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Jigglypuff Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Jigglypuff Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 68 Tier Ranking: 55th Popularity: 26th
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delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Jigglypuff is a good character for people who like to play a harassment game with jumping. Her air mobility control is among the best in the game if not the best, and she has great air normals to go along with it.

Using her jumps and air speed, you'll want to bait shield grabs or attacks from the opponent by drifting in and out with Fair/Nair/Bair. If you get a read on your opponent's shielding habits, you can punish with Nair (the most active), and go from there.

Some sample strings:
Full jump Fair, land with Fair
Full jump Fair, land with Nair
Full jump behind the opponent, Bair
Short hop fair, retreat

Bair is also a KO move at higher percents (around 130 and up, if they are close enough to the side that you hit them directionally)

Her ground movement is much slower than her air movement, but she has some key moves that she can use on the ground.
Empty jump->grab: a great trick when your opponent starts playing very defensively.
Jabs->Grab: not a true string, but it can catch players off guard.
Ftilt: A decent poke
Dtilt: A good poke while also lowering Puff's hurtbox by quite a bit. This really helps in some matchups like Wii Fit Trainer.

Fsmash: A primary KO move if you cannot KO the opponent off the stage

Her specials are also situationally useful.
Pound is another option if your opponent is shielding a lot; it does plenty of shield damage and hits delayed, so it can beat some dodges.

Avoid rollout and sing. These are big commits that are easy to avoid.

Finally, Rest. Rest is a great punish tool that can KO at around 60 or more based on the opponent's weight. Most smashes can be punished with Rest if they are shielded or whiffed. Another good time to Rest is if the opponent is knocked down and gets up with a getup attack as that has a lot of recovery. (Punishing other options is possible, just harder to react to and time).

ActualSense posted February 26, 2017

Why is this guy so low, its airspeed and fast aerials alone make it a step up from cloud, mario, and so many others. Not to mention that amazing rest move, it kills so early. Top 20 IMO.

Junito posted June 19, 2017

Rest is destruction. Jigglypuff is not low tier, only absolutely dumb thing is K.O. at shield break.

ZeldaPeachchampVS posted March 12, 2017

I miss the crown from melee jigglypuff is awesome for team battles

Torchy_ posted July 10, 2016

The fact that Jigglypuff is the bottom tier is completely beyond me. So many of her "unfavorable" matchups listed on here I absolutely enjoy. Regardless of my bias, I'm going to focus specifically on a move that everyone seems to be ignoring: ROLLOUT

Among nearly every strategy guide related to Jigglypuff says to "avoid rollout at all costs". But why? Rollout is one of Jigglypuff's most powerful moves. It deals 14% damage fully charged, and is a move that many players are not used to seeing. The downside that everyone likes to point out is that it is very easy to avoid because of the charge time, but in that regard the same could be said about charging smash attacks. The key to both is to bait your opponent into a situation where they are unable to avoid it.

It kills players at, or slightly above 115-120% damage, and near the ledge it can kill lighter characters at 100%. Pretty good stuff considering that Jigglypuff's backair, her most powerful aerial, only guarantees a kill at 130%.

You don't have to fully charge it to get the desired effect, in some cases it would be really unwise to charge it up all the way. A half charged rollout won't give you a kill most of the time, (unless they're at a REALLY high percentage) but it does work as an extra hit to a string of aerials

Characters with a counter move, like Ike, Greninja, Corrin, etc, will oftentimes use it when they expect to be hit by rollout. Something you probably didn't know, is that there's a way to use rollout where you can roll past your opponent WITHOUT hitting them:

When you change directions, Jigglypuff slides quite a bit forward before accelerating in the opposite direction. The hurtbox of the move during that period of turning around completely disappears, and if you change directions right in front of your opponent, you simply roll past them, and hit them from behind. Although, I've found it incredibly difficult to time, so I developed a technique to make it a little easier.

While you are mid rollout, hold the joystick in the direction jigglypuff is facing. Before hitting your opponent, roll the joystick from that position, to the bottom, and then to the opposite side in a somewhat "U" shaped fashion. This will avoid the counter your opponent throws out, and still land the hit.
This technique can be performed multiple times in the same rollout, and will most likely be able to last long enough for their counter to fail. An exception, however, would be Shulk, who's counter lasts a ridiculously long period of time, in which case you may just have to avoid hitting him until rollout ends.

