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F.A.N.G Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

F.A.N.G Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 975Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 34th
Popularity: 22nd SF5 Tiers
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EraserRain posted January 9, 2017

Just a warning to players picking up F.A.N.G. after season 2's patch. He is slower and added frames to all his Medium moves. They still good tools, but not as good as they were in season 1. The added 2 frames to st.HK have made his cross-up combos harder to do. You need to go deeper with jm.HK for it to work. Outside of that it's a huge risk to use it.

Some combos in season 1 no longer work because of the frames added. The Input latency change in season 2 makes charge attacks a little harder to do. Combo execution and hit confirming are now a must for him.

The new V-Trigger he now has takes time to actually hard to learn to use it for bigger damaging combos. It is still better to use it to extend combos.

Recoverable damage is 50% slower in season 2. This is however not a dependable buff for him. It is hard to do gray damage with to start with. Still keep up the poison damage as much as you can.

F.A.N.G. is a fighter that you must spend a lot of time in the training room with. You will lose a lot at first, but with time you can take on most of the cast with him. He is really fun to play when you get used to him.

Mero posted February 26, 2016

Because of the way the poison mechanic works a poisoned opponent can't regain grey health. This makes F.A.N.G the only character in tge game that can do chip damage. It can't kill but it can take them to 1hp, now all you need is 1 hit.

Kharyus posted February 20, 2016

Part 2.

+Charge Tips:
Since F.A.N.G is a charge character, you have to make sure you have charge to do his special moves. To help accomplish this goal you can use his V-Skill when you are out of charge and the opponent at distance, so that you may charge while the animation goes off and also get the benefits of having that poison on the screen.

+General Strategy:
As i have explained, your goal is to poison your opponent and then let the clock tick. One way to reach this is by creating a barrier between you and your adversary. Use Poison Fireballs, Poison Bomb and V-Skill interchangeably to make sure there's always something in your adversary's way to you. For instance (V-skill to get some charge going, Poison Fireballs to zone the opponent and also anti-air him and then Poison Bomb to put a barrier on the ground. After that you can mix that up with different sequences.)
To be frank, an option that seems to be working effectively right now is just spamming Poison Fireballs, but make sure you throw some in the way of his dashing so he doesn't dash straight into you.

After a sweep knockdown, you can immediately do a L.Poison Fireball and then use H.Escape Slide to cross under the opponent. If he takes the hit you can sweep him again to get him back into the vortex, or you can do a damage combo. You can also use L.Escape Slide to fake the cross under so that you end on the same side as you were to confuse the opponent.

I hope you guys find this useful, cheers.

ferguga posted February 24, 2016

Heres one combo! Cause I don't remember the others.

Close Hk.
Crouching Mp.
EX Poison Bomb
EX Poison Lung Punch

I did it

Kharyus posted February 20, 2016

Hello, i hope this tip may be useful to other players, especially beginners that might be wanting to use F.A.N.G.

- Slippery character with his Escape Slide and Coward Crouch.
- If played properly, annoys the hell out of your opponents.
- Strong keep-away game.
- Deals damage over time, a unique characteristic that separates F.A.N.G from the rest of the cast.
- The responsibility of going on the offense is on the opponent.

- Like characters such as Nash, F.A.N.G's really huge con is not having Invincible moves to wake-up with, having to rely on blocking well, V-Reversal and generally avoiding this situation when possible.
- His damage output is not that great compared to the rest of the cast, for good reason since he has the extra damage from poison.
- His normal moves are not that good.
- Not necessarily a con, but he is a Charge character and some players, especially beginners, might struggle with this aspect.

- Cr.HP: Good anti-air that can comboed off.
- St.MK: Good AA for its specific distance.
- Poison Fireballs: Really good anti-air that hits twice and sometimes only once leaving the second fireball as setup; the drawback is that it needs charge, has long recovery and if missed opens you up to be big damage punishes.
- Poison Lunge Punch: Used for relatively long distance, therefore it's situational and should only be used in specific situations.

Fang is a character that gets his damage over time through poisoning the opponent. Your goal is not to get in the opponent's face but rather run away and be as annoying as you can be. Your primary goal is to make sure the opponent is poisoned at all times, and then avoid getting hit so the poison doesn't fade. To achieve this goal you have tools such as:

- Poison Bomb to let a small barrier on the ground.
- Poison Fireballs to zone the opponent out and poison him on his mistakes.
- V-Skill to make those mistakes happen, and scare the opponent.
- Escape Slide to get out of bad situations, the corner and to cross under the opponent.
- Poison Lunge Punch for punishes and combos.

End of part 1

Mero posted February 19, 2016

F.A.N.G is a very interesting character.
His zoning game isn't the best but is really effective. If you try to outzone a shoto you will probably eat a few fireballs, but you will also poison your opponent to the point where he will have to go in on you. alternatively you can sliode under a fireball and punish with Critical Art. His zoning is super effective against grapplers however. Zangief has a real hard time getting in on F.A.N.G, and when he does F.A.N.G can punish him with lungepunch or poisonbomb, then slide away to safety. Birdie has an even harder time beacause his jumpgrab can be stuffed by poisonballs.

Close up F.A.N.G has decent damage and alot of tricks to his disposal. Do some damage, get your opponent poisoned and get to safety, forcing them to go in on you.
I've had some issues getting out of preassure from quick characters like Laura, Karin and Necalli. But if you keep calm and know your buttons, (better than me) you should be able to get away.

Just a Note.
F.A.N.G's Critical art can be used in combos. It can also be used as an anti air. ALSO if it misses F.A.N.G reigns down a firey inferno of birdpoop on anyone beneath him.

RebornOdin posted February 17, 2016

At close range, c.MP xx LK Poison Bomb is pretty safe on block. Neither other meterless special is nearly as safe. If you definitely want to be safe (Not positive, but still safe), you can use EX Poison Lunge Punch.


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