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SF6 > Zangief > Drive Impact (1 bar) - Drive Gauge

Zangief's Drive Impact (1 bar) Street Fighter 6

Drive Impact (1 bar)
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Tips for Zangief's Drive Impact (1 bar)
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Domingo posted August 11, 2023

The main thing to remember about Zangief's drive impact is that it's the only way to combo into his grabs. After landing one you can SPD, Russian Suplex, or Level 3 super. If you hit them out of the air (rare, but it does happen), you can even use his level 1 super or EX/OD Borscht Dynamite. These grabs are typically the optimal option for damage, too. The exception is if you only have a level 2 super. In that instance, headbutt into level 2 + EX/OD borscht dynamite is probably optimal...although that uses a lot of resources.

If you hit them with the wall splat version the optimal combo is a slightly delayed hell stab, EX/OD Lariat, and a very, very low to the ground EX/OD Borscht Dynamite. It uses a ton of meter, but it hits for roughly 45% damage. If using that much meter isn't an option, you can hell stab followed by level 1 instead. At the very least you'll want to hell stab into lariat for decent damage with zero resources (or execution) needed.

Looking to be stylish? It isn't optimal, but you can do a cross-up body splash into a level 1 super. It hurts less than doing a normal heavy SPD, but it's a fun way to end a match if you know it will kill. You can also cross-up splash into hell stab/lariat to change sides, but at that point you might as well go for the suplex to add some style points.

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