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Charizard Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Charizard Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 115 Tier Ranking: 38th Popularity: 50th
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Galeonez posted December 3, 2014

Charizard is a mixed bag. He is a risky, heavy-hitting character and is rewarded heavily for correct guesses while being punished very severely for incorrect ones.

Starting off, Charizard has a few combos. If you up-throw most of the cast at or near 0%, you are still in range of a falling forward air. This will do 20% but won't leave you in a position to do much else. Neutral air and forward tilt can trip opponents at very low %, allowing a quick dash grab. And while not a true combo, at high %s, Charizard can stop after the first two hits of his jab and go into his up-B. This is more of a trap because it can be interrupted by characters with very fast aerials but will punish and kill those who attempt to airdodge or those who don't have a move quick enough to interrupt.

Foward air is one of your go-to moves. It autocancels out of a shorthop and while not being able to hit shorter characters, it is a very good air-to-air option and can be very annoying for some of the taller characters. Dash attack is also really good. While you don't get many followups, it is Charizard's fastest option while approaching and can make opponents want to keep their feet planted and block more which lets Charizard into his ideal range.

Up Smash is a powerful move for those attempting to approach you from above because your wings are invincible and the move is very powerful. Flare Blitz is very powerful but Charizard takes 4% damage of recoil off a whip and 9% off a hit into an opponent or the stage, making ti very risky.

Rock Smash is like an offensive counter. The rock can be used to absorb the opponents hits since Charizard won't flinch and can do up to 23% damage.

Forward tilt is a powerful kill move if you can hit with the tip of Charizard's tail and down throw at the edge of the stage. If you happen to block something close and the opponent is at kill percentage, your main options will be either up smash out of shield, jab mixup into grab or up-B(see above) or raw up-B if the opponent is close enough.

delbuster posted November 23, 2014

Charizard's neutral game isn't too good. His long pokes are all pretty slow.

He does have a somewhat useful at times Fire Breath which can rack up some damage, and decent dash speed, so he will rely on movement and grabs to rack up damage. His throws can put him in advantageous positions, and his 3rd jump lets him harass airborne opponents in unique ways.

Bthrow -> dash fair, Uthrow->fair are combos that work at extremely low percents. You are better off going for positional throws after these percents, to try to get a punish on their decisions.

Utilt/Uair/Usmash are solid anti airs. Bair is strong for edgeguarding. Nair is good for baiting dodges.

Up B out of shield can give you some needed defensive tools.
Rock Smash has a lot of armor, and can be helpful when landing from being launched, but be wary of grabs.

Wintry posted November 21, 2014

Charizard is not very fast, has some trouble with recovery and has trouble with some combos. However, he has a crazy amount of power behind him, and you can never let your guard down when fighting. Kill moves would be your Down Smash, Side Smash, Flare Blitz, Forward Air, Down Air and even Rock Smash. Also, Flare Blitz and Rock Smash have armor behind them, so you can soak some damage while dishing it out.

Down Smash is great because it comes out fast and hits both sides simultaneously. Side Smash, while slow to come out, has a tremendous amount of power behind it. Got an opponent who's getting too comfortable zoning? Flare Blitz will blow through his projectiles, and can make for an unexpected punish. Fair can kill while edgeguarding off stage, and Dair while hard to hit, spikes. Rock Smash also has a great amount of armor, so while very situational, it can be a useful thing to pull out now and again when someone's getting too rush down heavy.

Charizard, while not the best character to play, is one that you need to respect. The second an opponent drops his guard could be the moment where Charizard scores his kill.

Chineesedude1105 posted April 5, 2018

A small helpful tip to all of you Charizarders out there, If you have an opponent that likes to dodge roll A lot, then one thing I do sometimes is to Punish a dodge roll by using flare blitz, especially if it is point blank range.

Other cool ways to punish an opponet while using moves is Rock smash to punish Spot-dodges, and Fly to punish Air-dodges. Rock smash, if timed correctly can be used to "Armor" through a smash attack and lead into a combo.

MegaCramp06 posted July 28, 2016

Charizard is really, REALLY, underestimated.

His D-Tilt can be useful for ledgeguarding if timed well due to it's big hitbox (compared to other fighters) and of how quick it comes out, too.Charizard also has no lag when he does his B-Throw so you can use this to attack players coming in from behind you or quickly attack the enemy who was thrown but only if the enemy is at a low percent.I personally go in for a Flare Blitz after I use the B-Throw.

A small useful combo with Charizard at low percents is D-Throw>U-Smash.Because the enemy wasn't launched, you can go for another U-Smash, full jab>F-Air, even an U-Tilt, but it all matters on the opponent's size and weight.

One if his best attacks is the B-Air, because of it's long range.If you hit it with the tip, this attack will have a tremendous amount of launch power.And in if you're in a pickle, go with D-Smash or Rock Smash.These attack are bound to give you some space if they hit the opponent.

lucasxness posted July 23, 2016

what a sexy tail, must be at LEAST a high tier character

StarForce100 posted November 29, 2014

Charizard is slow, powerful, and is hard to KO. His main attacks at low percents are neutral ground and grabs. His tilts have low priority and should be avoided, except for his up tilt which has good air protection.

At low percents you can throw in any direction (except for up) and combo a dash attack. However, due to speed, it is easy for the opponent to jump out of this. It is better to use flare blitz. At 0 percent you are guaranteed to land a back throw flare blitz combo. None of the characters hit the ground before you hit them with flare blitz and I have never had someone jump out of this. While this does damage you, the opponent is often lighter, meaning that the trade off is worth it. You can usually land this twice in a row as long as you have no extra damage on the opponent. After that just try to get a few jabs and dashes and they'll be in KO range. His neutral special can help with racking up damage and use rock smash if you think the opponent is about to hit you.

When the opponent is at about 90% you should start looking for a KO. Charizard's best moves to KO with, at low percents are his smashes and air attacks. Charizard is really good at ledge guarding with his forward air. His back air has a lot of lag and has a small sweet spot. Forward air is almost always stronger and safer. He can KO opponents at 90% when edge guarding and using his forward air. His up air also has a lot of power. If you see an opening than use it. His down smash hits the opponent at a downward angle which can allow you to get a down air or forward air leading to a KO. His down smash has a large range, so if the opponent is about to grab the ledge you can stop them from doing so by using it. His forward smash is his strongest move but has HUGE lag before and after the attack. It has decent range but I wouldn't recommend using it unless you expect the opponent to roll into it. Same goes for flare blitz, the opponent will probably be playing defensively at that percent so it will be harder to sneak one in. Throwing the opponent off the ledge is one of the best ways to setup for a KO.

To review, start out with one or two grab combos
Then get a few dash attacks, tilts, or throws in.
At 90% either get an up or down smash or throw them off the stage and get a forward air.

A few other tips regarding Charizard:
Flare blitz has decent super armor, so if you see a character aiming an arrow at you they make for an easy target.
Keep close to the opponent, Charizard doesn't have any long range attacks and people will try to abuse that.
He has low vertical recovery, so be careful. His 3 jumps can be deceiving.
Avoid his back air, forward tilt, and down tilt. These moves have a lot of lag and not much power to be worth it. Replace them with smashes and forward air. Don't spam flare blitz.
Use rock smash if you are in an uncomfortable position.
And finally, he can change direction when he jumps, use this to get more forward airs.


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