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Cloud Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Cloud Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 100 Tier Ranking: 2nd Popularity: 1st
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Pawptarts posted February 3, 2016

Cloud has an all-around balance of speed and power. You have many different ways to play around the character. Whether you're a defensive player, or love to rush your opponents, Cloud covers most situations.

Side-B is punishable in it's non-limit break form since it has a slight lag after use. Certain characters that are light, or at certain percentages can break out of it, so use it sparingly or on heavier characters. Up-B serves as a great counter out of shield as well, though it's off-stage recovery is not very good. Neutral-B is a nice spacer, though use it sparingly to throw off opponents since it's very readable.

Limit Break is what will make or break you, depending on how you play. You can save it for that Down-B KO at around 65%-67%+ after a nice read or punish. Or, you can save it to be sure you can recover safely off the stage. Keep in mind a LB Up-B will snap to a ledge whereas a Non-LB doesn't. Side-B has average kill potential, though don't expect any outright kills. It is a nice mix-up from a combo, such as a short hop Neutral-Air to Side-B, but it's not your guaranteed killer.

Grab range on this guy is very close so keep that in mind when approaching your opponent. DTilt is also a nice edge guarding tool if used right to build a combo around it, closes distance or can be useful to get some space between the opponent and you (be creative with it).

Some nice combos include:
Dash Attack->Neutral Air/UAir
ShrtHOp->UAir->UTilt (depending on the character you can get a nice 2-3 hits off the up tilt)

Those are rather known by now, but it's a nice base to build from, but of course everyone is different so these aren't end-alls.

Gryphon827 posted September 27, 2018

This image accurately sums up this character as a whole.
(yes, I'm aware that's a windbox and not a hitbox, let it go it's just a joke)

ThatOneGuy5922 posted July 31, 2017

A good low-percentage Cloud combo could be B-Throw --> Dash Attack. Useful for when a character falls and they would need half a second to attack again. If they fall onto the stage at higher percentages, use Side-B. On the topic of Side-B, it is a great use of Limit Break for getting a KO from the ground.

To edge guard with Cloud, just use Neutral B. Neutral B can also be a useful Limit Break for when a character is about to get back on the stage. Keep in mind that players using characters that can heal from energy projectiles (e.g. Ness) will heal, so use it wisely.

And then there's the classic "Use Up-Air to keep your opponent off the stage from above."

spyro777 posted May 25, 2017

I miss Pre-Patch Cloud.

cloudisnottoptier posted April 24, 2017


Potato158 posted April 6, 2017

Cloud is easy to gimp, but my brother uses Bayonetta and he tries to get me with the d-Smash. I use my cross slash to kind stop him, then grab onto the edge. But if you grab release at the very edge of the stage, cloud cant make it back without his limit break.

ZeldaPeachchampVS posted March 12, 2017

my best friend said she wishes for "Shirtless Cloud" Clouds amazing, he is actually taller than what he is in final fantasy hes only suppose to be 5.8 feet tall

ActualSense posted February 26, 2017

Cloud needs nerfs, his uair is way too big, and also his sword is way too big, Nintendo give dedede the buster sword.

LemonPie posted September 4, 2016

Cloud, in my experience, is so good because of his great tools and virtual immunity to stage control and zoning. As MagicScrumpy once said, A character is good when it works unto itself. Cloud is Great because his great tools work due to his zoning immunity. To use Cloud effectively, I recomend when your opponent is trying to pressure you, use limit charge to increase your threat level. Cross Slash Limit is a great kill tool,but it must be used carefully, as it wastes limit and leaves you open to attack and combos if you dont hit your opponent. However due to his zoning immunity, Cross Slash Limit is great because you cannot get A Cloud to unwillingly retreat. All in all, Cloud is a great character that takes caution and some read skill to do what he do.

DarkshadowDS17 posted August 21, 2016

Lucasxness, climhazzard only slams down if you press B twice. Down b charges limit break which enchances his abilities and enchances his smash attacks.

lucasxness posted July 21, 2016

i think he is literally low tier honestly, he literally cant recover because he always literally slams his sword down after you do the climhazzard and his down b does literally nothing.

AdarTheSla posted December 22, 2015

Cloud is a fast sword fighter with good range, decent damage, good aerials, moderate lag on most attacks, sub-par recovery, and no know guaranteed or 50-50 kill set-ups. He can rack up damage very effectively early with d-tilt up-air+ and space well with his neutral b projectile and long sword, and he can kill with all of his specials provided he uses limit break(in 1v1's side b and neutral b are particularly effective, and down b is a great punish kill past 67% without rage on most stages) and his limit break up b gives him better than life recovery for some edge-guarding, but do not do so without limit.

DmodGmod posted December 19, 2015

Cloud is a very balanced fighter, having a projectile, KO power, and fast mobilaty. His big weakness is his recovery, barley going higher then DR.Mario. He has very solid are ails, such as a very fast neutral air, a Long reaching back air, and A Up air that has decent kill power with near to none landing lag. His biggest advantage is his Limit break system. With this he has a fantastic recovery,A powerful Projectile,And a Powerful punishing move that can KO from 70% . He has some solid match ups, but Look out for Camping projectiles.


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