however, as the timing can be strict. Two jabs into anything else requires you to delay the last attack input so you don't accidentally end up doing the full move where Dedede spins his hammer and flings them into the air. That said, it's incredibly handy certain setups, if you can read and condition your opponent to do what you want them to do.

For example, jab your opponent twice. Does he block? Follow up with a grab, then reset in the air with either Nair or Fair, depending on percent. If they land, go for another jab reset into grab, and so on.

That's just one example, but here are a variety of other moves that your jab combo can link into:

- F-Tilt
- D-Tilt
- U-Tilt
- Down Smash
- Inhale
- Gordo Toss
- Jet Hammer

In cases of U-Tilt and Down Smash, if you can successfully juggle with the first two hits of your jab combo and link into either one of those moves at high percents, it practically guarantees a kill.

How well you can juggle with this tactic depends on character weight and the percent they're at, so try everything! I recommend trying it out in training mode. It takes some practice, but it's a pretty good pressure tool I find myself using a lot if I ever need to go on the offensive.

Galeonez posted December 3, 2014

King Dedede is one of the game's grapplers. He has a lot of range, power and a very respectable recovery making him one of the most solid characters in the game.

D-throw should be your throw of choice anytime your back isn't to the edge of the stage. Off d-throw, Dedede has time to short hop up air, forward air or back air. Up air is the easiest to hit along with forward air but back air does the most damage. To do it, do the throw, tap back and jump straight up before flicking the C-stick towards the opponent. If you do it fast enough, this results in 22% total guaranteed total damage and at low % can lead into another grab or forward tilt. This can also be used to kill at higher %s along with his other aerials. At 0%, down throw into up smash is guaranteed on most of the cast but back air is the ideal followup.

Because his grab game is so powerful, other moves gain more value as the opponent becomes wary of getting grabbed. Forward tilt has amazing range, a disjointed hitbox (an attack that hits in an area where the user can't be hit back is considered disjointed) and cannot be sidestepped.

Dedede's neutral air is also very powerful because on hit, if you fastfall it into the opponent, you can get guaranteed followups. At very low %, you can get a grab into guaranteed damage or an up tilt. This move also kills at later %s.

Gordos (side-B) are great at forcing the opponent to make a choice. If they dodge, you can use Dedede's large hitboxes to punish. If an opponent chooses to attack back, the Gordo will come flying back at Dedede with increased speed and damage. If your timing is on point, you can tap A before it hits you and toss it back with similar speed and knockback.

Down smash is one of Dedede's best moves. It has a lot of knockback and comes out very quick. The trajectory it sends the opponent is out and downwards scoring very low % KOs on characters with poor recovery. This also makes it an ideal move out of shield because of its speed.

Dedede's up-B is a mixed bag in Smash 4. Unlike Brawl, it no longer has super armor which is a large nerf but due to the new mechanics of Smash 4, Dedede is also able to sweetspot with his up-B, making it much more difficult to edgeguard him. You can press down on the analog stick to cancel the move after he reaches his highest point. If you let the move finishes, it has a powerful spike (a move that sends the opponent downwards) and can bury opponents standing on stage. It also shoots out stars when landing on stage that make it slightly more difficult to punish.

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

DDD's strengths come from his weight and recovery, making him one of the harder characters to KO. His Up B has armor and auto-snaps to the ledge this time around, making his recovery from below extremely hard to stop.

His Fair is less useful in this game if done from a Short Hop, as it will always carry significant landing recovery. It is still a decent move to use in a full jump to harass people above, but beware platforms.

His Nair is alright and especially useful for platform harassment. It pops opponents upwards, and if done while landing, can score a Grab followup at lower percents.

One trick from a grab that is possible:
0 percent: Dthrow->dash short hop Nair, dash Shield
if they airdodge or attack to land, you can regrab them. If they airdodge the Nair, you can also regrab them.

Medium percents: Dthrow->Fair or Uair based on their DI is a good combo.

Dsmash, Usmash are your main grounded KO moves. They are quite active, but take til around 130+ to KO.

Offstage Bair is a very good KO move if it lands. Can KO quite early.

Uair is another great KO tool. It is almost impossible to beat from attacking from above, and can KO somewhat early based on how high they started to get hit.

Gordos are of limited usefulness. You can change their bounce distance by holding Up or Down. Down bounces them slightly less far than Neutral, and Up bounces them very very little horizontally. I recommend the Up Gordo to place a trap on the field but beware that Gordos can easily hurt DDD if the opponent has a projectile to hit the Gordos back at DDD with.

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