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Corrin Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Corrin Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 98 Tier Ranking: 12th Popularity: 4th
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OldHickory posted February 4, 2016

Corrin seems to be more spacing oriented, with their extensive reach and somewhat laggy moves.
Some useful tools for this are Neutral-B, N-Air, and F-Air, the last of which auto cancels on a short hop.

-Neutral-B can be used similarly to ZSSamus' Paralyzer, harassing at a range and opening people up, with it's stun effect. It also has a bite followup, which is decently powerful. Landing the fully charged attack deals 33%, if both the projectile and bite land.

-Side-B is picky on the timing to pin people, and seems to unsafe ON HIT if you don't pin your opponent. However, the skewer mechanic opens up mixup options with it's flying kick. It can only be used once in the air.

-Up-B is a somewhat standard recovery. It deals 13% and doesn't KO until the mid 150s. It can be angled, but, not B-Reversed. However, if angled forward, you will lose some vertical recovery in favor of horizontal recovery.

-Down-B is the counter to end all counters. It returns damage 30% higher than attack taken and launches at an upward angle. It KOs very early.

Corrin's two notable throws are their Up and Down throws. They fully transform in both and either toss the target over their horns or stamps them with their hooves. These are both vertical kill throws, killing lightweights at 130%, not factoring in rage.

-F-Smash possesses a disjointed hitbox and tremendous reach, dealing 12% at the base and 16% at the tip. The charge hotbox can deal up to 6%, with the actual smash being hitting with the base.

-U-Smash has short range on both axises, but, has a sweetspot at the tip, which can KO at 100%. At lower percents, it can be setup with a D-Tilt.

-D-Smash is useful for catching rolls, as it hits on both sides, and the leg hitbox, which is behind them, has a tipper sweetspot that KOs at 110%

spyro777 posted June 20, 2017

Corrin is ranked 27th on zero's tier list.

spyro777 posted May 20, 2017

I still miss Pre-Patch Corrin.

Rage_Gamer9 posted February 11, 2016

Also, you can use B-air for spacing as well. Corrin's recovery does not go very high, so on certain stages I would recommend that you use a side-B into an extra jump as long as you can skewer the wall.

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