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Bowser Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Bowser Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 130 Tier Ranking: 31st Popularity: 21st
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Galeonez posted December 3, 2014

If you're looking for Super Smash Bros. version of a hard-hitting grappler, then Bowser is your character. With a wide range of kill moves and a powerful grab special move, this is one Bowser's best incarnations in the Smash series.

For standard attacks, Bowser's jab will be one of your quickest go-to options in close quarters. Although his jab is nothing to write home about, it reaches a fair bit ahead of him and is one the few moves he has that requires very little commitment. A common tactic when looking for a chance to break through an opponent's defense is to do a single jab and then attempt to react to what option they choose. If they attempt to roll past you, you have more than enough time to either forward tilt or side-B them for alot of damage.

Forward tilt has decent range and knockback and can be done out of a pivot (running in a direction and then afterwards holding the opposite direction and then quickly tapping A) to control space. Down tilt is your strongest punish at around 0-15%, scoring a 2-hit 25% combo. It has kill power as well at later %s. Up tilt can be used to harass people on low platforms while keeping you relatively safe. Unfortunately it's kill power isn't that great so it's main value will lie in the speed of the move when people are above you as opposed to its sheer strength.

When it comes to aerials, Bowser has alot to work with. His neutral air is his most damaging aerial doing up to 20%, one of the most damaging standard aerials in the game. His forward air is his best aerial due to the ability to have it autocancel during a shorthop. Even doing a rising fair will still hit short characters due to the large hitbox on the move. The low cooldown on the attack lets you threaten with another fair offstage should you land a hit near the edge. Retreating fairs also cover alot of space and can make it difficult for characters with short range to approach Bowser. His back air is one of his most popular kill moves, having ridiculous knockback and the ability to autocancel it out of a shorthop. When opponents are at high % and are looking to get back down to the ground against Bowser, simply being near them with your back turned can bait out an airdodge and allow you to punish very hard and take an early stock.

bluedragon posted May 27, 2017

Better than samus

FooFighterGE posted August 2, 2016

Bowser is a tricky character to pick up, and can be rewarding if you are patient. If you're looking for a fun, heavyweight character, or you just don't want to be part of the plethora of "disrespectful" Ganondorf players, then Bowser is for you.

Up-throw combos are arguably Bowser's best tools. Since Bowser has a decent grab, grabs aren't too hard to get, and you can hit hard with your combos, and even kill. U-throw-U-tilt is true at early percents, and after that, U-throw-N-air can combo at 50%-ish. Also, if your opponent doesn't DI properly or doesn't DI at all, U-throw-U-air will kill some characters at 90% as a 50-50.

Bowser is the heaviest character in the game, and his recovery isn't half bad. His aerials pack a huge punch (I once killed a ZSS at 50% by the ledge with back air), but have a lot of lag and significant start-up. Because of his huge hurtbox and slow aerials, Bowser is huge combo-meat. His fastest aerial, n-air, comes out frame 8, so your quickest option to get out of aerial combos is to airdodge (which is rarely safe). However, on the ground, you have an amazing out-of-shield option in up-B. It beats spot-dodges, and you can retreat to the side if you need to. It can also kill. Jabs work too, but up-b or side tilt work better. Smash attacks are really powerful, but are so laggy that you will usually be killing with aerials or the 50-50 death combo.

In conclusion, Bowser has some neat tricks, but you must be incredibly patient for success. Oh, and down-B breaks shields.

kell_of_koopas posted January 18, 2016

in order to use the king to his full potential you must use his up throw into combos at low%, up B out of shield and learn to minimalize landing lag on his Fair Bair Up air and Nair. any punish you dish out will hurt a lot and try not to be predictable and get caught in his extreme landing lag. one really important thing DO NOT DAIR BECAUSE OR THE EXRA SPARK DAMAGE IT IS SO PREDICTABLE AND PEOPLE SEE IT COMEING LIGHTYEARS AWAY. now go and spread the kings word to all those who oppose him

Butterhuntsman posted March 17, 2015

A fun and satisfying tip for the big B is when you use his side B, to tilt so you land on other opponents.

Monado posted January 30, 2015

Bowser is surprisingly fast for his size. Hes even faster than mario and is just short of marth. His aerials are alright and his smash attacks are complete murder weapons, killing at 70%, no charge.

