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Kimberly Street Fighter 6 artwork

Kimberly Street Fighter 6 moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


Kimberly was revealed to be a playable character in Street Fighter 6 on August 7, 2022. Her gameplay reveal trailer was released alongside legacy fighter Juri's during the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition finals at Evo 2022.

The world first saw Kimberly in the initial gameplay reveal for Street Fighter 6 where a static image of her appeared on a screen in the background of the Battle Hub. Street Fighter 6 marks Kimberly's official fighting game debut.

This spunky fighter is a big fan of graffiti and the 80s, which she shows her appreciation for by using spray cans in battle and wearing a walkman while she fights. Kimberly's default look includes hair styled into five braids with the tips dyed blue, a red cropped jacket, red sneakers, black leggings, and an ascot.

Kimberly is an uninvited student of Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha's Guy, the 39th successor to Bushinryu. Though she had a normal upbringing, she is a genuine prodigy who graduated college early and wants to become a full-fledged ninja.

The Street Fighter newcomer fights using the Bushinryu style, which means she utilizes many of Guy and Street Fighter 5 Zeku's techniques in combat. She is quick and nimble, using various movement options to swiftly navigate around the screen with ease.

Several of the target combos in Kimberly's arsenal are derived from Guy and Zeku, as well as certain special moves. Her command run and slide, Bushin Senpukyaku (Hurricane Kick), elbow drop, and even Kaiten Izuna Otoshi (air Bushin throw) will surely look and feel familiar to Guy players of the past.

Where she starts to deviate away from her teacher is with maneuvers such as Genius at Play — a special move that sees Kimberly stock up a spray can that can be thrown to the ground as a Shuriken Bomb. Her Hidden Variable move adds even more individuality to her arsenal, allowing her to disappear in a cloud of colorful smoke momentarily and reappear in a different spot on screen.

Character Breakdown

Type: Speed
Effective Range: Mid-Range
Ease of Use: Normal

Likes, Dislikes, Attributes

Hates: Tear-jerker movies
Likes: 80's music, sneakers, large numbers
Height: 5'6
Weight: 134 lbs

Voice Actors

English: Anairis Quiñones
Japanese: Higashiyama Nao

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