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SF5 > Cody
Cody Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Cody Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 1,025Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 34th
Popularity: 32nd SF5 Tiers
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dee51x posted June 26, 2018

I find Cody really hard to master, a little bit weak. I don't know why but for me his moves and combos flow unnatural LOL. His standing MK push back so much that in many situation it's not reliable at all, considering it's uncancelable property. Also his Final Combination minus on block too much, they even make his 2nd hit minus 4 man, 2 is enough I think, Ed has a similar move to this and it is wayyy better (I know they are not the same and also I'm comparing target combos to special but come on guys, they are very similar). His V-Skill does not work at a reliable wake up option neither, I used to think it got full invincibility on start up but no, just throw invincibility, consider you have to sacrifice your health for that, it kinda makes no sense. And the worst factor about this character must be his Zonk Knuckle, oh my g*d it is bad! I find myself in a lot of situations when my opponent just throws out random buttons and I got punish by them! I have no idea why Capcom chose to remove it's invincibility guys! He already has his forward HK to close distance and it's also minus 2 on block, better damage and cancelable duh... at least his EX Zonk have some uses because it plus 3 on block, I guess...
His best button should be his HK, both standing and crouching, also his forward HK, a lot of range and hard to punish, I must say his sweep is ridiculously good, I find a huge number of cast members can not punish his sweep with their own sweeps at max range. His standing HP is also a very good button, good damage and very good at anti air. Standing LK is good too, consider it's range and it can also be cancel into Ruffian Kick and sometimes Final Combination, overall good poke. Jump MK is good, jump MK to LK is great, a very good mix up tool.
And when it comes to his V-Trigger... oh man this guy is very hard to master, seriously, especially his VT2, I'm still struggling with his VT and I rather spend VT gauge for V-Reversal instead LOL.
That's all for now, and please remind yourself these are MY OWN OPINION so please, don't judge, I'm just Ultra Gold after all.


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