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SF5 > Necalli
Necalli Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Necalli Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 1,025Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 18th
Popularity: 13th SF5 Tiers
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NurseLee posted March 12, 2016

Necalli, the Savage Rastafarian Warrior!


If you’re looking for a Rush-down character in Street Fighter V well Necalli is definitely one of those characters that might interest you. So just what’s unique about Necalli game out the other rush down characters? Well he’s the only rush down character with a command grab. And yeah some players might say it’s not the best but, the idea of a rush down character with a command grab is still terrifying.

Furthermore, Necalli damage output is monstrous. Especially when he’s in Super Saiyan mode (V-Trigger). He has every kind of attacks; long-distance, anti-airs, cross-ups, and overheads. Overall he’s a savage beast.

+ Pros:

Necalli has a V-skill ground pound/projectile allowing him to be a threat from outside of close range

V-Trigger mode is a permanent transformation; enhances all of his attacks, increase walk speed, increase forward dash, and his Super Art changes; dealing way more damage.

All of his Raging Light are completely invincible, deals great damage, and possible knock down reward

Close-range game is diverse, having a command grab and an overhead attack to open up his foes

Thanks to his special Disc Guidance, he has no problems dealing with predictable projectile pattern

He has one of the most Crush Counter normal properties out of the cast

Cons –

Although he has a command grab, the startup is 8 frames; it can easily whiff.

Anti-airs are great but, it has limited areas in front of Necalli; does not have a great way to deal with jumping cross-ups attacks directly above his head.

Limited crouching attacks/combos; some of his low hit combos work only on certain characters.

Hope this helps and take care!

PandorasCrate posted October 15, 2015

Raging Light is no longer a charge move, but Disc's Guidance is. As of the latest build.

JadenDaJedi posted March 19, 2016

Found an EZPZ hit confirm into Necalli's V-Trigger

Does 320 damage (not as much as St.HK > VTrigger > Cr.HP xx MK Stomp > Cr. MP xx MP Disc, but only 12 less and you can hit-confirm so as to not waste a v-trigger on a blockstring).

Unfortunately it MUST be at point-blanc range or it whifs.n

Cr.HP xx MK Stomp > Cr. MP xx V-Trigger > St.HP xx HP Disc

The last part is achievable because v-trigger allows you to instantly disc in a combo without charging.

MEETHEGROUCH posted February 23, 2016

For Necalli, A Major Flaw and I hope Capcom really fixes, is his Cross Over Medium Kick. It's almost as bad as Cammy's Non Existent Cross Up. I hope they fix the Hit Box on it for real. And Disc Guidance needs to be a Command Motion. That will help Necalli's rush down and help him not turtle and jump all day. He's a New character that should play with "The Greatest of Ease!!!". Not the other way around Lol.

Mizaiya posted February 21, 2016

If you want a good setup, after doing Ex. Command Grab in the corner, do st.HP into one of his Valiant Rebellions. If you do HK stomp, it will catch the opponent in what they're doing and allow you to get a Shoryuken. If they block it, you can do st.MK to catch any pokes they throw out (but be careful because if they do nothing they can grab the st.MK.)If you think they are going to stand there and keep blocking the HK stomp, you can do the LK or MK version. This will whiff and allow you to do whatever, including command throw again. The difference between using LK and MK stomp is that LK give you greater recovery while MK looks more convincing.

mjaden44 posted February 20, 2016

Necalli becomes a different character when V-Trigger is activated, with links that do not work in his normal state and his V-Trigger last until someone is KO for the round.
IMO, standing HK is his best counter tool, it has good range and can be v-cancelled for a follow up.
Lastly his ground pound is a bad zoning tool, it might catch your opponent off guard every now and then but it is best used at the end of his target combo

SadistiClown posted February 19, 2016

I noticed the V-trigger effects aren't in here. The v-trigger of Necalli never ends. It also makes Necalli's dash much quicker and a larger distance. He also gets a significant damage boost while his v-trigger is activated. But he cannot do a v-reversal while once you activate it.

Heres an easy combo that takes no meter.

304Damage with V-Trigger

Crouching Fierce Punch_____Cancel_____ Medium Valiant Rebellion xxxxLinkxxxx Crouching Medium Punch _____Cancel____ Light Disc Guidance.

OPTIONneglect posted February 17, 2016

Whats up wit dat frame data doe?

Bayfighter posted February 7, 2016

I wish v-reversal was three kicks instead of punches since EX disc's guidance might come out accidentally.

mediamatix posted September 21, 2015

Two special attacks were changed to CHARGE moves in the latest build:

Raging Light (down, up + punch)

The Disc's Guidance (back, forward + punch)

rayner posted August 28, 2015

My Favorite player, thanks.

Mrdevilkg posted September 5, 2015

ferguga im going to guess one normal super and one with v-trigger activated like ryus shin hadoken and dinjin hadoken

ferguga posted September 4, 2015

Why does Necalli have 2 super combos with the same input?

BossDynamite posted February 24, 2016

Tip: frame data for punishes against all characters.


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