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SF6 > Zangief > Level 2 Super - Supers

Zangief's Level 2 Super Street Fighter 6 - Cyclone Lariat

Level 2 Super a.k.a. Cyclone Lariat
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Tips for Zangief's Level 2 Super
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Domingo posted June 29, 2023

This is a pretty solid super when used in the right context. It's primarily done as a combo ender or as a counter to projectiles (or obvious slow normals) out in the open.

Typical combo routes are after a low MP, f+HP, or hell stab. All of these work in drive rush sequences, too. If you're used to the way this move worked in SF5, you should know that it WILL NOT combo after light attacks.

As a juggle, it can be used after an OD/EX lariat, but you have to cancel it extremely quickly. The timing is tight and the damage scaling makes it less than ideal.

When used raw, it beats all the normal things that supers tend to beat, but it isn't an invincible reversal. It has a suction effect, so it can snag whiffed moves and projectile attempts from nearly 1/2 screen. It works from far enough that people might not think it's an option. On the other hand, this move is incredibly unsafe if you incorrectly guess your opponent is about to do something. Only do this move when your opponent has ALREADY pressed a slow button or thrown a projectile. Unless you're psychic or your opponent is following a flowchart, this isn't a move to use preemptively.

When it lands, you can either hold the punch button to launch them at the end, or let go to activate Zangief's Jackhammer grab. Both are useful depending on the situation.

If you have enough drive meter, you'll typically want to do the version where you hold the button. Afterward you can jump up and finish with an EX/OD Borscht Dynamite. If you have a level 1 super stocked, you can also do that for even more damage. You can even dash forward and Hell Stab into level 1 or EX/OD Borscht Dynamite, although that barely hurts any more. In the corner you can even standing HK into Borscht Dynamite. Those are the most damaging options. Even if you don't have (or don't want to use) any meter, you can still hit them while they're falling. You can use this opportunity to setup a mix-up or advantageous situation, but at the cost of damage. If you're looking to maximize your damage and follow-up opportunities without resources, dash forward and hell stab + lariat.

The Jackhammer version is ideal to use when you don't have meter OR if you're looking to change places with your opponent. For instance, if you're in the corner it will put your opponent there instead. Considering the Jackhammer still does a ton of damage, this can often be the preferred option. The Jackhammer hurts more than ANY meterless options if you hold the button.

It's worth noting that holding back or forward during the Jackhammer will make Zangief take 2 steps forward or backward before slamming them. This variation hurts slightly less than normal (100 points of damage less), but it can be used to affect screen positioning in a major way. This version still hurts more than any meterless variations with the button held, so it can be useful in matches where you're trying to corner your opponent without using meter.

If you're in a checkmate situation with an opponent in burnout, Zangief's level 2 also does a decent amount of chip damage. Considering how far the suction effect for this move reaches, it's something to keep in mind. On the other hand, it's a terrible anti-air and it starts very slowly so be wary of people jumping when you activate. This scenario is best used when you can cancel another attack into the super so they're forced to block it.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that "churning butter" for your level 3 or even a normal SPD will sometimes fire off this move by accident. Especially if you're buffering the motion in the middle of something. You just want to be careful with your motions and you might even proactively spin things in reverse direction to avoid this scenario. This is NOT a move you ever want to do by accident.

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