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Falco Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Falco Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 82 Tier Ranking: 41st Popularity: 32nd
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Tips for Falco

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spyro777 posted June 18, 2017

I thought Falco was a better character.


isaaceatspotatoes posted June 13, 2016

Falco tip:
To get a good combo, try doing this...
NAir+Jabx2+Down Throw+Dash Attack+FAirx2 (x3 optional)
Make sure you only hit the opponent with the first 2 or 3 hits of the NAir, and to ensure more damage, hit the opponent when you grab them.

Telecanine posted October 16, 2015

Some decent falco combos
down throw + running attack + fair + fair
down throw + running attack + up air + nair + running attack + fair
side air + running attack + up air + nair
Basically some attack + running attack + ariel

AllTheWayLucario posted June 24, 2015

As a competitive For Glory Falco main, I have found Falco has a large variety of combos. Unlike most other Falco players I have played against, I use Falco's Reflector as a combo starter on the ground, as it temporarily stuns them and leaves them vulnerable to a follow-up forward jab or grab+upthrow, followed by uair or nair. As for a simple combo I have found works, grab, pummel once or twice, then backthrow followed by a swift bair. Good kill combo, but stops working after 140% when the grab throws them too far to land a bair successfully. Also, a downtilt and fair can easily rack up damage, or if they try to read you and guard, grab+sidethrow and fair. Falco has a lot of combos, and while he may not be the top-tier character he was in Brawl or Melee, Falco still has many options that make a skilled Falco player who know their stuff a formidable opponent to fight against.

AnotherMarth posted January 18, 2015

Falco's DownAir possesses a rather notable variation of a newly found lag-reducing technique(Publicized by Izaw). Should you hit a grounded opponent during the first attack frames while EXTREMELY close to the ground/platform, the landing lag will dissipate during the moves hitlag. This effectively cancels all lag of the moves landing (much like Smash 64's Z-Canceling), allowing Falco to follow with a myriad of possible attacks. Try a simple combo for starters, such as Lag-Canceled Down Aerial -> Grab -> Up Throw -> Jump -> UpAir -> Double Jump -> UpAir(2).

Izaw's Canceled Aerial Demonstration Video:

fairerrarity posted December 27, 2014

Use falcos jab combo to rack up damage. It comes out really fast. down throw combos into dash attack and forward air if they dont jump or roll away. Down tilt is really powerful and can kill at high percents. it can combo into forward airs and other moves. forward smash has good range too.

only use the laser gun in the beginning or when your falling and they are running at you. down B knocks down opponents but it only does 5% damage. you should only really use it for what its for. reflecting projectiles back stronger. Down B can be used to knock back opponents who are dashing in.

good KO moves are back air and forward and up smash. down smash is harder to KO with at lower percentages. back throw has been known to KO at the edges of the stage. if you can hit the back air right, meaning you hit right at the start of the move and you don't fall into them with it, it has really great launching power for KOs.

Falcos down air meteor/spikes. its relatively easy to land. and if you miss you can jump back and back air.

falco has really good recovery too (but not as good as fox). If you are knocked really far horizontally you can side B jump then up B. or knocked really deep wall jump then up B.

when you follow offstage with forward air, make sure to JUMP not FALL off the stage. forward air takes a long time to execute completely. you might not make back to the stage again if you go too deep with this move.

Be sure to mix up dash attacks with grabs. falco is a slow runner and dash attack is slow and punishable

delbuster posted November 24, 2014

Falco lost a few of his strongest tools from Brawl. Still, he has a couple solid normals and a few tricks left.

Jab, dash attack, ftilt, dtilt, bair, uair, nair, Side B, Throws, and utilt are the main moves to rack up damage. These are all fast with good range.

Side B in particular is good for hit-and-run tactics. You can jump and instantly Side B to move further than doing the ground Side B. Be careful with it though; if you start it in the air, you can go offstage. However he is not helpless afterwards, and still can jump/up B.

Bair, Uair, Fsmash, Dsmash, and Usmash are good for KOing depending on their position. Offstage, Fair can be used as well, but save your second jump or you might KO yourself.

Dair should not be used on a grounded opponent. It can be punished even if it hits.
Laser should not be used if they are too close. It doesn't stun them very long, and takes a while to put away.

Reflector is okay. It is pretty weak for how slow it is.

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