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Duck Hunt Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Duck Hunt Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 91 Tier Ranking: 44th Popularity: 52nd
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delbuster posted November 24, 2014

Duck Hunt is one of the strong zoners in the game. However, their KO moves are a bit lacking. In particular, the Smashes take a bit to come out, and sometimes the first hits sometimes will not automatically combo into the final strong hit.

Some other KO moves:
very high altitude up air at around 130%+
Neutral B explosion at around 160%+
Strong Nair near the side ~140+
Dair offstage (spike) various%

His damage racking is quite good though. He has 3 unique projectiles that are all useful and can be used in conjunction with each other, but it is somewhat complex to do so, which can be fun.
Neutral B; Dog throws out a can, which can be "shot" at by pressing Neutral B again (even if Dog is getting hit or thrown), or it can be hit by an attack to get sent at a specific angle based on the attack. While the can is moving, it will explode on contact, and can damage Dog.

Side B; Dog throws a disc, pressing B again will have 3 "shots" at it each with a small launching hitbox. Very cool to use, beats dodging and gets them off the ground. Sometimes you can combo with a quick followup Fair or Dash attack, or go for a grab as they land.

The disc can break; then you cannot do the followup. The disc also bounces upwards off of shields, so it doesn't always work to shield pressure.

Down B; Gunman which waits for a little bit, then shoots ahead. In the air they slowly fall. If they take too much damage before they shoot, they fall apart and do not shoot. There are 5 different gunmen with different timings when they shoot. Also the shorter gunman has a lower projectile (it is the only one that hits some crouchers like Sheik). This move is great for controlling a straight line, especially on the ground. It encourages people to jump. If they do not jump, you can go in and go for a grab if they try to shield, or bait a dodge and punish.

Grab game is cool. Forward throw -> dash attack is a combo at low percents, and Forward throw -> forward air is a combo at mid percents.

G00mbaGamer posted April 7, 2017

Personally I use DHD for bombardment until my opponent is forced to approach in a horrible way and I punish them for it. Some characters can get around this play-style (mainly characters with a fast reflector like Fox but not Pit, he is too slow) but no one in my area plays Fox so I am one of the most feared people to fight in my area. Quick custom move set that I use is:

Standard Special 3 (Zigzag Shot)
Side Special 3 (Clay Break)
Up Special 1 (Duck Jump)
Down Special 2 (Quick Draw Aces)

I use the Zigzag shot to carry my opponent upward and force them to land funny with my aerials and another zigzag shot. I use the clay break as it is the same trajectories as the original clay pigeon but does more damage however has to be shot 3 times with varying accuracy but the third shot always hits the clay pigeon. I use the standard up special because his up special 2 is the duck jump snag which can gimp opponents however at the cost of less range, and his other up special is the super duck jump which they go really high but almost no horizontal recovery. I use the Quick Draw Aces even tho they are weak they are very annoying to fight bringing my opponent to approach awkward even faster.

MetalStorm1337 posted March 29, 2017

Guys stop hating on duck hunt, he is a good character, has one of the best results, just stop hating!

Except for the can.

Space_Ghost15 posted April 24, 2016

Duck Hunt Duo is a MONSTER when they go up against Bayonetta's. He's fast neutral moves and air attacks, his grab isn't powerful at all but is good for a few % to go on. They are REALLY relyable.

One problem with DHD:
• His Smash's sometimes don't always connect, what I mean by this is that lets say DHD's Side Smash hits with 4 bullet type things, it's a strong Knock back move BUT it will sometimes connect 2 out of the 4 bullets, not letting you get the kill you deserve, FIX IT UP PLEASE

DHX701 posted October 1, 2015

Just a tip: You can Shield and use your standard and side-B at the same time. This also works during his up-B too.

Nerdieo posted July 4, 2015

With Duck Hunt as my best main, I've found some quick, start-up combos. D-Throw has good potential, no matter where your opponent DIs. If they don't DI, you can go for a safe nair, or you can try to land an up-air, then follow with a double jump, into a nair. If they DI in front, you can try to go for an up-air, double jump, than nair. If they DI behind you, you can get a quick nair or a strong bair to finish them, if they're at kill percentage. Also, I recommend something pretty strong when used right. Send out a gunman(Lanky Gunman works best), then send out your can above your opponent. You're opponent will either take the can or gunman. Whoever, if they decide to dodge or should, run in and go for a grab and use some d-throw combos. These combos aren't the greatest, but I found them very helpful for me and they even won me some small tournaments.

