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SF6 > Zangief > Borscht Dynamite - Special Moves

Zangief's Borscht Dynamite Street Fighter 6

Borscht Dynamite
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Overdrive Borscht Dynamite
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Domingo posted July 27, 2023

While this move lacks the crazy range (in all directions around Zangief) from SF5, it makes up for it with damage. It hurts a TON, especially the EX version. There are also more instances where you can use this as a juggle very, very low to the ground. Low enough that Zangief doesn't ever appear to leave his feet, but simply appears a few inches off the ground.

Borscht dynamite essentially works as an air throw, which is fairly useful considering people love to jump against Zangief to avoid ground grabs. You can use this to make people less jumpy after your buttons. Especially after you've landed (or at least tried) an SPD. The sheer damage it deals can change the course of a match.

Catching jump-back attempts will work, but you have to be fairly close. You can't snag people jumping back from 1/4 screen away like in SF5.

On the combo side of things, the jumping headbutt (up+HP) into EX/Overdrive Borscht dynamite still works on jumping foes. It's a fairly optimal punish for missed heavy DP's and attacks that leave opponents high in the air, too. You can land this after a juggle hell stab, but you have to be really, really fast as Gief will have to grab them extremely low to the ground. This is nice in corner DI combos or after landing a charged flying HK as a counter-hit.

NOTE: You now do this move with kick buttons vs. punch buttons in SF5, so you have to be careful with certain flying kicks. This can come out by mistake if you're crouching prior to do a jumping kick.

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