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SF5 > Ryu
Ryu Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Ryu Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 1,025Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 1st
Popularity: 1st SF5 Tiers
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Tips for Ryu

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MyNameIsPAN posted July 26, 2015

If you land a crush counter w/, you can follow up with f.hp if your close enough and then combo into big damage

VanHeb posted July 21, 2015

HP>HK target combo isn't on the list.o

ragndmn posted July 20, 2015

I think Delta Drive is for Cammy, not Ryu.

RisingWarrior posted March 9, 2016

When using Ryu it is very important to remember to not only be patient and wait for your opponent to make a mistake before punishing them, but to also bait your opponent into your attacks. I can see how some people can develop problems with my advice due to the rather limited options ryu has, however you can stiil keep your opponent guessing and even scare them into rethinking their current strategy granting you enough time to punish them from a blocked attack or parried attack or perform a mix-up on them. Ryu may be considered a "base character" but his range, damage, and slightly above health can be more tha enough for a good patient player to pick him up and use his unique tools effectively.

tford posted March 5, 2016

Here's a bunch of combos for Ryu


S.HP,DP.MP 216
S.HP,DP.2P 252

J.MP,(2 HITS)AIR QCB.2.K 224
J.MP,DP.2P 224
J.MP,QCF2.P 368

ljhughes1939 posted February 23, 2016

My name is LJ, here's Ryu V-skill/V-Trigger overview for new players!

Ryu plays very similar to fighting style in Street Fighter 3. Use his V-Skill (MP+MK) to parry attacks and leave your opponent open for a full combo! This fills up the V-Gauge. Once this is full, you can activate his V-Trigger, Denjin Renki. In this mode, Ryu's Shoryuken gains electrical properties. It also gives him a chargeable fireball as opposed to his normal one. The fireball travels much faster and, if fully charged, can break your opponents guard, allowing you to combo into his Critical Art, Denjin Hadouken, without the worry of your opponent blocking. Use V-Skill and V-Trigger effectively to keep your opponents guessing!

Cpt_Shades posted February 23, 2016

The parry is what really makes Ryu viable, especially as a defensive character, but it takes a ton of practice. Go into training with each character and use the record function to practice parrying against every character's moves. When your timing is impeccable, put all recorded moves on so you can react to attacks on the fly and without notice; quick reactions are vital, and so is not just pressing MP+MK willy-nilly.

Cpt_Shades posted February 22, 2016

Collarbone breaker (forward fierce) works well as a whiff punish as it comes out relatively fast and goes some distance. It can be cancelled into heavy shoryuken for a simple yet effective >200 damage combo. A good tactic to try if you're just starting out.

Cpt_Shades posted February 20, 2016

A cool trick to use for any projectile character (like Ken, but particularly Ryu) is to do the motion for a fireball but then input a kick (probably light as it has minimal recovery); it will look like you're going for a fireball but instead you'll just whiff a kick. Not only could this bait a jump out of your confused opponent, but it will make your zoning game less predictable as your opponent has reason to second guess whether or not you'll throw a fireball. Pretty meta and strange, I know, but the psychological effect on your opponent is surprising.

Angelking posted February 20, 2016

Ryu's ex fireball and ex tatsu are great ways to build some space between you and the opponent. They both can be combo off of light attacks and lead to a knock down and can often give you the advantage. Ex hadouken allows you also get on top of the opponent because you can dash twice before they get up. Ex only nets you one dash, but it does more damage and pushes them farther.

fuffyfaf posted February 19, 2016

MP > HP > HK can be cancelled into V-Trigger, allowing various juggle opportunities, such as heavy shoryu, or in the corner, light tatsu into denjin hadoken.
Many normals also work, including even some air normals, but won't offer you any real combo potential since your opponent will always reset. Theoretically you could use crouching HP where applicable and charge a fireball while your opponent resets but this is particularly risky.

DukeMinusDaGroove posted January 19, 2016

There's a direction you have to use for the HK. I believe it's (<--+HK), correct me if I'm wrong. :)

The_Real_Sphinx posted July 15, 2016

Hk crush counter + HP + v Trigger + standing HK (so combo does not whiff) standing Lk + H shoryuken. You can cancel into denjin Hadoken if you want.
If you use Axe kick after V trigger I don't advice you use any Shoryuken. Tatsumaki would be better though.

The_Real_Sphinx posted July 15, 2016

I wish more people in Nigeria took fighting games seriously man. Anyway am I the only one who misses Ryu's step kick from third strike and SFXT. I think it would really add to his offencive play and increase juggle potential.

JohnWalrusIII posted March 24, 2016

A little unorthodox, but discovered this one from a Ryu mirror match -
HK(CrushCounter), HK, CA.
The timing can be a little strict, especially if you aren't prepared to land it, but it hits like a truck.

StanleyCKC posted March 22, 2016

Hey guys I'm going to keep this more simple, there are lots of things you can do with RYU but I'm just going to go over some of the more basic stuff.

