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SF6 > Zangief > Crouch Medium Kick - Normal Moves

Zangief's Crouch Medium Kick Street Fighter 6

Crouch Medium Kick
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Tips for Zangief's Crouch Medium Kick
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Domingo posted August 21, 2023

This move reaches a long way and is both fairly safe and fairly quick. It works a lot like Zangief's low HK, only it doesn't knock down. On the other hand, when done from the right range it's very tough to punish. It's also quick enough to usually be safe from reactive drive impacts.

Low MK is a good move for landing stray hits throughout matches to chip away at more mobile foes. Since it looks a lot like Zangief's low HK, so you can mix the two to throw your opponent's reactions off. People often try to DI Zangief's low HK, but you can block or even reversal DI after most low MKs. At the very least you should be able to block unless they're DI'ing very early in anticipation.

While it doesn't work at max range, when you're close you can use it as a tic for the light and Overdrive/EX SPD on hit (and block) to keep people honest.

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