His side B is a grab followed by an aerial slam. It cant be blocked but you need to be right next to the target. It can be used near the ledge to guarantee a kill but it is suicide and you die first. But if you have stock adv.and youre at hi percentage you can use it to end the match.

His up B hits multiple enemies and can be followed up with a side smash or up tilt depending on the target's percentage.

His down B is a powerful butt slam that can kill at around 80% it does around 20% damage and if youre close enough bowser can lift his enemy with his horns and guarantee the hit.

His attacks are a bit slow but bowser is a VERY good character

Galeonez posted December 3, 2014

Bowser's forward smash is one of his most powerful attacks (and one of the most powerful smashes in the game). Although the move is slow, Bowser leaps forward a short distance when performing the move giving him some extra range. One of the best things about Bowser is the fact that his recovery after ending a dash is one of the shortest in the game. That means that Bowser can dash, let the stick return to neutral and input a forward smash almost directly after stopping, catching many opponents off guard. With options like this and Bowser's dash attack, opponents will tend to turtle up in shield when Bowser approaches which leads us to probably his best move.

Bowser's side-B is ridiculous in this game for a few reasons. It is completely unblockable and does heavy damage to those who get hit by it. You also have the ability to go offstage with it and Bowsercide with the opponent, a fate most opponents can't recover from even though Bowser dies first. One of the best parts of this move however is that this move has no ending lag when done from the air. That means if you shorthop and side-B your opponent, you can set up option selects (a series of inputs that will have different results depending on how your opponent reacted). The most basic is to shorthop at your opponent, perform a side-B before you land and before seeing whether it landed or not, roll backwards as you land. If the grab connects, you'll go into an animation and the roll won't come out. If the grab was avoided because you missed or the opponent side-stepped or rolled, you'll roll away to safety.

Down-B is a move you will have to show restraint with. It does crazy shield damage and kills very early but when below Bowser, most opponents will be awaiting your down air or your down-B so that they can avoid it and punish. One thing to note is that on the ground, Bowser's down-B has a portion that picks up opponents into the falling hit. This initial hitbox is almost the same as his jab range. Because of this, you can check your opponent with a jab and they'll still be in range of the rising Bowser bomb. This can punish shieldgrabbers and opponents may be less likely to properly avoid the move when done out of a jab (since they probably have already selected the shield option).

Bowser's up-B should also be used liberally when under pressure. It has startup invulnerability when grounded so if an opponent is eating away at your shield, you may cancel your shield with a jump and then up-B before you leave the group, interrupting their attack and delivering heavy damage.

delbuster posted November 23, 2014

Bowser is an interesting character. He is a big body, but he has a fast run speed and long, fast startup pokes. On the other hand, some of his moves have a lot of time to wait after they're done, so they have to be done in moderation.

Ground pokes include Jab, Forward Tilt, and Dtilt. You can also poke at the opponent with short hop instant forward air, and back air. Doing those attacks immediately from a short hop means they finish before Bowser lands - if Bowser does land during his air normals, he has to wait a while before he can act again.

His Side B is a grab, which beats shields and does 18 base damage. It's a good way to mix up your approach options, since you can do it while airborne; most people will think of shielding when you jump towards them, so throw this move out.

When you have your opponent above you, you can go for a few traps into Neutral Air, Up Air, Up Smash. If they try to land into the ground with a dodge, Down Smash and Up B last a long time with multiple hits to punish them and pop them into the air again.

Defensively, Up Tilt has a ton of range around Bowser and happens pretty quickly, and Up B can be done out of shield and comes out rather quickly and covers all of Bowser. Note that if you have tap jump off, you will have to press Jump and Up B to do it out of shield.

Forward Smash and Down B might be enticing to throw out, but their slow startup makes them very obvious. Overall, they should be relegated to people missing some options; for example, if Jigglypuff misses a rest, punish with Fsmash. If they are below you without a platform to protect them, and they charge a smash to anti air you, then Down B could work.
Down B also does a lot of damage to shields, but an experienced player can easily roll out of the way and punish.

Fire Breath is a nice tool, but obviously gets shorter over time. It is a little hard to maneuver around, so it is a decent move to use sometimes as a more ranged option to rack up a bit of percent.

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