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SF6 > Zangief > Level 3 Super/Critical Art - Supers

Zangief's Level 3 Super/Critical Art Street Fighter 6 - Bolshoi Storm Buster

Level 3 Super/Critical Art a.k.a. Bolshoi Storm Buster
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Tips for Zangief's Level 3 Super/Critical Art
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Domingo posted July 22, 2023

There isn't much to say here except that it's a grab super and it hurts a lot. Range is a tiny bit further than the MP version of the SPD, but it doesn't reach quite as far as the LP version.

Unlike this move from SF5, you can NOT combo this off of normal moves. At least not at launch. The only ways to combo into it are via a Drive Impact or a a punish counter Smetana Dropkick in the corner. That last one is a pretty obscure scenario, but it can occasionally happen.

Instead, you typically have to land it off of a tic, empty jump, dash (including a Drive Rush dash), wakeup, or when your opponents leave gaps in their buttons.

It's FAST. Apparently it's a 6 frame move, but those 6 frames are all prior to the screen activation. If the activation begins and they're in a state when they can be grabbed, you can pretty much bank on it landing. Any kind of reversal must be initiated prior/simultaneously and has to either be invincible on the ground or airborne. I've seen people seemingly reversal after the activation, but it's rare and usually involves another super. No clue if they actually input their super first (or at the same time), but in theory they should have.

Damage is massive - roughly 45% damage for the normal version and 50% for the CA version. If there's an opportunity to land it, there isn't really a reason to ever hold on to it as a result.

While *never* guaranteed, if you land a F+HP headbutt and Drive Rush into the super, their window of escape is small. You can buffer the motion into the dash and if they aren't jumping immediately, hit the button to activate it. If they block the headbutt this still works, but the window of escape/reversal is large enough to make it a big risk. On the other hand, you can use this opportunity to bait people. Lots of players will vertical jump in this scenario, so be ready with an EX/OD lariat to hit them out of the sky. Using the super after a blocked charged HP is a very similar scenario. Again, look for a jump or back dash and react accordingly.

Because it's a grab, you can't be obvious about what you plan to do. It's a Hail Mary move and everyone knows it. Use the threat of it to land other hits and make them concerned about something else. You'd be surprised how often you can land other things (empty low hits, triple chops, etc.) because people are trying to avoid this at all costs. Don't forget that you can land a level 2 followed by a level 1 to deal nearly as much damage as this level 3. You can combo into level 2 and it's effective against projectiles, so the threat of the level 3 can make level 2 easier to land.

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