Most combos will end with Med Tatsu over Hard Tatsu because the Hard Tatsu will put you on the other side of the opponent which might leave yourself in a bad position however it's good to use it sometimes as it can be a tricky mixup if the opponent does not expect it.
You can also swap out Shoryus for Tatsus in most cases if you want more corner carry but not the other way around as you'll typically be out of range for the shoryu in a lot of combos.
I left out a lot of crush counter and counter hit combos along with many vtrigger cancels you can do but a lot of others have posted a lot of information on those already.

These two combos here is generally your hardest hitting BnB Combos as they leave you close enough to do a Hard Shoryu which many of Ryu's links actually don't. These are probably going to be your big punish combos.

St.Mp, Cr.Hp xx Hard Shoryu
253 DMG
395 STUN
F+HP, Cr.HP xx Hard Shoryu
283 Dmg
395 Stun
This Combo is a really good meaty and hit confirm tool as B+HK hits twice giving you ample time to confirm and also can act as an anti air in non-combo situations. Generally you should use this combo on knocked down opponents and this follows up nicely with combos ending with a tatsu.

B+HK, xx Med Tatsu
187 DMG
373 STUN
These combos are typically used to apply pressure and confirms as they are safe on block if you end before the special cancel. They are also what you will have to use if the opponent isn't quite in range for your hardest hitting combos.

St.Mp, St.Mp xx Med Tatsu
194 Dmg
350 Stun
St.Mp, Cr.Mk xx Med Tatsu
185 Dmg
350 Stun
Standard target combo, not really used too often at higher level play but its easy to do and is a great place to start for beginners. I added an additional stand mp for extra dmg but you will have to link that to the target combo.

St.Mp, St.Mp St.Hp St.Hk
211 Dmg
302 Stun
This combo is probably going to be your max range combo the stand hk hits very far you can use this to punish your opponents as well.

St.Hk, St.Lk xx Med Tatsu
197 Dmg
363 Stun
This is Ryus corner combo which uses 2 meters doesn't happen often but it does alot of damage

St.Mp, Cr.Hp xx Ex Tatsu xx Ex Shoryu
363 Dmg
535 Stun

This is generally the Vtrigger Cancel into CA combo that you will see a lot, usually you won't see the in the beginning as stand hp is a bit farther range so you can whiff punish with st.hp into vtrigger critical art cancel for mass damage.

St.Mp St.Hp St.Hk xx Vtrigger Cancel xx Light Tatsu xx CA
393 Dmg
497 Stun

Good Luck guys! Remember to view the other comments and sources for more information on Ryu!

xThunderxWolfx posted March 6, 2016


Light kick: Damage Standing 30 Crouching: 20
Very similar to the Light Punch. The standing version has about double the range meaning you can combo off of a B.HK or a ST.HK. Can be very easily canceled into specials. The crouching version has about the same range and speed as CR.LP but less damage since it hits low.

Medium Kick: Damage Standing: 60 Crouching: 50
The standing version has longer range than ST.MP, but you can't combo into or out of it with anything but a jump in. So just use it to vary your pokes. The crouching version is amazing, it has fairly long reach, can be canceled into specials, can be combo'd into by St.MP or CR.MP but only if the CR.MP is a counter hit. This is your go to poke if you're out of ST.MP range or you want to hit them low.

Heavy Kick: Damage Standing: 90 Crouching: 100

This is another move to fish for crush counters with. The standing version will only hit a standing opponent but has good range and is positive on block. If you get a crush counter you can follow up with your BnB combos starting with St.MP. If you land a normal hit (not counter) you can combo into ST.LK. The Crouching version is a sweep that puts the enemy into a hard knockdown. Good to punish pokes with but be careful as it's negative on block.

Last but not least is Ryu's throw, functionally the same as every other throw. Does 120 damage on a forward throw and 140 damage on a back throw.

xThunderxWolfx posted March 6, 2016

I'm gonna leave a rundown of Ryu's Normals. First thing is first be sure to familiarize yourself with the lingo. Which eventhubs has an article for.


Light Punch: Damage Standing: 50 Crouching: 50
Extremely quick jab, very short range. Good to use to poke in between frame traps or when they drop stun locks to walk up and throw.
The crouching version is almost the exact same just with *slightly* longer reach. Can be canceled into specials but you have to be quick.

Medium Punch: Damage Standing: 60 Crouching: 60 Forward: Two hits 30 damage each.
This is your best poke and confirm. Quick start up, can anti air from further away, and can combo into Cr.Mp, CR.MK,CR.HP or even another ST.MP if you're close enough. On counter hit you can combo into a sweep.
Crouching version has slightly longer reach but is otherwise the same. You can combo a CR.MP into a CR.MP if the first one is a counter hit. Both standing and crouching can be canceled into all of Ryu's special and super, but be warned, a tatsu will whiff if they're crouching.

Holding forward while hitting ST.MP will cause Ryu to do a collarbone breaker. This is Ryu's overhead, it's fairly slow on startup to be sure to use it as a meaty. but it's difficult to punish. You can't combo off of it but it's great for opening up someone who's blocking low a lot.

