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Zangief's Target Combo 2 Street Fighter 6 - Power Stomps

Target Combo 2 a.k.a. Power Stomps
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Domingo posted August 10, 2023

This move is essentially like a lesser version of the machine gun chops, only it has less range, it's slower to execute, and the 3rd hit is never guaranteed. The 3rd stomp doesn't hit low, either. The sequence is low, low, mid.

However, if the 3rd hit DOES land, it's special cancelable. The caveat to that is that Zangief doesn't have a ton of special move options. The SPD, Russian Suplex, Level 1, and Level 3 will all miss because they're grabs. That basically only leaves him with the option to cancel into lariat, level 2 super, or drive rush. All 3 are solid options depending on what your resources are like and your execution. Timing is tight so you have to cancel quickly if the 3rd stomp lands. If it doesn't land, the lariat and level 2 are highly punishable. Drive rush is the best overall option since it won't get you killed if they block the last hit.

This move seems situational but could be a good mix-up since it's not commonly used. Mixing in additional stomps and drive rushes could lead to some opportunities for a surprise SPD or even just the opportunity to land stray hits against foes trying to jump or hit buttons.

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