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SF6 > Zangief > Tundra Storm - Special Moves

Zangief's Tundra Storm Street Fighter 6

Tundra Storm
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Domingo posted June 5, 2023

This is NOT the same move from SF5. It seems to snatch anything even resembling a standing kick. It even works against a whole lot of kick-based special moves like Manon's dégagé, Cammy's DP, Dee Jay's sobat kicks, Juri's DP, etc. It even works against kick-based drive impacts. Against kick-based drive impact characters, it actually prevents the most obvious/damaging punish attempt!

The catch is that it's stays out there for roughly a full second and you're helpless if they do anything other than a counterable kick attack. In SF5 it was only active for a tiny window and was roughly the same speed as a normal throw. In SF6 it stays out there for a long time, but it also has a long window of effectiveness. It even seems to work after the move animation has ended. Even though Zangief has lowered his arms it still has some active frames. It's much easier to use, but you WILL pay the price if you guess wrong. At that point, start churning and praying for a lucky EX-SPD against slower foes.

If Tundra Storm lands, there don't appear to be any follow-ups and you're always pushed back 1/2 screen. Damage is decent - roughly the same as a light SPD.

I have zero idea if it will impact the meta at all, but it at least seems to work against way, way more moves. I can imagine in the right hands it could change some kick-heavy matchups. High risk, high reward. Dee Jay and Juri come to mind immediately. Potentially Ken or Cammy, too.

It's worth mentioning that Tundra Storm also seems to have a psychological effect on matches. People aren't used to seeing it. It makes people either very wary or it makes them defiant to see if you'll dare to try it again. Keep that in mind. It tends to change the entire flow of a match. After landing it, it's worth gauging your opponent's reactions. There's a good chance they'll either go full tilt at you, they'll back off big time, or they'll do the exact move that got countered again.


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