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Bowser Jr. Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Bowser Jr. Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 115 Tier Ranking: 50th Popularity: 47th
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Tips for Bowser Jr.

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Kijui posted January 8, 2015

Although a character that displays many different tools at his disposal, KK's offense relies solely on indirect attacks. Using wise mechakoopa placement in conjunction with his Klown Dash, Klown Bomb & Koopa Hammer, and Cannonball can create the perfect opportunity to rack up damage and control space. You can think of the mechakoopas like how Dedede's Waddle Dees were in Brawl, except on contact with an opposing force, they will attack.
With this in mind, you can set up tons of obstacles for your opponents to traverse. Unlike most characters with dash attacks and projectiles, KK's goal is to set you up into running into him from an acceptable angle of his choosing or into his/her mechakoopa. Koopa Kid is more effective when a Mechakoopa is out and about, but this has its cons as well.

Improper spacing or poor planning can place KK in the doghouse. If an opponent grabs the mechakoopa, its not the end of the world. KK can use the picking up of the mechakoopa as a diversion of sorts for you to score an up smash. Every situation regarding the mechakoopa, your position, and the opponent's position is possible to overcome. For instance, if a Marth or Lucina is carrying you across the stage with f airs, a Mechakoopa about to explode can hit and deter them, or hit you to escape their reach and allow for a comeback!

You need to always be one step ahead of your opponent, take advantage of their advantages against you, and KK becomes virtuality unstoppable. Get used to the cool down and start up of his specials as you will using each repeatedly in order to mix up your position with your Mechakoopa

Avexiaden posted August 24, 2017

Most of the obvious has already been said, but side b jump cancel into down air that lands the last hit can lead to a nice nair combo that racks up damage. Works at most percentages.

kingkingler posted February 2, 2015

One thing I've noticed that works fairly well is the lack of end lag on his dair. When landing while using dair you can get out a quick d-tilt or down smash and have them connect at low and mid percents for a quick combo

delbuster posted December 7, 2014

Overview: High reward on Side B, so you want to get them to do things you can punish with it. Side B can also be faked with a jump back, so it's not too bad in neutral.

Footsies with Ftilt, Dtilt, Fair, Grab, Dash attack.

Setup with Down B

Anti air with Utilt, Uair

Trick them with Up B if you need a KO.

delbuster posted November 23, 2014

One thing to note is that he has a passive attribute; if he is hit on the Clown Car, he gets hit less far, but if the Koopa is hit, he gets hit harder.

Jab-fast, short ranged launcher.
Forward tilt-for "footsies"
Down Tilt-"get off me" (hides the Koopa a bit)
Up Tilt-anti air (but will whiff on some grounded characters).

Fsmash-very strong, but not recommended because they will often fall out of the multi hit before the last, strong hit. It is a great call out if your opponent spot dodges a lot, they will skip the multi hit and get hit by the strong hit.
Dsmash-more reliable move to try to KO with. It hits both sides, comes out relatively quickly for a smash.
Usmash-like Utilt; good anti air, bad for grounded opponents.

Dash attack-takes a long time, if it misses, they can punish pretty easily. Has a lot of range and will beat a lot if spaced correctly. Can work as anti air. If someone shields it, they might try something too early and just get hit.

Bowser Jr's special moves are very unique.
Cannonball is not too useful, but note that Jr. can grab ledges during the recovery frames after shooting the cannonball.

Down B is very cool. The walking Mecha can be picked up as an item, or left alone. It has its own hitbox that can launch opponents. This is a great distraction tool.

Up B-tons of potential. He ejects from the cart upwards, cart explodes, Jr. is in a state where the only move he can do is hammer. This followup is really strong! The explosion can even combo into the hammer if you Up B in the correct direction.
Can anti air ppl with the explosion, into the hammer.

Side B-flexible! 2 followups; a jump (note you cannot double jump after this), or a spin (press opposite direction). Spin is slightly armored, and somewhat strong, easily punishable by shield.
The jump is very useful; if the Side B hits you can jump and go into many followups, from air normals to Up B and Up B followup at certain higher percents. This move provides great damage potential or KO setup potential.

When recovering with Side B, note-can only do one Side B into jump followup and then you have to land or grab an edge to refresh this.
And also, you should use your double jump before doing Side B->Jump, if you want to double jump.

Doing Side B -> Spin does not have any limit. You can do Side B->Spin, Double Jump, SideB->Jump, Up B if you really felt like it, to recover.

Up Air is awesome anti air - fast move that has very fast recovery; great for platform harassment from below.
Nair is important since it comes out faster than Bair and Fair, and hits both sides. It has landing recovery, so it is more of a get off me move.
Fair is simple, but if you do it and land during it, there is another weak hitbox that can combo into Ftilt.
Back air can KO at higher percents. Bowser Jr's short hop is a good height to make use of this, to hop over an attack or projectile or even a grab, and then quickly fall on them with a Bair for a KO.

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