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Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 104 Tier Ranking: 24th Popularity: 3rd
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delbuster posted November 23, 2014

An effective C. Falcon will use a few moves out of his whole moveset.

His dash speed is good, but his grab range is somewhat small. It balances out; his Dthrow is good for setting up dash Up air.

His dash attack is sort of a mixup and punish tool in conjunction with his Grab. It also launches them in front of Falcon where he can threaten another dash attack if they air dodge, or Up Air if they jump.

Neutral Air is good for controlling space from a short hop.

Jab is really good. Holding A will make him automatically jab a lot, which can beat spot dodges.

Down Tilt and Forward Tilt are slow to come out, but have good range and not too much recovery afterwards, so they are solid ground pokes.

Up Tilt can spike. Use to troll people with bad recoveries.

Finally, Fsmash and Bair are solid KO moves with good reach.

Freakonaleash posted December 30, 2016

How do you do the fast punches not the normal a combo with a knee but the a combo with the two punches then cast punches and then launch

MarioMain posted May 21, 2016

Captain Falcon is blessed with having a decent dash attack coupled with a high dash speed, however you will become predictable if you keep using it, and at higher percents, follow-ups become impossible.

Unlike in previous iterations of the series, the falcon punch is actually (somewhat) easy to land a hit with, particularly in the air, however it's 30 base knockback from Brawl has been removed, resulting in the move not being safe on hit until around 20% when reversed and 25% when not. Additionally, the aerial version is less powerful, and the reduced knockback scaling from Brawl (93 -> 90) means it kills a little later, so use wisely.

His jab attack has two variants: gentleman and rapid jab. Rapid jab can do more damage, but leaves almost no follow up options, even at lover percents. His side tilt is similar to Mario's, but has more range, however has less follow ups at lower percents than Mario's. Down tilt has no follow ups, regardless of percents, but is a semi-spike, so is very useful against opponents with poor recovery. Up tilt has some emergency kill power, and can spike airborne opponents as his leg is coming down, useful at the ledge on opponents with limited recovery options.

Raptor boost acts as a get out of jail free card, coming out fairly quickly with good range and decent knockback, it should also be noted that it is an instant kill in horde battles. In the air it can spike, but unlike in Brawl you must be properly spaced above your opponent, or it will just do a pathetic diagonally upwards knockback with no kill power.

Fair acts as a great kill move near the blast zone if you land the early 'clean' hitbox. Dair is a spike, similar to Ganon's but comes out faster and is safer to use beyond the ledge of the stage. Up air can hit 2-3 times without any platforms, and Bair comes out quickly. Nair isn't very useful.

SyncTheTempest4327 posted June 3, 2015 around 63% on most characters you may be able to land a dair-knee combo. Useful for...showing off.
Not many ppl use Nair as an approach option, so use this to catch'me by surprise.
falcon Punch should only be used if you get a pretty hard read, (ie rolling into u without a counter.)
Dont recover low with him often, if you can avoid it.
Use your second jump as an option to grab the ledge, as some ppl can punish your UPb and SideB.
An don't spike them if they are out of your range, or save your second jump, or you WILL die.
If they shield lots, just run into them, and UPB them.
If they're trying to get back under the stage, go down and UPB for stage spike.
dthrow to Nair or Up air twice, or three times if ur lucky.

TyNeeTurnabout posted January 21, 2015

Honestly, what sets apart a Captain Falcon from a Crapton Falcon is really how well you can read an opponent and your offstage game. Falcon's Out-of-shield game isn't something to brag about, but he has a few gimmicks. Falcon Kick is a decent poke move at the start of the match, but using it several times will lead an opponent to read it and punish. It does punish backorders though, so if someone's feinting a bit too much, input Falcon Kick when they start to run towards you.
After landing a successful Falcon Kick, your opponent will do one of 3 things.
-He may Approach you- Punishing this well requires reading it. Overly aggressive opponents will not like that FSmash elbow in their face.
-He may jump away- This can be done by reflex, unless you're reading an approach. Rush them down with his dash, but be wary of characters with Nairs that hang around like Mario and Link
-He might fall to the ground- your best option to punish this is another Falcon Kick or go to Raptor Boost for a kill.

