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SF6 > Zangief > Knee Hammer - Command Normals & Target Combos

Zangief's Knee Hammer Street Fighter 6

Knee Hammer
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Tips for Zangief's Knee Hammer
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Domingo posted August 23, 2023

This is a solid tool for closing distance and beating low attacks in neutral. It can even lead to a short combo if it lands from the right distance.
The key is that it isn't safe from especially quick light attacks, so be careful not to use it against overly defensive foes. If you opponent is shelled up, you want to miss and land in front of them.

It's worth noting that a LOT of beginner Zangief players consistently go for grabs after this move. That's both predictable and highly punishable. At the same time, if you do the exact opposite several times you can setup an opportunity to eventually grab. Keep that in mind.

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