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Chun-Li Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Chun-Li Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 975Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 9th
Popularity: 6th SF5 Tiers
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Tips for Chun-Li

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Cascadian1106 posted February 20, 2016


If you have played Ultra Street Fighter 4, you will notice that Street Fighter 5 Chun-Li has a few similarities to her previous iteration. But, she is also very, very different. For one thing, she is arguably one of the strongest if not the strongest character in the game at the moment.

- She has very good normal moves.
- She is one of the few characters in the game who can link a light attack into a medium attack.
- She has the second fastest walkspeed in the game.
- She has a decent zoning game.
- She has a good stun rating.
- She deals good damage even without meter.
- She has very good anti-air buttons in st.LK, b.HP, b.HK and EX SBK.
- Her Air Legs can be used to change her jump trajectory and cause immense pressure on her opponent.
- Her V-Skill makes up for her floaty jump which can also be used for her okizeme game after she gets a knockdown.
- Her V-Gauge fills up quickly but depletes very slowly.
- Her V-Trigger turns her into an offensive powerhouse.

- She has below average health.
- She has a floaty jump.
- Her only invincible reversal which is EX SBK is easily baitable and punishable.
- Her regular Kikkoken is a charge move which also dissipates the farther it travels.

1. st - standing
2. cr - crouching
3. j - jumping
4. nj - neutral jumping
5. df - down-forward or crouch + forward
6. b - back
7. LP - low punch (jab)
8. MP - medium punch (strong)
9. HP - hard punch (fierce)
10. LK - low kick (short)
11. MK - medium kick (forward)
12. HK - high kick (roundhouse)
13. Legs - Hyakuretsukyaku
14. SBK - Spinning Bird Kick

1. cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK > HK/EX Legs
2. cr.HP > LK Legs, cr.LP > LK SBK
3. cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK > LK/MK SBK
4. cr.LP, cr.LP, st.LP > LK SBK
5. cr.HP > HK SBK
6. cr. HP > HP Kikkoken

B. V-SKILL (assuming upward movement hits the opponent)
1. V-Skill > Air LK/MK/HK Legs
2. V-Skill, d.MK, d.MK > Air LK/MK/HK/Legs
3. V-Skill, d.MK, d.MK, d.MK > Air EX Legs

1. j.HP/HK, b.HP, > HP Kikkoken > Hoyoukusen
2. j.HP/HK, b.HP, > HK Legs (cancel quickly) > Hoyoukusen

1. anti-air b.HK, cr.HK
2. anti-air b.HK > EX Legs
3. anti-air b.HK, b.HP > Hoyoukusen
4. j.HP/HK > V-Skill, d.MK, d.MK, d.MK, nj.HP/HK > (land) Hoyoukusen
5. df.MK, cr.LP, cr.MK > MK SBK
6. f.HK, cr.LP, cr.MK > MK SBK

1. b.HP, dash, BnB 1 or 3
2. st.HK, dash, BnB 1 or 3

1. j.MP > Air LK/MK/HK/EX Legs
2. j.HP (1 hit only), d.MK, d.MK, d.MK > Air EX Legs

1. cr.LP, cr.MK > HP Kikkoken

1. All versions of Kikkoken travel full screen.
2. B.HP negates single projectiles.
3. Light attacks gain additional hitstun.
4. Medium attacks gain an additional hit.
5. Hard attacks gain two additional hits.
6. Overall damage of normal moves is increased.

1. Bread and butter (bnb) combos can be used after a heavy jump-in attack.
2. If j.MK is used, ground bnbs that begin with cr.HP will not work
3. EX Legs and all versions of Spinning Bird Kick knock down on hit.
4. Avoid all versions of regular Legs in ending block strings. They are heavily punishable.
5. If you wish to cross up when you jump in, use j.MK and make sure you do not press DOWN as you will end up with a headstomp instead.

mediamatix posted February 26, 2016

Option select the charge

Generally speaking, you always want to end Chun-Li's combos with the Spinning Bird Kick as it deals more damage, more stun, and gets you a knock down. But this is not always easy to do. The timing for the charge might be very strict and if you mess it up, you might end up neutral jumping and taking a huge punish. In those case it would have been better to use lighting legs as a combo finisher.

For instance:
cr.LP, s.MP, cr.MK xx SBK/Legs

With this input you always achieve the full combo. The resulting special depends on having or not having that charge ready:

Charge Down(-back), then do a half circle from DOWN to RIGHT to UP + Kick

If you got a charge, the game will give the priority to the charge move and ends up executing the Spinning Bird Kick.
If you didn't get the charge in time, lighting legs will come out instead.

MyNameIsPAN posted July 23, 2015

Played quite a bit and this worked out for me pretty well.

cr.hp xx lightning legs - cr.lp xx spinning bird kick

Raiken05 posted July 20, 2015

Chun's v reversal is actually called Sou Hakkei. Someone at Capcom made a translation error.

