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SF6 > Zangief > Drive Rush Cancel (3 bars) - Drive Gauge

Zangief's Drive Rush Cancel (3 bars) Street Fighter 6

Drive Rush Cancel (3 bars)
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Tips for Zangief's Drive Rush Cancel (3 bars)
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Domingo posted September 18, 2023

This can be executed off of a few moves. Typically F+HP, LK, D+LK (including after D+LP) D+MP, and Hell Stab.

If you're cancelling a light attack, your only guaranteed follow-up is another light attack. You CAN try for a medium/heavy attack, but those aren't guaranteed. Some light attack have links into medium attacks, so those will work if you time/space them correctly.

If you're cancelling a medium attack (hell stab included), you can follow with another medium attack or a light attack. Usually you'll want those attacks to end with a lariat or a level 2 super. You can also land all 3 hits of the triple chop. You can do the first 2 hits of the triple stomp if you want, too. If I don't have a level 2, I like using the triple chop since it does good damage and is relatively forgiving.

If you're cancelling a heavy attack, you can land your choice of another heavy, medium, or light attack. Like with medium cancels, you generally want to end things with a lariat, level 2, or the triple chop. Some heavy attacks (like standing HK) have links into medium attacks to add additional options.

If you want to get wild, you can cancel your attacks into a second or even a third drive rush. The catch is that the added damage isn't always significant and the amount of meter you use is high. You usually only want go for something like this when your meter is full or in a kill scenario.

Looking for big damage? The heaviest-hitting drive rush combo I've seen is a counter-hit F+HP, Drive Rush, standing HK, linked Hell Stab, and then finish with either a normal Lariat or level 2 super. You can do this after a jumping HK as well.

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