If you see someone using a powerful projectile that lags upon firing, you can punish that by going into the air, inputting a knee, and fast falling. If done right, this will hurt quite a bit.

Dsmash helps when punishing forward rollers, but backrollers and sidesteppers will have a field day with you if you use this too often.

Falcon's go-to offstage move is now Dair, due to uair's tendency to have more vertical knockback than horizontal, and Fair's lagginess (unless you've got nerve). Back air also helps for a low recovering opponent, but dair will guarantee a kill if it connects. Falcon needs to identify which point, if any, where the opponent cannot air dodge or fall out of the stage. Use a Nair there, then if possible, follow with a Dair closer to the stage after a jump. a more straightforward approach is to jump offstage, and fast fall a Dair to kill.

Falcon Punch really relies on deception and close calls. An opponent predicting you falling in one place will be surprised with that ARFP hits them in the back. ARFP is more likely to hit than a straight AFP or RFP because you have control over momentum while charging ARFP. Best used against overly aggressive opponents that don't have a counter.

PacManWalker posted December 2, 2014

My advice for fellow falcon pawwwwnchers:
Abuse speed, not many combatants can keep up with CF, your setups are :
*Run into Dash attack
*Run into grab, dthrow into Uair
These are as far as common ones go
*Setups i like to use are:
run past the opponent, turn and Fspecial. Opponents tend to want to 'chase' CF with an attack of some sort, catches them off guard often.
*Short hop into Nair, try an it with JUST the 1st of the 2 kicks, if you do, you can against MOST characters, opponent must be set up on the ground or near the ground...this can be setup from a good read on a whiffed projectile, like mario fireballs (the dummy i used)

there's nothing quite like serving a tasty falcon pawnch as the winning blow.

*If you manage to land a Dtilt on stage (preferably an Omega stage) near the edge, around 60 to 100P, opponents will get decent horizontal knockback, practice your timing with the run and jump into a FALCON PAAWWWWWNNNCCHHH!!!!!
IF you manage to stay parallel to them during their attempt at recovery, you will surely make the opponent S*** themselves because:
A) who in their right mind expecting a flying off the stage FP to the face?
B) if theyre far enough away, they wont be able to avoid it without an opportunity to air dodge, thus delaying their recovery, or eating that magnificent firebirdfist
*the only other setup ive come up with so far, is when you get opponents who like to dodge roll alot, get a good read on them, give them a turn around FP to the slop hole. but definitely take the 1st one serious...there's been many a time i saw my victim panic when seeing a majestic CF delivering a fiery justice fist pursue them to what looks like a suicide move.
if youre careful enough, you can still recover after a single jump in FP.

*CF can wall jump, opponents near the edge charging a smash or special can fall victim to air attacks coming from CFcoming up from edge hanging... i.e dropping down to wall jump then jumping to a B/F/N/Uair.

Mijinion posted November 28, 2014

Captain Falcon's greatness lies in his moveset. Many situations call for a response that Falcon has available to him. Captain Falcon's lack of projectiles or reflecting properties is made up with his combination of speed and power, which has been greatly improved with the latest game.

Aside from Captain Falcon's Raptor Dive, which has been changed with his hitboxes to make the move generally more difficult--every aspect of Falcon has been virtually improved. A down throw follow up to U-Air to another U-Air can be performed with ease. Throwing in general with Falcon leads to a typically easy follow up.

The Falcon Kick has been given slightly additional range, which truly goes a long way to disrupt many of your opponent's approaches. In mid-air, this attack is capable of really disrupting any grounded opponent thanks to its wide hitboxes.

Falcon's Smashes are just about what you could expect, powerful, yet fairly quick. A running up-smash is one of the most brutal pop-up combinations available to Falcon for countering an aerial opponent who's coming down towards you.

Falcon's Signature Knee of Justice F-Air, is devastating and much easier to pull off this time around. Time it well and use it sparsely, since it can really turn the tides of a battle.

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