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Stamina: 1,025Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 2nd
Popularity: 13th SF5 Tiers
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Choistory posted September 23, 2016

If close enough to his opponent, Urien can combo his sweep into critical art if they don't do a recovery.

On Crush counter, Urien can sweep at full distance -> Cancel into V-Trigger -> Dash forward -> Super

There is also some weird stuff going on with his throw into critical art.
I'll just throw this out there so someone smarter than me can figure it out.

Mero posted October 8, 2016

To continue on what "Choistory"said.
If you throw your opponent and he/she doesn't quickrise or "backrise" you can do super and it will combo off the throw as long as it catches them during "the bounce".

A very useful tool is to make your Aegis reflector a guessing game. Either you can do the regular v-trigger cancel on hit in order to extend your combo. The other option is that The reflector can be used to bounce your opponent off the ground. If you grab the opponent into the Aegis reflector, they will get hit by the Aegis on "the bounce" and you can super off that.

Urien is a great character if you want to have fun while playing. You can do ALOT and use your tools defensively, agressively or use them to mix your opponent up or play mind games. His defensive side isn't the greatest however.

Shin_Ken posted September 12, 2016

Ninjas in the club doing Aegis Reflector

JaCrispy posted July 20, 2016

I have only played Urien in the story mode and I can tell I will main him.

Brad_plus_y posted July 7, 2016

At long last, he will be my best Character


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