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Donkey Kong Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Donkey Kong Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 122 Tier Ranking: 33rd Popularity: 40th
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senorganon posted July 1, 2015

Donkey Kong is a character who falls in between "balanced" and "baiter", along with a somewhat offensive playstyle.

Due to his large size and moderate speed, as well as poor vertical recovery, Donkey Kong must be played with caution, especially at the edges of a stage. He also lacks the trait of being a combo based character, requiring him to be played with strategy. Below are some of DK's useful moves.

[JAB] - A basic two hit jab. The first hit is especially useful in that it hits the opponent towards DK, ensuring the second Jab hits. However, you can use down tilt to push them away from DK, but just enough so you can use Jab again, and repeat, although at higher percentages it no longer connects. You can also use DK's side special in conjunction with said combo to break the opponent's shield, since they may be holding the shield button to try and escape.

[U-TILT] - A strong move that covers all around DK. A good anti-air move which can combo characters who lack aerials that deploy very quickly, such as Bowser. They can still airdodge, but at lower percentages they can land with lag, allowing you to keep using up-tilt.

[D-TILT] - A quick move which is very useful for edgeguarding from the ledge. It is deadly against characters whose recoveries don't snap to the ledge during it's animation, like Little Mac. D-Tilt is also useful for shield poking, as it has a low hitbox.

[F-THROW] - DK's forward throw is unique in that it allows him to carry his opponents around the stage, and throw them as well. At low percentages, throwing carried opponents upwards allows DK to follow up with a guaranteed up air. At higher percents, DK can carry the opponent offstage (best started at the very edge of the stage and simply walking off backwards, not jumping) and throw them towards the stage, hitting the lip or the underside of it allowing for an easy stage spike kill. Against opponents who can tech, however, use unexpected throws like up throw or down throw, as the timing needed to tech is different.

[D-THROW] - Down throw isn't a very useful move, however if you successfully read an opponents choice of movement, you can punish with a fully charged neutral special.

[UP SPECIAL] - DK's only recovery move. It has terrible vertical recovery, but great horizontal recovery. On the ground, the startup of the move has Super Armor, and it is angled downward to where DK is facing, which can be used to edgeguard or surprise opponents. It also can disrupt recoveries at the start of the move, having the strongest knockback.

Mijinion posted December 8, 2014

Donkey Kong is certainly slow and large, but utilize more advanced techniques such as reverse aerial rushing with short hops, and excel in what larger characters fail to achieve quite often, which is a ridiculously good aerial game. Do remember that Donkey Kong has 3 different meteor smashes in one moveset, the most in any character in the game, so pressure is also a big factor for Donkey Kong. Tilts can ward off aggressive players, and remaining calculative is what can make Donkey Kong so devastating. It takes one mistake with your opponent, and one action from DK to perform combos that can possibly KO in one go. Never be reckless, stay smart.

Some final tips:

DK's up special is incredible in range and power. It has two variations, one for the air, and the other on the ground. The ground acts similar to ROB's side special, and is another form of punishing those who rely too much on dodgers.

Mijinion posted December 8, 2014

An effective Donkey Kong, is a sly Donkey Kong. Many players to recklessly approach with Donkey Kong, mainly utilizing his rush attack to setup up any form of an aerial game.

Don't do that!

If you want to really lay the Smackdown with the DK, you've gotta understand what Donkey Kong's style is! With that brings the question: What is his style?

No other character in the game reminds me more of Ryu of the Street Fighter series, than Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is a poke and punish kind of character, where you dish out small hits of damage utilizing his tilts, and especially utilizing his n-air and b-air (reverse aerial rush it. To do this, dash, stop running, tilt the control stick the opposite direction immediately, jump, and attack). Donkey Kong is fairly agile with his b-air, n-air, and tilts, which allow him to rack up damage quickly, and use attacks that don't have as much recovery frames.

Once you build some damage up, around 30%, is when you really want to utilize DK's down and up throw, since his aerial game can truly come out and allow you to juggle, since the opponent's damage is high enough to start. Something else to keep in mind is: DK is all about momentum. Once you get the ball rolling, you don't stop. You come at your opponent until they can counterattack. Take the time to switch gears if your opponent catches you, and go back to careful dodging, grabbing, and tilts. Make the opponent pay with your smashes, but do not seek out trying to land the smashes due to their slow nature.

