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Laura Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Laura Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 1,025Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 17th
Popularity: 7th SF5 Tiers
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meltsy posted February 1, 2016

Day -15 notes on her (from Beta #4)

Her best buttons:
- -> Crosses up, can follow up with cr.HP on hit.
- -> Great Air-to-Air
- cr.hp -> good range, safe on block, cancels into specials/v-skill.
- -> great range, hits low, cancellable but doesnt combo with MP Bolt Charge but combos with LP Bolt Charge / V-Skill.
- -> cancellable, catches people trying to jump out of your frametraps. Can frame trap into itself, but loses to fast normals.
- -> cancellable, her best antiair, terrible range on grounded opponents but good frame advantage on block. Can frametrap into if close enough to stuff most cr. lights.
- cr. mp -> cancellable, good range.

- Her V-Skill dash is one of the most useful in the game, you can cancel it out of almost every normal she has. But don't abuse it or you will get counter hit a lot. You can easily bait fireballs with its back-forth dash too.

- Strong mixup potential once she is in. Think Makoto/Abel.

- Her V-Trigger fills quickly and lasts for a good bit. You can V-Reversal early in a round and still get to use V-Trigger.

- Very easy to convert Crush Counters at most distances with varying damage.

- Very nice and easy to use reset combo with EX Thunder Clap (qcb+PP) into

- Anti-air Bolt Charge (qcf+HP) is a great antiair at the correct angle, but it trades a lot with a disavantage for Laura. s.MP is an awesome antiair too.

- Good comeback potential if your mixups work and your opponent panics, due to high stun/damage combos.

- No links whatsoever, only on counter hits. That means it's hard/impossible to hit confirm and you must commit to your mixups. You get read = you lose. Once again, think Makoto with no hit confirms.

- Her target combo (s.MP-s.MK) doesn't cancel/link into anything and leaves her at frame disavantage. Maybe only useful for training your opponent to block and then eat a command throw.

- LP Bolt Charge is safe on block but has no advantage. If you press cr.lp after it (her fastest button) you will still get counter hit by a lot of faster/harder hitting normals. cr.lp also loses to a throw after LP Bolt Charge.

- Her command throw is stuffed by basically anything. It loses to normals and to throws. Her EX command throw is even worse. The only redeeming factor is that she does a mini-dash during her EX, so it might get opponents off guard. But don't expect to use any version as a reversal. Which brings us to my main issue with her...

- No reversals whatsoever. Her EX Bolt Charge (qcf+PP) has armor, but the armor doesn't activate until some frames into the move, so it loses completely to a meaty. It's unsafe on block but at least is not counter-hit punishable. Backdash/V-Skill dash is asking for a Counter Hit too.

Vandylizer posted February 5, 2016

Good stuff!

As of the final beta build Laura's forward dash is 17 frames, which is actually faster than her VS forward (avante) which is 21 frames.

Similarly, her 21 frame backdash appears to be faster than her VS backdash (equiva) which comes in at 26 frames.

So one might "why use the VS dash at all if the regular dash is faster"? Besides the difference in dash distance, you can cancel the VS dash like a special move, which is useful during air reset situations where you can dash under the opponent for a cross under or meaty command throw ;)
Also her VS backdash can have its recovery cancelled into the forward dash, so you can quickly back off and rush back in for a command throw or frame trap setup.

All this is obviously subject to change in the final build, but I thought I'd share for those interested.

meltsy posted February 1, 2016

About her V-Skill:

- Neutral MP+MK -> Laura does an Overhead. Good range but a bit slow and very unsafe on block.

- Forward MP+MK -> Dashes forward. Goes farther than her normal dash but it's quicker. If you hold the buttons, she will dash and do her overhead.

- Back MP+MK -> Dashes backward. Goes about the same than normal backdash but it's quicker. If you hold the buttons, she will dash and do her overhead.

- Back MP+MK, MP+MK during recovery -> She dashes backward and quickly dashes forward asap. You will end up a bit farther up than you were, so it's good for baiting fireballs at mid distance so you can jump-in and combo. If you hold the buttons, she will dash and do her overhead.

- You can cancel into it from any normal on both hit and block (except for s.HK/cr.HK). Use it to get in or out.

- You are generally safe from reversals/normals after dashing in cancelling from a normal, but not at frame advantage. That means if you press a button you may get a trade or even get counter hit. Don't abuse it.

