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JP Street Fighter 6 artwork

JP Street Fighter 6 moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


JP was first announced as a playable character in Street Fighter 6 on September 16, 2022, when the game's full launch roster was revealed. His first official gameplay trailer debuted on December 8, 2022, during The Game Awards 2022. He was unveiled alongside newcomers Manon and Marisa, as well as legacy fighter Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6's pre-order trailer.

The mysterious Psycho Power user is a brand new fighter in the world of Street Fighter made specifically for Street Fighter 6's playable roster. He joins the likes of Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, Manon, Lily, and Marisa as the fresh faces in this title.

JP is a dapper older gentleman who wears a sharp red suit with an elegant cape strewn across his back. He has long white hair, a large white mustache, beard, and walks around with a fancy looking cane.

This new world warrior acts as the head of an international non-governmental organization that has fostered many successful investment projects, and he is also behind the recent prosperity of the Nayshall region. Cat lovers will also be pleased to know that he has a feline friend named Cybele.

JP uses his aforementioned Psycho Power and cane to unleash devastating attacks in battle. He is a long-range fighter who wants to litter the screen with obstacles making it difficult for the opponent to get close to him.

Among JP's moves are a full screen fireball that can be faked, a long-range command throw, and even ground spikes that can be fired off at different ranges and reach high up into the air making them tough to maneuver around. One of JP's standout moves, though, is Departure, which sets a void of Psycho Power in different places on screen that either attack the opponent if left unattended or allow JP to teleport to that position.

This powerful fighter also has a counter move at his disposal, and when it is triggered, it sets out a mine of Psycho Power that follows the opponent and explodes after a few brief moments. His level 2 super, Lovushka, is also a terrifying maneuver as it sends out several voids of Psycho Power that fire off at the opponent over time and allow JP to string together longer and harder hitting combos and scary mix ups.

Character Breakdown

Type: Tricky
Effective Range: Long-Range
Ease of Use: Hard

Likes, Dislikes, Attributes

Hates: Stains on his clothes, sleep
Likes: Chess puzzles, cleaning, local cuisines
Height: 6'3
Weight: 214 lbs

Voice Actors

English: Wally Wingert
Japanese: Tomokazu Sugita

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