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Ganondorf Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Ganondorf Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 113 Tier Ranking: 54th Popularity: 9th
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spyro777 posted March 10, 2017

Captain Falcon is better.


bluedragon posted May 27, 2017

tier ranking 55th

Who did this?

Shadow56 posted May 22, 2017

Ganondorf is not 55th end of the story.

Shadow56 posted September 16, 2017

Shadow56 doesn't care anymore

Atleast Ganon is not 55th anymore :)

spyro777 posted August 27, 2017



spyro777 posted August 27, 2017


bluedragon posted May 27, 2017

F u ck Ganondorf

Pit62 posted April 3, 2017

I can't reply to you spyro777.


Shepard posted October 31, 2015

Ganondorf is a character that relies on well timed spacing of slow, long ranged melee attacks to damage and avoid his opponents. His range, combined with a very strong shield, helps him avoid enemy attacks, however, Ganon's defense also hurts from the fact that his large structure and his poor maneuverability make him an easy target, and his weight makes him easy to combo. He's easily gimped, which makes keeping stage control is critical to Ganon's survival.

Ganon's down and forward tilts are good for keeping opponents at bay and going for the kill. Up tilt is by far the strongest, but is easily the most punishable of all Ganons moves, so be sure to only use it while your opponent is trying to recover (Unless you're going for the disrespect, in that case, it's completely acceptable,;P) , as the hitbox's wide girth allows it to hit bellow the stage floor.

Ganondorf doesn't have many reliable true combos, but the ones he does have do lots of damage. Here are some examples: Up smash>up air. down throw>Nair. Down throw>up air. down air whilst opponent is on the ground>(down tilt/forward tilt/ Nair/up air/another down air/back air/grab/forward air)It also combos into a foot stool, which can cause a guarantied jab-lock with the weak hit of up air, or down air at lower percents. This leads into an assortment of true combos, many being able to rack up over 70% or even kill. Ganon can jab-lock with sour-spot up air, down air, and sour-spot first hit of Nair. Jab can also jab-lock, but it stops working extremely early, so it can't combo out of anything with a jab-lock.

Short hop up air is something I advise all Ganon players to work into their play style. It's hitbox reaches in front and above Ganon, allowing it to block off most aerial assaults.

Supahotfire posted August 22, 2015

Ganondorf (Guide for beginers)

Ganon is a clone of falcon (ish). He is a heavy hitter/powerhouse fighter. What he lacks in speed he makes up for it in pure raw power. He can combo some heavy hitting attacks like his down throw into side special. if your really good you can tech chase with another side special and give a down tilt for another followup. he has a pretty bad recovery so make sure your on the stage he has some badass defense to cover it. He can also kill really early one of the strongest knockback attacks amoung any char in ssb4 so i wouldnt be resting against a ganondorf

Tankdk posted July 11, 2015

Im new to the competitive aspect of Smash my first tournament is coming up soon. Ganondorf and Ryu are my plans but as far as playing
Ganon goes there is a combo that works great for getting people to 45-60 percent.

Dtilt (Characters such as Donkey kong and falcon are immune, reason ?)
Dash attack
Up Air
Ftilt or Uair again

This combo works great for control at the start of the match if you land it. This can give the advantage necessary to win as a ganon even with his speed lacking. Thanks :)

NekuShikazu posted December 27, 2014


delbuster posted November 29, 2014

Ganondorf's gameplan is pretty simple, rack up damage with his high damage or advantageous situation moves, and then KO with a well placed Uair, Bair, Fair, Ftilt, or Smash.

His main moves to create a good situation are Side B (which is a forward moving grab), Grab->Down throw, and if they are above you already, Uair for damage and getting another trapping opportunity with Uair or Usmash.

Side B knocks them down. They can tech, going left, right, or in place, or they can miss the tech and do a multitude of get up options, including get up attack. Some characters, if they miss the tech, can get Dtilted for free, others can get up attack before getting hit.

If they roll behind, try a turn around Side B or Fsmash or Dair. If they roll away, try a dash Side B or Down B. If they stay in place, Fsmash, Side B, or anything really.

Ponydood posted November 27, 2014

Down air does less damage making it less ko reliable.

CowJedi posted November 25, 2014

Up smash can be used as a frame trap, with its deceptively short recovery time. Throw it out to bait your opponent to punish you (especially if they're playing hard to get) and surprise them with a quick f-tilt or d-tilt (or f-smash if you're that ambitious).