Rollout also breaks shields. Pound can almost* break a shield, but not to the point where it's very effective, or even worth trying to do on its own. Rollout, however, CAN break shields on its own. Try to break your opponents shield if you notice them using shield as their main defensive option.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to any up and coming Jigglypuff mains ^-^

El_Gato posted June 8, 2016

Jiggs is super good character , people who dont know how to use her/him think she is easy to defeat me as a main of jiggs is very easy to win against other players , people who use very easy characters and hevy weight seem to have a bad impression of jiggs because pf how fast u can kill jiggs if a player cant use her , one of the things that they could change is the roll or hold b , to metronome random power just like , roll is very use full when oppnents are very high damage or ur little mac xD , other than that metronome will help for jiggs to have range attacks . Since she/he is a fairy and normal type , if u see in pokemon what moves can she use , there is even shadow ball , ice punch , tunder , confusion, solar beam , range attacks will defently push jiggs to higher rank .

SM4sher posted March 30, 2016

Can someone please tell me why Jigglypuff is the worst character? Jiggles' one of my favorites, so it's almost heartbreaking to see that she's the worst. Why is she so low?

SM4sher posted January 8, 2016

The Puff is love.

One of my favorite characters is none other than Jiggles. She has AMAZING horizontal recovery, an impressive airgame, and a great kill move (even though it's notoriously hard to land). All that, plus she's just so darn cute!

Someone get her out of the bottom 10!

SirStubsalot posted September 26, 2015

I'm not a very strategic smasher with jiggles, but here's a trick to troll people with.First, you need to sing them to sleep(it's pretty hard to time, but I recommend to do it if they are charging. Projectile players would be hard to get down, so you're on your own with that). Next, if you put them to sleep, walk inside of them and rest. You need to be as close as possible, because the hitbox isn't very big when you do it). You should do this at high damage if you're playing Wii U or 3ds because it won't do as much damage as in the earlier games. And if it doesn't kill them, it'll leave a flower on their head, so that's good. Or just spam aerials. Either way...

MidnightStar posted August 31, 2015

Jigglypuff? If you see her coming, you better run.

Personally, I excel at Jigglypuff. I've beaten Sheik twice (different people) and Rosalina more than one (can't remember how many times). She's a great character if you know the right strategies.

However, each character can be different. (I'm going to list for what characters I've faced.)

In Jigglypuff dittos, AVOID REST AT ALL COSTS. If you miss, or sometimes even if you hit, they can punish you by using Rest back.

If you face Sheik, if you see her using her Neutral-B, get close to the ground and perform an additional jump before you hit the ground and rush in. At all other times, avoid all ground attacks and keep at least 1/4 a second of Sheik's running distance away.

If you face the King of Disrespect, avoid all situations that will get you combo'd. Attack carefully and never go near the sides of the stage if not necessary. If he uses his Neutral-B, keep a fair distance and immediately punish.

If you face Kirby, if they copy your ability and use Rollout, do the same. This will create a long moment of waiting and if they get impatient, you will have the upper hand. At all other times, feel free to not do much to stay safe, as most For Glory Kirby's are not very great.

If you face Villager, keep some distance at all times if a sapling/tree is visible. At all other times, feel free to go in at times, except in the air, as Side-A can have a high knock-back.

If you face Link, follow the same steps as Sheik.

If you face Lucario or Mewtwo, follow the same Neutral-B steps as Link and Sheik, but feel free to be less cautious.

If you face Greninja, hell, just go ham. Most Greninjas in For Glory suck anyways!

Little Mac needs no explanation.

If you face any characters lower tier than Jigglypuff, it'll be easy. Facing against characters higher tier than Jigglypuff might be a challenge.

thetntm posted December 12, 2014

Jigglypuff's forward air attack can combo into itself and can be used to juggle many opponents around the stage.

ColossalBrutus posted November 29, 2014

Jigglypuff really excels at aerial combat, so make sure to take advantage of it. With her 5 jumps (excluding the initial jump from the ground), you can hang in the air for what seems like forever. Use these jumps in combination with F-airs and B-airs and you can rack up some quick damage on an opponent. Don't be afraid to jump off the edge and follow an opponent to keep them off of the map.

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