- V-Skill Dash Forward -> usually gets people off guard because they are expecting a overhead after the dash. It's safe too and you can cancel it into LP Bolt Charge to get in safe or another V-Skill Dash to get further in/out, but beware whiff punishing.

- Getting hit during the dash or during its recovery frames results in a counter hit. Beware.

- Do not use it to backdash away from jumpins. Use it to dash forward to avoid crossups if you react fast enough.

- Scoring a counter-hit with the overhead will result in a crush counter and send your opponent flying. Followup with HP Bolt Charge for damage or reset him with a normal for mixups.

- Cancelling the backdash from a light normal makes you go farther back than cancelling it from mediums/heavies. Use it to bait reversals or trying to score a crush counter with s.HK at the correct distance.

- You can only cancel into it from your target-combo (s.MP, s.MK) if you hit it. It's not possible on block.

Vandylizer posted October 25, 2015

Her move names are a little tricky. Bolt charge sounds like a name for a fireball but it's actually her elbow attack. Maybe they should add some electricity spark effects (rather than just the whirlwind around her elbow) so it's less confusing.
Thanks for keeping the list up to date with each character announcement :D

WhoIsThat posted April 22, 2016

Don't forget to use EX thunderclap. This is very important for set-ups and pressure also using EX thunderclap while your opponent is down, it could eliminate their wake chances.

McAl posted April 14, 2016

Command throws have increased range in V Trigger.

StanleyCKC posted March 22, 2016

Laura is a character who does not have the traditional Sf V combos but she excels at her mixup game. She can pull off resets mid combo and can ambiguously land on either side potentially giving her massive dmg reward if the opponent guesses wrong. Since Laura has a command grab and the dash speed of SF V being so high she can do dash in command grab on knock down opponents for some tricky gimmicks. Her fireball can also protect her as she advances through the screen. Alot of her moves push her forward so she is very good at punishing her opponents with short but dangerous hard hitting combos. Her Vskill is also a dash or a overhead which can trick your opponents HOWEVER it is very risky to use it as an overhead as it can be punished heavily but can be very rewarding when you land it and keeps the opponent guessing. Her footsies are also decent her hits pretty far and can be canceled into light bolt charge which is safe on block however does not do much damage on hit. Her other moves can get you split river or rodeo break which allows you to pick the side you land on and then follow up with lauras mix up game. If your playing Laura , focus on her mix up game. Try to get the opponent knocked down or in the corner and don't let them keep you out.

tford posted March 7, 2016

Here are my combos with Laura...

Note that all combos that start with QCB.HP,VSKILL should be charged and done at the max distance that the vskill will hit.

CR.MK,QCF.2P-P/K 185
S.HK,QCF2.K 405

Corner Combos

Crush Counters
S.HK,S.HK,QCF2.K 469

SpikeTheLucario posted February 29, 2016

Laura doesn't have a lot of combos, but many of the combos that she does have are really good.

freaKANIME780 posted February 24, 2016

She has solid footsie and poke game with her standing heavy kick being an effective tool for crush counters and spacing. She can be played either rushdown/pressure thanks to her fireballs and command grabs giving her good mix-up potential or a Hit-and-Run style with her V-Skill's mobility options and command grabs damage output. No matter which way you decide to play her spacing is key to controlling the pacing for her matches. Her worst match-ups I've seen online are; Karin as her rekkas can completely go over or through Lauras fireballs. Ryu having better fireballs,hurricane kick going through Laura's fireballs,and parries. Nash simply due having better tools to close the distance gap and pressure he can put on you. Her best match-ups are; Ken as compared to Ryu his moves hit harder but can be punished much more easily on block. Birdie as he lacks the mobility and any form of projectile to punish Laura when she is played rushdown and large hitbox make him easier to hit with Laura's QTR-Back+Kick command grab. Zangief is the same thing as Birdie. Match-ups that can go any way; Chun-li has excellent jump-ins and solid range on her specials. Dictator(Bison/Vega) has effective tools to counter/crush counter some of Laura's moves and vice versa. Rainbow Mika has solid damage output compared to Laura but lacks same mobility options. Claw(Vega/Balrog) has better speed but Laura's anti-air if it can connect will potentially keep Claw from building any momentum. Cammy can go over Laura's projectiles and do alot of damage but lacks the Health to last long against Laura's command grabs should start putting on the pressure. Match-ups I can't speculate on are Rashid, FANG, Dhalsim,and Necalli as I haven't run any online in the past couple of days.

