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SF5 > Menat
Menat Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Menat Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 950Stun: 950 Tier Ranking: 8th
Popularity: 29th SF5 Tiers
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Starling posted August 31, 2017

It only seems she has two specials but the Soul Sphere is super versatile.

First of all, qcf+p when used goes it's range and then stays there. When you input qcf+p again it comes back. While it's out there, you can cancel ANY move into qcf+p even when blocked, meaning you can use your unsafe normals no problem, the opponent will be incapable of retaliation.

Now the Soul Sphere behaves differently for each input.

qcf+LP is a low with short range (but still goes behind the opponent when used close range).
qcf+MP goes horizontally and further than LP.
qcf+HP is high and moves diagonally at low degree and it goes further than across the screen aka it's no longer visible on screen and you can use it to surprise your opponent if they are not paying attention. It hits high even from screen across but opponent can duck it. However if you knock the opponent up or they jump, you can use it as anti-air and yes you can easily juggle with it. BONUS: If you call the orb back from further away, you can juggle from normal throw with it. Recall the orb and then use throw, if successfull it will juggle the opponent and you can air throw or V-skill from there.

EX version is where this gets interesting. Soul Sphere has untraditional EX moves. qcf+LP+MP is a low that pulls your opponent into your range. qcf+LP+HP is a mid that does the same from further away. qcf+MP+HP is an anti-air move that throws the opponent straight down into the ground. It's a high damage juggle combo finisher.

I am fairly certain someone will come up with some crazy stuff with this awesome tool.


ShiroKuma posted August 30, 2017

Was gonna pick her up despite the ugly character model but... only two special moves? Guile mains complained about only having two special moves for years, it doesn't seem to sit well with people.


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