Bakbagel posted November 24, 2014

Wizard's Foot has two hitboxxes with which to catch opponents offguard, a meteor smash for a small ammount of frames at the very beginning as the flames go over his foot, and near straight-up the rest of the way, untill the flames dissipate, which can catch lighter characters off-guard and help your case when stuck in something such as a Sheik matchup. It can also be canceled after the flames dissipate, despite still having a shockwave if you hit the ground without doing anything, making it a semi useful edgeguard as you can spam Up-B while plunging down and still get back on fairly easily if you do both jumps before using it, using that, you can either spike recovering opponents or give people trying to recover high a bad time.

Obikylewan posted July 20, 2015

My main being Ganondorf, I cannot help but put in my findings as well. Being a very slow and non-maneuverable character, he has his strengths in defense, and, in that, has magnificent strength and power. The techniques previously mentioned are very elegant, and work very well. however, there is great reward in risk.

Meteor smashing: Albeit I'm not an edge fighter, using the Dair while opponents are recovering adds a taste of satisfaction. Of course if you miss, recovery is well within reach. Also, in using a light jump, it becomes a very useful counter to running attacks, if timed correctly. This can then combo to (depending on height of the opponent) a Dtilt, Usmash, Air moves of any type, USpecial, or even another Dair. Analyzing ranges for each attack are essential to this moves success.

Hara-kiri: A technique my younger brother formulated, Ganondorf's Side Special in midair over the edge is a very risky move, being dodges and jumps are in play. Keep close to the side unless you are absolutely sure it'll connect (or, as the name implies, you have a high damage, and want an opponent to bring with you). Ganondorf wins this move every time, so it can be good for damage resetting, or guaranteed finishes.

Super Armor: Ganondorf's Warlock. A punch that should never be taken lightly. although it isn't combat adept, it is merciless to those who don't fear it. The turn is tricky, but doing so in midair moves Ganondorf to that side, allowing some motion in an immobile attack. The super armor provided about halfway in the charge is definitely the strongest point in this move, confusing opponents while the attack continues. I've some pretty nasty KOs from it in my experience.

StarElf posted May 30, 2015

I main Ganondorf, and I normally play with customs on and no equipment. Dark Fists have a hidden property to them, as if you only get the second hit, the move will kill most fighters at 50%. I use Wizard's Dropkick because it goes, comparatively speaking, it goes practically sideways. Warlock Blade has range and hurts shields, and I use standard Flame Choke because it follows into dtilt and possibly ssmash.

MewtwoPsystrike22 posted April 24, 2015

Being a Ganondorf main myself, I've come to find most if not all of his weaknesses and strengths. Obviously he's very strong, but very slow, but his pure power and knock back more than make up for his lack of speed. The way I play Ganon is read based, unless the opponent decides that they think they can rush me down, then I rush down right back, and more often than not, I tend to beat their offense with an offensive rush of my own. His up smash and forward smash are my 2 favorite KO moves he has. I only use down smash to punish rollers. He's flame choke leads into great combos if they don't tech or tech incorrectly, you can take them from 0-45% and sometimes 55% with one combo. He has great KO and sometimes combo ability, and that's why I chose him as my main. So I can deal heavy damage not only on reads and punishes, but also from my own combo strings.

Hotfeet444 posted December 14, 2014

Ganondorf, in my honest opinion, is both one of the most fun and best characters in this game, for what he lacks in movement speed he makes up with his raw KO power. Ganondorf also has an exploitable combo using his side B and down tilt. When the opponent is at 0%, you can actually do this twice, which will rack up an instant 50% damage and already puts most characters in KO territory from Ganondorf's attacks. Not to mention that if you time it right, you can follow up with an U-air or F-air. The bigger characters, like Dedede DK and Bowser, can also be smashed by a Smash attack on the second Flame Choke. And yes, while he moves slow, some of his attacks, like his D-tilt and F-tilt, come out really fast, which also send the opponent flying a decent distance, one of the main reasons his F-tilt is one of his best edge guarding moves.

cdude7766 posted December 3, 2014

Ganondorf is a VERY under rated character. He is incredibly strong, can KO at very low percents (50%+), punishes well with smashes, and has has OK specials. If you play patiently and read/punish correctly, you can dominate.


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