SFVengeance posted February 20, 2016

These are the notes on Laura I got from the beta I think number 4 (was playing her a lot)

Her best actions are as follows:
* J.MK -> Can cross up for more potential
* J.HK -> Great Air-to-Air for trades
* CR.HP -> Decent range, safe on block, can cancel into specials or v-skill.
* CR.MK great range, hits low, cancellable but doesnt combo with MP Bolt Charge but combos with LP Bolt Charge though.
Can potentially frametrap into if close enough.
* CR. MP cancellable, good range.

Good points

- Her V-Skill dash is easily one of the most useful in the game, you can cancel it out of every normal. You can easily bait fireballs and mix up your play a lot.

- Strong mixup potential for fast hard players.

- Her V-Trigger fills normally and you can use it instantly. You can V-Reversal early in a round and still get to use V-Trigger.

- Anti-air Bolt Charge is a good anti air at the correct angle.


- I have to say her target combo [S.MP - S.MK] isn't cancellable into anything useful and she can't follow up.

- Light Bolt Charge is safe on block but thats it. I would advise using any dfollow up and it can be counter hit.

- Command throw is easily countered. Avoid using it a lot when behind in a match

- No reversals really. Hard to use character further down the meta.

StandStrong posted February 19, 2016

Re: V skill overhead, you can make it plenty safer by hitting it from max distance. With proper spacing, its actually tricky for your opponent to punish properly.

Another sneaky thing is to use it from just outside max range. It recovers quickly so you can go immediately into command grab after whiffing the overhead.

Always be ready to use it as a counter hit as you can juggle into reset and mix up.

Laura is all about conditioning the opponent. Like has been stated, she had no links or reversals, but when played efficiently she does not need those attributes.

ThePikachuMaster posted February 10, 2016

H Bolt Charge is an anti-air command grab with a very high (roughly 70 degrees) trajectory.
EX Bolt Charge is roughly the same as M, but faster, slightly better damage, and most importantly, armor. In other words, if you're willing to spend an EX, it might be Laura's best tool for dealing with fireballs at midrange.

LP_Myself posted February 1, 2016

Some combination with she

Subscribe in channel for more!

Froinlaven84 posted October 17, 2015

Good look on updating the Target Combo.

player_20 posted February 20, 2016

For beginners, the hardest things to do are learning how to punish the enemy using Laura and what to do on wake up.


Step 1 - The Punish!
Just remember the most important thing is to mash light jab into light bolt(elbow). If you're mashing jab to get out of a pressure, motion it into light bolt so you can react on hit, always, because it's safe on block so even if you mess up not all is lost! Opponent's string of normals ended? or you feel there's a gap? cr mk into light bolt.

If they blocked the jab or cr mk? You can still light bolt for the semi-safe chip! Remember this is not the most favorable position for Laura as it puts her in a 50-50 situation.

Step 2 - Getting the combo and mixup!
If light bolt hits, go into command grab instantly. Only way to get out of it is jump which means you can choose to do command grab or hard bolt for anti air.

Step 3 - Covering Options
If you messed up and your light bolt gets blocked, it is safe but you have no advantage, if your opponent mashes jab together with you after the block, they will almost always win assuming perfect timing after block stun. You can mash jab and hope your opponent is stupid enough to hit a button that isn't light and that can go into another light bolt. BUT, assuming your opponent is not a complete fool, it's best to go back into a defensive state and bait another mistake. Note that you can get grabbed after a blocked light bolt so get ready for tech or jump! This mostly boils down to a 50-50 game between guard and tech/jump.


Wake up game.

EX bolt. It has armor and WILL save you from wake up pressure, corner pressure, fireball pressure... well, anything with the word pressure in it! It will even go through single hit ex fireballs, including Nash's and Bison's(dictator), so mash away!(I kid, don't abuse it THAT much)

Once you have done this once or twice on wake up, you can safely wake up any other time without mashing it as your opponent will be wary of going near you, almost as if you have a shoryuken up your sleeves!(Unless your ex meter is empty)

Note that you are not safe on block and even a plethora of HP/HK can punish you, so use with caution.


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