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Cammy Street Fighter 6 artwork

Cammy Street Fighter 6 moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


Cammy was first revealed as a playable character in Street Fighter 6 on September 16, 2022, when the game's full launch roster was announced. She would go on to receive a full-fledged gameplay trailer alongside Zangief and newcomer Lily on February 23, 2023.

The Killer Bee made her fighting game debut on September 10, 1993, with the release of Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers in arcades. She has gone on to secure playable spots on the rosters of other Street Fighter titles including the three games in the Street Fighter Alpha series, Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 5, Bandai Namco and Capcom's 2012 crossover title Street Fighter X Tekken, and plenty of others.

Street Fighter 6's version of Cammy White ditches the classic green bodysuit we know and love as her default costume for a more distinguished look. The acrobatic combatant now sports a short jacket that has the flag of the United Kingdom strewn across the back, a short, new hairdo, and black leggings with white stripes that run along the front.

In this main entry Street Fighter title, Cammy acts as a member of the British special forces unit Delta Red currently working at HQ. She was able to distinguish herself in the mission against Shadaloo, with which she shares a fated connection.

The core of Cammy's dangerous move set returns in Street Fighter 6, meaning fans of the fighter in previous iterations will feel right at home here. Her Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Hooligan Combination are all back, and the heavy versions of each special move can now be held down to delay these attacks while also giving them added benefits like more damage or better properties.

While fans will find the traditional follow ups to Cammy's Hooligan Combination move within her arsenal — including Cannon Spike and Fatal Leg Twister — they can also opt to use her new Reverse Edge attack here as well. During Hooligan Combination, players can hit down + any kick button to perform a tricky downward kick that hits as an overhead, meaning it cannot be blocked while crouching, and this is useful for opening up overly defensive opponents.

Cammy's level 2 super, Killer Bee Spin, can be performed on the ground or in the air and is not only a devastating maneuver, but also references an iconic scene from Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie. Her level 3, on the other hand, sees her repeatedly fly across the screen delivering swift strikes to the opponent before pulverizing them with a powerful slashing kick to the face.

Character Breakdown

Type: Speed
Effective Range: Close-Range
Ease of Use: Normal

Likes, Dislikes, Attributes

Hates: Everything (if she's grumpy)
Likes: Cats
Height: 5'5
Weight: 134 lbs

Voice Actors

English: Caitlin Glass
Japanese: Sawashiro Miyuki

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