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Vega Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Vega Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 1,025Stun: 975 Tier Ranking: 38th
Popularity: 19th SF5 Tiers

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Trigger3ffect posted February 24, 2016

Finally, Vega's HP.This has two variations. When st.HP has great potential it has anti-air properties as well as combo potential. If you find it hard to combo just add another HP, MP+MK for his target combo which allow does good damage. When HP is done while holding forward or Forward+HP(Buster Claw)BC this move is only while the claw is on. Buster Claw makes Vega take a step forward and strike the opponent in face with his claw though this maybe sound awesome and look awesome this can be catastrophic for Vega because its quite punishable unless it hits. Even if done from the max length I believe in time High level players with Sim or Ryu might be able to punish on block(not sure of others) I think Charlie can as well with his V-Trigger, I am yet to test that as well as other characters punishes for this particular move.

Cr.HP with claw-on has range and can also be used as an anti-air but be warned it will NOT hit an opponent who's above Vegas head because the hit box seems only to hit in front of him and a little above the claw same goes for without the claw but cr.HP is actually better for anti air without claw. Elaborating on my previous statement, without out claw cr.HP has a wider range and is much closer to his body rather than further out so it can easily prevent a jump in but be wary for those ambiguous looking cross ups if you're not sure i say dash under his/her jump. I do this all the time Vega has a great dash. This will take some getting use to but if you can anticipate or react jump-ins that will cross you up dash under. The opponent would be caught on aware and will not be blocking(usually). You can use this tactic and if your claw is on do not hesitate to use his st.MP.


Trigger3ffect posted February 24, 2016

Hello everyone my Nana aka Zeik I representing Virtual Union(VU) one of Ghana's FGC.

I've been able to play Vega for a little time now and here's my addition to the knowledge.

LP-Light Punch
MP-Mid Punch
HP-Heavy Punch

Vega(Claw) is a GREAT mid range character thanks to his claw as we all know. The character to me is superior than his USFIV's self. Though I didn't play him on a high level in that game I am loving his new build. Spacing with Vega is awesome thanks to his st.MP with the claw it's a must it keeps the opponent out, counter poke and allows you to retreat back safely. Though you cant combo from max range, footsies are essentials and a stronghold to street fighter, especially Vega.

In this I'm going to cover just the punches from LP to MP then finally HP.

Vega's cr.LP/st.LP is awesome as well allowing you to keep pressure on and cancel it into his CT(Crimson Terror/roll). I would advice to use the light version of CT since less punishable(I think its safe but I haven't tested I'm more battle hardened player :D). The EX version of the roll is DEFINITELY safe on block(you can even back dash afterward if you fancy that). With claw-on you have bigger hit box, keep this in mind when it comes to spacing.

Vega's MP is a huge part of the characters essentials even with the claw on or off. With the claw on Vega has a superb range to poke outside the opponents range unless you're playing against Sim that is. If hit his cr.MP, you can confirm into his V-Trigger which does good damage. Now when the claw is off due to either taking to many hits or manually taking it off it allows MP to be cancelled in special attack, which can lead to awesome damage. Still doing more research on his hit boxes to see which hits where and how far.


HighFive posted February 20, 2016

You can get a pretty ambiguous setup on a quick wakeup with target combo into flyin Barcelona attack, clawless this becomes a vortex as long as they quick get up

StanleyCKC posted March 22, 2016

Vega is a very good character in this game. With claw on he has long range pokes however when he takes his claw off he has more hit confirms and higher damaging combos. He has a great tool set for attacking in any position especially his Flying barcelona attack which lets you pick a position to land in weather it be in front or behind your opponent. You can also end it with a grab which further improves his mixup in that situation. It is very ambiguous which side he will land on however he can be hit out of this so be careful when using it. However if you cancel into EX flying barcelona he can do devestating combos upon his opponents which generally leads to vtrigger and then critical art. Vega has alot of combos he can do utilizing stance switch and some trickier things such as stand.hp claw on , claw switch to off , into command grab.
Vega is a very solid pick in this game but he is different to use so it may take time to get good with him compared to other characters. When vega is claw on make sure to abuse your aurora edge as it is always safe as it attacks and then causes vega to evade. Vegas other moves like his v-reversal might seem weak at first but it can actually allow vega to punish some things other characters can not such as Chun Lis Ex Lightning Legs which is safe on block but with vega he can actually v reversal out of it and then punish while she is still recovering. When vega does not have meter his best combo ender is probably going to be crimson terror which carrys the opponent across the screen fairly far and leaves the opponent either knocked down or neutral. Do not use this on a blocking opponent as this is unsafe. You can use a raw vtrigger as an anti air or punish on reaction which makes vega very dangerous when he has it. If your playing vega, make sure to take advantage of both his claw on and claw off stances. Mastering both stances and using them together will be the key for a great vega.

