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SF6 > Zangief > Headbutt - Command Normals & Target Combos

Zangief's Headbutt Street Fighter 6

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Tips for Zangief's Headbutt
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Domingo posted October 27, 2023

Like in SF5, this move is a powerful tool. It has good priority, can be special cancelled, and is great to mix into your strings to beat buttons or jump attempts. It's also plus on block, so it's advantageous as a pressure tool.

When it lands normally you typically want to cancel it into lariat, a level 2 super, or a drive rush. If it lands as a punish counter, you can actually tack on another normal like standing LK, Hell Stab, or crouching MP. The SF5 bread and butter of headbutt, LK, lariat works in this instance, and requires no meter. If you have the meter to burn, you ideally want to drive rush into another headbutt and cancel into either a lariat or level 2.

A good time to use this move is on wakeup. You can use it to setup drive rush sequences, throw tics, or other scenarios that favor Zangief. With the right timing, you can bait a drive impact in time for you to reverse with your own or a normal grab, too. You're +4 on block, so press the advantage.

Alternating headbutts and crouching light attacks can be used to bait jumps and reversals or to set up eventual SPDs when opponents are forced to block. It's especially strong in the corner as long as you time things so that you can reversal DI if needed. Mix up your attacks and leave gaps to keep foes guessing.

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