MegaCramp06 posted July 2, 2015

As a Duck Hunt main myself, I noticed how he was weakened and some combos were removed, but let`s get to business.
Clearly, Duck Hunt is best with grabs since they lead up to combos that are quite effective, especially 1v1.
In case of a free for all, start with the clay pigeon(Side B)followed by the running attack.
1v1., D-throw to regular A if the opponent is low on damage, or U-throw to U-Smash to U-Air 2-3 times, that combo is mostly about timing.
That`s all I got for now.Hope this helps a bit.
P.S.:Duck Hunt can fight and probably win while rarely moving.
Go for projectiles if this happens, his projectiles are slow and easy to counter.

Gavos112 posted June 24, 2015

His Up-Air is also a killmove.

divise_two posted May 10, 2015

Guys! don't vote for duck hunt, so he will be underr rated and even more powerful!...

oh jk, but i discovered a nice way to beat your enemy when you grabbed the edge!

if your enemy with 80% or more, waits for you attack from the edge (a distance like 2 times duck hunt), try to do a little jump, and use down air near the nearest of the groud you can! if you do it right, the enemy will do a little jump just up to your head, and won't be able to attack or escape... well, same for duck hunt : the dog has his head stuck in the groud...
once duck hunt is ready again to fight, QUICK! DOWN SMASH!, it will launch your enemy off the stage, to the stage's down angle!! If your enemy is at 130 or more, it's a KO, but if your enemy have less damages, feel free to go finish him with and air attack...
tell me if there is anything wrong in my comment, (anything but my grammar problems...)

thanks for reading! (and sorry if your eyes hurt because of the grammar)

Vanflake314 posted April 24, 2015

A challenging but very rewarding combo is to have the can a set distance from the opponent. Note based on their percentages the farther they will be launched so space accordingly (best at 40%.) Grab your opponent, pummel them once then back through them into the can. Press B to explode the can on him launching him slightly after that quickly do a dash attack to finally launch them into the air. This move should do between 27%-33%

Vanflake314 posted April 22, 2015

Use the custom move quick draw aces as with that, you can fire at the can getting it across the stage very quickly only use gunman for zoning as it does leave you open to be comboed. Quick draw aces doesn't have the setup to destroy your clay pigeon but it's zoning is outstanding. Once I unlocked it, I never played Duck Hunt the same

divise_two posted April 21, 2015

If you meet a fighter that can us projectiles, duck hunt's clay pigeon (you must know now it's side-b) can actually cancel them by destroying it-self on them, but it only works on projectiles from special attacks and some of them are too strong for the clay pigeon (like the thunder storm from daraen, or like the villager's tree

ulricwu posted April 15, 2015

Duck Hunt is a super annoying but super effective zoner.
Duck Hunt's goal is to fill the screen with so much junk that the opponent is left with few approach options as they get pelted with explosives.
Duck Hunt's weakness is that it is difficult for him to kill because his options are pretty limited:
Smash Attacks: Good to KO early but has significant lag
Trick Shot (standard-b): Only kills at very high percents (170+)
U-Air: Probably Duck Hunt's best KO move as long as he lands it up high
Infinite Jab Finisher: KOs at really high percents but KOs earlier than most jab finishers, especially at the edge. (160+)
Dair: Meteor smash like a boss. Decent range. Not too hard to land.
Duck Hunt's "play style" looks something like this:
Set up can and gunman together. The gunman will force a jump, block, or roll. Regardless of which the opponent chooses, continue to pelt them with the can. Discs are good for stopping approaches since detonating discs early can punish rolls. D-tilt is great for launching the can across the stage in order to catch the enemy off-guard.
Generalized Grab Combo:
D-throw > Fair > Nair
Duck Hunt's grab combos don't usually kill so racking damage is their main goal.
As long as you can get over Duck Hunt's lack of kill potential, he can become a very tricky character to play against.

divise_two posted March 8, 2015

You can do good combos if you spam B neutral, side B and down B while moving to your enemy, he will get every 3 attacks at the same time!

but how? i explain :

first, get you enemy on the can (B neutral) and it knock back him for some seconds, then use the clay pigeon (B side) and the Wild gunmens (B down) then retry

that combo is a nice way to defend your-self if needed but the enemy can escape it by jumping or with the shield, you can grab your enemy now, then launche him on the side, then use the can!

FennerGuy1992 posted December 10, 2014

Duckhunt, next to Luigi, is the most underrated Smash characters in the game. His forward A smash is pretty darn strong if you know what you're doing. His recovery is his Up-B, very useful especially when you're in peril!

darkdrium909 posted November 29, 2014

While the can may be shot during a grab or while getting hit, it cannot be shot if the clay pigeon (side B) is out. The pigeon takes precedence over the can.

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