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SF6 > Zangief > Flying Headbutt - Command Normals & Target Combos

Zangief's Flying Headbutt Street Fighter 6

Flying Headbutt
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Tips for Zangief's Flying Headbutt
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Domingo posted August 23, 2023

The main use for this move is as a combo into the EX Borscht Dynamite. If that lands, it does absolutely massive damage. By itself it's nothing special, so this move is only barely worth doing if you don't have any meter. There's never an instance where you wouldn't want to also do the air grab as long as you have the meter for it. If you don't have any meter, it does at least knock I guess there's that.

People like vertical jumping on Zangief, so this is a good move to use if you get a strong read on one.

The flying headbutt can be used as normal air-to-air, but you need to be early. Again, it's a move for strong reads only. It has almost no range so it's for situations when you're prioritizing damage vs. using a better move. Big risk, big reward.

The other main time to use it is as a punish vs. a blocked/whiffed heavy or Overdrive/EX dragon punch type of move. Something that leaves your opponent high in the air above you. It's actually a pretty optimal punish (with the Borscht Dynamite, of course) and is stylish, too.

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