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Zangief's Hellstab Street Fighter 6

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Tips for Zangief's Hellstab
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Domingo posted August 11, 2023

While pretty useless in neutral, the hell stab is the key to landing many of Zangief's juggles, drive rush combos, or even basic move-cancel combos. Hell stab can be special/super cancelled and it bounces foes up slightly as a juggle.

The main times to use it are after landing the following:

A charged flying HK on counter-hit
A corner Drive Impact
A level 2 Super (dash forward first)
A medium or heavy attack drive rush cancel

In juggle scenarios you typically want to cancel it into the lariat (Overdrive/EX included, although the 2nd hit doesn't always land), a level 1 super, or a level 2 super.

In non-juggle scenarios, you only want to cancel into the lariat or level 2 super.

It's worth nothing that you can land the Hell Stab as a link after f+HP, HK, or d+MP while in a drive rush combo. For example you can jumping HP, f+HP, drive rush, HK, Hell Stab, Lariat. You can also link into it after medium or heavy normals land as a punish counter, too. When you combine the two, some of those sequences can get long and flashy (at least for Zangief), although you always run the risk of dropping them if your timing isn't on point.

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