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Lily's Condor Wind Street Fighter 6

Condor Wind
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Overdrive Condor Wind
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Jake_da_Thrilla posted September 12, 2023

The cornerstone of Lily's gameplay, Condor Wind provides Lily one stock of Condor Wind. In the most basic terms, a stock of Condor Wind provides any of Lily's special moves outside of Mexican Typhoon extra hits, damage, and frame advantage on hit and block. Example, a Light Condor Spire will only hit once without Wind stock, while any version of the move will hit three times, allowing it to break armor.

Each version has their own time and place to use it. The punch button can be held down to gather the maximum number of stocks (three), but this is ill advised for the most part. The Light Punch version does not have Lily swinging her war clubs down afterward, which is good for naked charges. Both Medium and Heavy version has Lily swing ths clubs down, but only the Heavy version knocks down. The OD version has the speed of the Light with the knockdown properties of the Heavy version. However, with Drive Gauge being so important to Lily's other moves, there is really no need to use this version.

The main downside with the move is that Lily have to complete the animation for the move to gain the stock, and if she is hit during the animation, she will not gain any stock. While standing full screen may work against those without projectiles, this tactic is ineffective against characters like Guile and JP. The best way to gain stock is to either do a crouching Heavy Punch and cancel into a Medium Condor Wind, or Back Hard Punch into a Hard Condor Wind.

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