Heavy Punch: Damage Standing: 90 Crouching: 90 Forward: Two hits for 45 each.
Extremely good poke, especially for fishing for Crush counters. The range is deceptively long but the start up is slightly slow and it's -4 on block so be careful of how close you are when you use it.
It's also part of Ryu's target combo (ST.MP>ST.HP>ST.HK) if you V-Trigger out of the ST.Hk of his target combo you can combo into super. If you land a crush counter with this move it puts the enemy in a juggle state. Meaning you can hit them with specials and normals if you want to reset them for a mixup, but only if you v trigger cancel the recovery. A useful tip on the range is that if you stand right next to someone and back dash, that'll be the tip of the range, which means you can dash close, back dash and fish with it.

If you hold forward when you hit heavy punch Ryu will do his solar plexus strike. EXTREMELY slow on startup but has amazing range and is only punishable up close. Can be used to combo into Shoryuken, CR.HP, ST.MP, or CR.MP. This is an excellent tool for punishing.The Crouching version of heavy punch is an excellent anti-air, especially when they jump right on top of you. CR.Hp can be canceled into all of Ryu's specials and even super, and tatsu will NOT whiff after a CR.HP even if they are crouching because CR.HP forces them to stand. It's important to learn how to Combo F.HP into CR.HP and ST.MP into CR.HP, as the link can be a little strict at times, especially online.

NurseLee posted February 28, 2016


If this is your first time playing a fighting game, I highly recommend new players to pick up Ryu.

He teaches you the fundamentals/core of Street Fighter; Such as, Spacing with his pokes, Zoning with his fireballs, Anti-airing with Shoryuken, overheads, target-combos, and etc.

He’s a great well rounded fighter who has all the tools for nearly every situation and very easy to familiar with. He has no problems playing from the Long-range, mid-range, and close-range.

His V-skill is a good defensive option

His V-trigger buffs his projectiles, Critical Art, and Shoryukens into a zoning monster.


He has real good damage/stun output; He hits freaking hard.

Very simple/straight forward; not too technical to learn
and very easy to familiar with.

Good Anti-air options/ Air-to-Air options/wake up;
although, very risky due to crush counter system.

He does have parry; V-skill so, approaching Ryu can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

V-trigger: Denjin Renki, is amazing! All his fireballs are buff, Stronger Shoryukens, and a terrifying super art.

He can play from all ranges; Long-range, Mid-range, and Close-Range.


Because he’s very simple and straight forward, learning the match up can be easy; he may be predictable.

Basic mix ups; cross ups, throws, high and lows. No air Tatsu mix ups.

V-skill: Very challenging to use. Yes it builds V-gauge meter but, it requires very strong reads/predictions


Also once you fully understand how Ryu can play, it will be or may be easier to transition into the other cast of characters in SFV; Use Ryu as a reference.

For instance, Although Ken and Ryu both have similar play styles and if you compare Ken to Ryu, you will eventually understand that Ken is more of a rush-down style; His hurricane kicks and Shorykens are way more devastating than Ryu’s and he’s way more agile but, his fireball game is extremely weak.

So Ken can have some trouble dealing with good zoners; Ryu is a good zoner.

Take care doods!

ferguga posted February 24, 2016

A few Ryu combos


Mp, Mp/Cr Mp/Cr Hp, Fireball/Hurricane Kicks/Dragon Punch
Back HK, Lk, Dragon punch
You can connect a Jumping Hp or Hk before each BnB,
You can connect a CA after each BnB

Air to Air
Jp. Mp, CA
Jp. Mp, Jp. Mp, CA

Megamanzero55 posted February 21, 2016

Ryu isn't exactly a character that is in your face. You have to play him patient, zone,then when you find an opportunity for a mix up, go for it. You have to capitalize on your opponent's mistakes.

elvandar posted February 21, 2016

Someone that has played 3rd strike might want to use Ryu's V-Skill (Parry, Mind's Eye) in a similar way but will quickly notice that it is not as quick and useful as parrying was back then.

Ryu's V-Skill parry is a slower version of the 3rd strike one. It has more activation frames (3), and a very long recovery (29). It is still very useful when used correctly. You can parry attacks in succession but it is best used against heavier attacks that have longer recovery.

Your best bet is to use a heavy Shoryuken after a successful parry. It will mitigate faster attacks that could hit you even if you try to parry again.

To sum up, Ryu's parry can be extremely useful but it's a double edge sword. If you miss your parry you get hit, and if you just throw parry's out randomly its slow recovery will get you punish. As everything in this game, practice practice practice.

TODABEAST posted February 20, 2016

Ryu 50% combo. ->Fierce stand, strong, crouch fierce, fierce shoryuken into super cancel.

Dias4Flac posted October 10, 2015

Target combo mp+hp+hk
Isn't on the list

Froinlaven84 posted August 18, 2015

Ryu's Target Combo: MP, HP, HK

semy28 posted July 21, 2015

Doesn't Delta Drive belong to cammy?

graphy posted July 23, 2015

Why does everybody have Delta drive listed?


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