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Weight: 96 Tier Ranking: 29th Popularity: 41st
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Puxxy posted February 16, 2017

Dark Pit is just a niglet college drop out version of Pit

delbuster posted November 23, 2014

Dark Pit is interesting, but outside of his multiple jumps, is a pretty straightforward character.
His projectile is not fantastic, but it is good for harassing people, especially offstage.
Side B is good for a moving, armored attack. Good for fighting reckless players, and it reflects projectiles as well.

His Smashes are good, especially his anti air Usmash.

His throw game is pretty good. Down Throw to Up Air is a nice combo to rack up damage and put yourself in a good air trap situation.

The rest of his moves are just all relatively quick slashes that need to be used in the right spots to be effective.

Zebraman7279 posted November 21, 2014

Dark Pit vs Pit
-Overall deals more damage but does less knockback
-Arrows are stronger than Pit's, but have less control once released. They also have much less range.
-Electroschock does more damage than Upperdash and hits oppoenent at a more horizontal angle.
-Forward tilt is significantly weaker than Pit's in terms of damage and K.O potential.
Final Smash is very akin to the Light Arrow while Pit's is a overall different attack.

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