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SF6 > Zangief > Jump Medium Kick - Normal Moves

Zangief's Jump Medium Kick Street Fighter 6

Jump Medium Kick
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Tips for Zangief's Jump Medium Kick
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Domingo posted July 26, 2023

Much like in SF5, the angle of this attack makes it hit unexpectedly. It can beat AA's that stop most other jumping attacks and it comes out with a different timing that can throw people off. It's especially effective when done a little early. The catch is that using it that way doesn't usually lead to combos, it's just to get in. You have to be careful about being thrown if you do it especially early.

Like with most jumping kick attacks, be careful with your motions. SF6 is notorious for having special moves come out when you even come close to executing them. Borscht dynamite can come out (and get you killed) if you try to quickly jump and do this move after crouching.

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