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SF5 > M. Bison
M. Bison Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

M. Bison Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 1,000Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 5th
Popularity: 11th SF5 Tiers
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MyNameIsPAN posted July 27, 2015

Gootecks created a google docs for what he has learned for M.Bison:

JoelMaster64 posted February 7, 2016

Meaty Inferno the worms while they recover from a knockdown!

ferguga posted December 8, 2015

Psycho Inferno is now quarter circle back and punch.

obscurenovice posted August 20, 2015

Here's everything I learned today.

jHP, crMK, crMP xx MK double knee press (or MP psycho blast for KD)
jHP, stHP, activate VT, crMP xx EX double knee press (600 stun)
jHK, stHK, crMP xx MK double knee press xx CA
jHK, stHK, crMP xx EX double knee press (510 stun)

VT Combo(s):
jHP, crMK, crMP xx EX psycho blast xx EX head press (750 stun)
d/f+HP, crMP xx HP psycho inferno xx EX head press (590 stun)
Devils Reverse xx CA (used to punish full screen projectiles)
counter hit crHK xx EX head press (600 stun)

Ammonites posted July 21, 2015

Why does everybody have Cammy's DeltaDive listed? :( Love the fact Bison has a double quarter circle forward super!

CloneKiller66 posted January 3, 2019

Bison is freaking AMAZING in this game! As a long time Bison main, this game has become so wonderful for me! :D

AS_Columbo posted January 31, 2017

just tried sfv again and noticed something about my main:>cr.lp-> doesn't work anymore. always misses now...

Ominous_ posted February 24, 2016

cr.HK slide on a knock down is no longer a good option due to very few Hard Knock downs in this game.

Instead try using a HeadStomp on a knock down. You will get the choice between a meaty HeadStomp or a whiffed stomp into pressure (keeping your charge) just like the cr.HK in SF4.

ragingkarma posted February 20, 2016

You want a character that has the slowest walk speed in the game but hits like a freight train then Bison is your character. With moves that makes him more of a boss character then the rest this character has a pretty loaded kit with damage and mix up. His V trigger is probably one of the best in the game allowing you to combo Ex versions of most moves allowing for a damage output greater than a critical art.

JoelMaster64 posted February 20, 2016

The key to success with Bison(and street fighter in general) is situational awareness: knowing what attack to use and when. I have personally discovered that his standing roundhouse links to his crouching medium punch, which on Crush Counter allows you to do 2 consecutive roundhouses into bigger combos. Now that's what I call BIG DAMAGE!

OnyxFist posted February 19, 2016

A good thing to note is people keep jumping on you. Crouching HP is a good anti air, much more appropriate than standing HK which I have seen people listing it as. Another good way to keep people off you is jump right back at them with MP. Highest priority and if landed it will juggle nicely into a Critical or special.

Ragfarok posted August 10, 2015

I was at the GamesCom last weekend, and the move Psycho Inferno is now a quarter circle backwards with punch. Amazing move, by the way!

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