Some things to keep in mind with DK:

- Avoid using side-B: It's a total nuisance, only effective on high damage, and even then, you have to have perfect timing to launch after you hit. What do I mean? You can giant punch your opponent when they're in the ground, but if you do it too soon, the opponent will not move, and can jump out to counterattack. This attack is slow, and if you have the time to land this attack, than you sure have the time to smash attack and get the KO as well.

-Avoid relying on smashes: As repeated earlier, just avoid the reliance on smashes, and use them in situations where your opponent is just asking for a punish, such as rolling towards you, missing a slow smash (Ike, Link, another DK, etc). Missing a smash is truly asking for your opponent to take advantage of your error.

-Staying on the ground with smaller opponents: Somebody like Ness, can absolutely destroy Donkey Kong on the ground. Ness's raw speed and power can easily dodge DK, punish and combo with PK Fire, and give you a hassle. Utilize shorthops and try to keep your opponent in the air for situations like this, as DK is generally proficient in the air.

delbuster posted November 24, 2014

Donkey Kong is a little unfortunate; he is a big target and isn't even as fast as Bowser.

He has a couple of good moves though.

Back Air is really great. Comes out fast, ends quickly, and has a ton of range. You can even do two in a shorthop if you do the first one fast enough!
Sometimes you can KO people with this, if you jump off the stage facing backwards and hit them cleanly.

Up Tilt is also great. It is fast, has a huge range all around Donkey Kong, and pops them up so you can trap them with a jump attack or another anti air from the ground. It is so big, you can use it to harass some platforms, like on Battlefield.

Forward and Down Tilt are quick moves with good reach in front of DK. Use these to keep your opponent in check if they are too reckless.

His smashes are great KO moves. You can usually trick an opponent into getting hit by them if you time them to hit a dodge or roll. Dsmash hits behind DK, which is cool.

His grab is alright. His throws don't lead into combos easily, but you can get them above DK to harass them.

DK also has a bunch of spiking attacks. Don't get too overzealous with them, but connecting one successfully offstage is a likely KO.

His Side B should be avoided. Small range, very slow. It can do good shield damage, but it's so slow that good players can roll away and punish.

Grounded Down B is interesting. It only hits grounded opponents, but it has a lot of range. The air version isn't quite as big but it can spike.

Up B is your main recovery tool, and has decent priority. On the ground it's a bit slower and cannot go backwards, but has armor; use carefully.

EJM64_TheBandit posted August 5, 2015

I think DK has a lot more potential than most people think, I won all my online tournaments with him. Here is a couple of tips for glory matches. First DK may be a little slow on run speed, but his attack speed is pretty fast for a heavy weight. Keep that in mind, use moves that will trip your opponent( side tilt, down tilt, back air, neutral air). Never use meteor moves on the stage, unless necessary. Only use his dash attack before the opponent lands on the stage. If your opponent likes to shield, then head butt the crap out of it! When your opponent is at 25% the you can start grappling. Add a couple of chops, always cargo, and throw up wards. Combo will up ariels, and with characters like Link, Sonic, Zero Suit,etc. always back air combo. When your opponents at 47%-57%, finish them with heavy attacks. If they are returning to the stage, then first spam them by doing back ariels, and then meteor smash the HELL out of them for disrespecting, the First Member of the DK crew. Also shower them with coconut cream pies!

AelevenX posted July 27, 2015

DK is not for noobs to play as. He is classified for EXPERT players.
Thanks to this game's "balance", playing as Dk is more of a punishment than fun for newcommers and competitive matches.

Dk haves great range for being a close-combat fighter.

You need patience to play as DK. You'll have to think 2 steps ahead of the opponent and NOT PULL A CASUAL (run away, roll all the fight, and spam).

Charge the punch in segments: press special wait for 3-4 spins then move. REPEAT! DK punch is to be used for 3 reasons only:

1) Surprise attack
2) Cause major damage/launch power

DK tornado on the floor gives you super armour.

DK headbutt breaks shield almost instantly, which freaks out the opponents and either leaves them mentally stunned (and then stunned in the game) or if they screw up, buried.

DK slap are best used on the ground. Though it's meteor smash effect is really useful, it's better to launch the opponents into the air defenseless.

NOTE: Performing combos with DK is extremely difficult and very limited. Practice a lot with friends and lv. 9 CPUs.

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