Shokenryu posted January 17, 2019

If Vega is your main be sure you have Flamenco Tavern as your favourite stage so you have Bloody Garden in your arsenal ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

TymarlithanVapersmith posted June 8, 2016

Vega has excellent tools for dealing with enemies his clawless command grab is superb for giving enemies anxiety and racking massive damage his flying Barcelona with Izuna drop or claw slash is excellent for discouraging jumping and damaging opponents stylishly.
His pokes are excellent though he has several bad matchups M Bison being one of them being defensive and using his high mobility though goes a long way.
He can be good against Mika but his target combos are not very easy though I'm getting good enough to be a real threat with him because I'm come to like him though Necalli is still my favorite.

TymarlithanVapersmith posted June 8, 2016

Too bad this guy is not popular he's so interesting Vega and underrated in SFV an excellent counter I find for annoying Kens as well as Necalli is a good counter as well.
I find myself countering Ken as I am having a terrible time playing him...

Overheat posted March 21, 2016

Hey Vega players! Please use this Hit Box video in slow motion as a resource to level up! Hope it helps!

Revero posted March 7, 2016

I have been playing around with FBA with claws on and off.

Just a tip, I had forgotten the different kick strengths changes his initial height wall jump. I have found that a HK FBA backwards the hold uptowards can easily avoid jumping counter attacks and even SRK!

Back to main point.

Claw on:
If you land a claw strike, either from a cross over or direct frontal ground hit, you can link it into his new lp qcb claw swipe. That can combo into Critical Arts.

Claw off:
If you land a hit, it actually combos into a cr.MP. From there you can do a MK roll, leading into Critical Arts. I think the cr.MP can also lead into a EX FBA throw.

Still practicing at getting good, but I find not to many ppl do those links.

As for AA's I actually found that ppl jump often in the HP qcb claw swipe version. It especially works well against cross over attempts.

Trigger3ffect posted February 24, 2016

Now Vega's st.HP on hit/block is good news no matter what....why? This bring about mind games on block and big damage on hit. (pssstt...come closer let me tell you why) Vega's st.HP can be cancelled into is Switch Claw(SC) this is a GREAT new tool because when cancelled its safe to block. Now if you play mashers you can even light poke afterwards which makes me think its a plus and it can catch someone unaware as well. On hit Vega can SC into cr.MP(claw off) into roll(CT) or Flying Barcelona(FB) or V-Trigger. This can lead to huuuuge damage!! I don't about you but daddy likes him some damage. If you don't like damage maybe like set-ups. The set-up after the st.HP on hit/block into SC is command grab this is good it allows you to get into your opponents head and makes and bait a back dash which can be punished with a slide(cr.HK) or maybe a shoryuken with can be CRUSH COUNTER for sick damage!! My highest combo with Vega from crush counter is 512 so far but I'm certain there's more to be done.

Like I said earlier this is just the little time I spent with him when my friend brought his console over the weekend. I'll continue this in the days to come this time I'll talk about his kick from LK to MK and finally HK. By the way I also play Ryu and a couple of characters on the side.I'm planning on making almost the same thing for him as well as my other character if you like this format or if you think there's something I didn't cover on Vega's punches please add on because we all want to learn as much as possible.

Thank you for your time and I really hope this helps my Vega bros out there(lol). Thank you Eventhubs for this avenue to shed some light on what we know. Train hard and lets make/help SF community grow and become bigger than ever. I hope this was helpful.

tford posted March 21, 2016




KratosTheLoser posted July 24, 2016

Vega sucks his own d^ck


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