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SF6 > Lily > Condor Spire - Special Moves

Lily's Condor Spire Street Fighter 6

Condor Spire
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Overdrive Condor Spire
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Jake_da_Thrilla posted September 12, 2023

Arguably Lily's most important special move outside Condor Wind, Condor Spire has Lily spin toward the opponent like a tiny M.Bison. This move can be comboed from a Back Heavy Punch or crounching Light Punch. The main use of this move, however, is to approach the opponent to get close enough to do her strike/throw mixup. Every version, Wind stock powered or not, knocks down on hit, but on block is where things matter. Without Wind Stock and depending on which kick strenght used, Lily is between negative 2 to 8 on block. With Wind stock available, Lily with ALWAYS be plus on block. Usually, she can squeeze a standing Light Kick to standing Light Punch to stop any offensive attacks or even go for a Mexican Typhoon if you think the opponent will not do anything. Finally, if a Wind Stock is available, Lily is not only invincible to projectiles with OD Condor Spire, but on hit, she can combo into her lvl 2 SA!

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