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Lily Street Fighter 6 artwork

Lily Street Fighter 6 moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


Lily was first revealed as a playable character in Street Fighter 6 on September 16, 2022, when the game's full launch roster was announced. She would go on to receive a full-fledged gameplay trailer alongside returning characters Zangief and Cammy on February 23, 2023.

This small, but strong contender is a brand new character in the world of Street Fighter made specifically for Street Fighter 6's playable roster. She joins Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, JP, Marisa, and Manon as the fresh faces in this entry.

Lily is filled to the brim with a happy-go-lucky attitude, sometimes getting overzealous with her attacks and stumbling as a result. She wears a traditional Mexican blouse, beads around her neck, small denim cut off shorts, and hops into battle with two large war clubs in hand.

If Lily reminds you of a certain other classic Street Fighter character (T. Hawk), there's reason for that. She is a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe who communicates with the spirits of nature, trusting in their guidance as she travels the world. Lily harnesses the power of the wind in combat.

Despite being of small stature, Lily fights very similarly to T. Hawk in Street Fighter 6. Her war clubs are used for several of her normal attacks, giving her longer range that is reminiscent of T. Hawk's massive limbs.

Taking it a step further, Lily actually uses T. Hawk's trademark special moves to fight, including Condor Spire, Condor Dive, Tomahawk Buster, and Mexican Typhoon. Using her Condor Spire from the correct distances can help her close the distance and give her frame advantage, and from there she can snatch foes up with powerful command throws that deal very high damage.

Utilizing the power of the gods, Lily can also strengthen her Condor Spire, Condor Dive, and Tomahawk Buster thanks to her unique wind buff mechanic. She can stock wind charges (up to three maximum), and when she performs any of the three aforementioned special moves, they will see new benefits such as more hits, more damage, and better frame advantage.

Character Breakdown

Type: Standard
Effective Range: Mid-Range
Ease of Use: Easy

Likes, Dislikes, Attributes

Hates: Lies
Likes: Cameras, birds of prey
Height: 5'3
Weight: 106 lbs

Voice Actors

English: Tiana Camacho
Japanese: Rie Kugimiya

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