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Fox Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Fox Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 79 Tier Ranking: 8th Popularity: 20th
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delbuster posted November 29, 2014

Fox is still a straightforward, fast character with a bit of a projectile game and fast up close moves.

Neutral game: Use lasers to make the opponent think twice about staying back. If they have their own projectiles, Down B will do a good job of reflecting them as well. Once you convince your opponent to engage in close range, you can either run away and still shoot lasers, or play an up close game.

Jab, Ftilt, Dtilt, Dash Attack, Grab, Nair - Use these when your opponent is in front of you on the ground. They all lead into the opponent getting popped up in the air, where you can harass them with anti air moves.

Utilt - A great damage racker. Use when they are behind you on the ground, or slightly above you. Especially after dash attack, or if they are falling from a different launcher.

Fair - Another good damage racker. Has a lot of hits, and decent range. Doing it immediately from a normal jump gives a bit of an upwards floating effect. Use this after down throw, or medium percent down tilts, or up tilts. Or even use Fair after hitting them with Fair.

Uair - a KO attempt move. Very strong, pretty fast.
Usmash/Fsmash - KO moves. Strong, but slower than his other moves.

LemonPie posted September 4, 2016

I'm not a super competetive player, but Fox Is Fun AND Pretty Good in Smash 4, Being 8 on the tier list at the time of this comment.

I have devised my three simple rules of playing Fox:

1) Fox's jab is pretty good for combos, unless you do the dreaded Multijab. So never ever never do it.

2) It's not melee, so the shine isnt as good as it was. Only use it to do its job: Reflect projectiles.

3)Never Use Up B for anything but recovery. Sorta goes for Side B too, but not too sure about Side B.

(Bonus) Download a voice mod to get rid of the AWFUL voice fox now has.

illyphill posted January 31, 2015

I've been maining the sly Fox since 64, and while he is not as dominant as he was in Melee, he is far better than his brawl iteration. Playing fox requires quick reaction time, trickiness, and timing while keeping pressure on your opponent until you Knock em out. Here's how you do that.

Shoot the blaster! It's guaranteed to force your opponent into attacking which opens up your game. It's also so fast on the draw and holster that you can sneak in damage if your playing a safe game before your opponent rushes you.

Dthrow to fair, dash attack to nair or multiple utilts is his go to combos. As said by delbuster.

So fox's specials are all useful like his blaster. The reflector is obviously the best option against projectiles. But it can also be used to suspend your decent from the air which will throw your opponent off when trying to juggle you or kill you while edge guarding. His sideB fox illusion is followed by upB fire fox for one of the best recoveries in the games, if you're able to get a double jump out before those moves then it doesn't matter how far off the stage you are, of your at least parallel with the stage you can recover.

However, the side B is so much more when playing as the sky fox. It is an offensive means to create a defensive stance. Always use it after a short jump to recover quicker and try to not fly off the stage like little Mac, but if you do you can always follow up wih Fire fox. Speaking of fire fox, if you manage to catch an opponent in its charge, you're guaranteed to hit em with the propulsion. But I would stay away from the move unless you're trying to be cool.

Switch from defense to offense with fox and be relentless when the opponent is near you and fox is tough for any character.

Puxxy posted February 16, 2017

Falco but, with a micropenis


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