NurseLee posted March 5, 2016

Chun Li is perhaps the strongest Woman fighter in video game history. I want to say that in this iteration of Chun Li, She is very solid and best of all, she is accessible because now she’s a motion character than a charge character. No more Piano/button mashing those lightning kicks. Furthermore if you have played Chun Li from SF 3rd strike, great news because it’s very identical with some very nice features and twists.

However, I will say that she can be technical for new comers and take some time learn but, I think it will be worth it in the long run because Chun Li can teach you the important aspects of how to utilize and poke effectively in Street Fighter. And when it comes to the topic of who has very good/fantastic normals, Chun Li has always had great normals in every Street Fighter game.

Overall she's very well rounded character and if you want to be a character who excels a great poking/footsie game, I can definitely say that she is your go to character for sure.


She has VERY FANTASTIC dominating normals; many of her normal attacks make her an extremely oppressive aggressor from mid range

She has very good movement; One of the best walk speed in the game

She can link from lights into mediums; I think she’s the only one as well

V-skill helps with her jump arc; she can create some sick cross up shenanigans

She has an Air-grab

Critical Art is very good and can easily Chipp kill

V-trigger buffs all of her normals; all mediums cause 2
hits and all heavies cause 3 hit. And her frame data will change as well; She will most likely have very strong frame trap setups. Also has access for juggle potential combos


She has low stamina/health. About 950; so, she can be K.O. quickly

Damage output is low. Has to spend meter for greater damage output.

Optimal combos can take more technical prowess to use than other characters combos.

She is a technical for new comers.

Her Jump arc, Not V-skill, is floaty and it can be easily
anti-air so, only jump when it’s necessary.

V-skill can be difficult to utilize properly, especially when using as an anti-air

Sampson_619 posted February 20, 2016

People have smack talked Chun Li's new overhead normal replacing the old hazanshu overhead that flipped through the air. While that was a good tool to get past fireballs, Chun now has her V-skill for that. Instead this new overhead is amazing at surprising the opponent in a footsie situation as the move isn't slow to start up and has incredible range going a bit under half screen. However you dont want to throw it out too often or the animation will become apparent and you will be punished for it.

chunli_2016 posted August 3, 2015

Please capcom, please give back chun li the street fighter iv flip kick hazanshu. The current flip kick in sfv is so useless. Moreover, please give her some new moves. The back M kick into combo which showed earlier in previous trailer is cool. Thank you

BlankaBeast posted July 20, 2015

Can't wait for frame data, so hype.

Droogalo612 posted December 22, 2016

Just a quick sub...
A throwback to SF3TS...
Her cross up df+HK can barely CA cancelled for a surprise helping of "Damn! You got KTFO!"

Sampson_619 posted February 20, 2016

Chun's air lightning legs are incredibly useful in the pressure game, whenever you are close to the opponent or have pushed them into the corner you can neutral jump into lightning legs either to come back down and hit the opponent with the light version, or hang around up there longer with the heavy version. this can operate in a similar fashion to a divekick, using the change in trajectory to trick the opponent and hit a baited anti air or trade resetting the situation.

Sampson_619 posted February 20, 2016

Chun's V-trigger is when your opponent will be ruining their new trousers, all of Chun's already brilliant footsie, ranging, and combo potential is blown through the roof. Her heavy kikoken now goes full-screen allowing you to do more damgae while out of footsie range. Now her medium normals hit twice and her heavy normals hit three times. This opens up new combo potential from her overhead normal and forward HK. Her damage output is increased by more weaker combos able to hit you, and in footsies any moves that hit the opponent are doing significantly more damage

Sampson_619 posted February 20, 2016

Chun's V-skill is a little tricky to use as you hang out in the air for a while before you can hit a button. Recomended is to use this as a way of getting from full screen to footsie range, so that chun can work her magic. The combo of V-skill into toe taps then lightning legs does good damgage however is very hard to hit. If jumping in you might be able to peg your opponent, but its a very specific spot to hit. I hope these ideas can help you to formulate strategies for her V-skill

ZacharySweis posted February 20, 2016

Regarding Chin-Li's Cr.MP, it may seem like a bad move at first. It's unsafe, even on hit, and it can't cancel into specials or super. However, that doesn't mean it is useless. You just have to know how to use it. With V-Trigger activated, and if you're close enough, you can link after it with her bnb Cr.LP, St.MP, Cr.MK xx Legs (as an example). You can cancel it INTO V-Trigger to combo after on hit or make it safe in block. But, you should mostly be using Cr.MP to do two things; 1 - Close out rounds when you're at a distance where your opponent knows your Cr.MK will whiff just to get that last sliver of health. 2 - Same situation, but with stun. You've got your opponent almost stunned but they're blocking and teching throws like crazy. Back up to let them think you've run out of ideas, then hit them with Cr.MP. You should use it so sparingly that they forget it's an option. Cr.MP isn't bad, it just needs to be used properly.

Sampson_619 posted February 20, 2016

Since other tips are a little overwhelming with details ill keep it simple for newer players. Chun is the master of footsies all of her buttons have a purpose and you need to find and master these uses. A simple BnB combo is cr LP-st MP-cr MK XX lightning legs (l-Ex.) I hope this helps any who are unfamiliar with chun to reach a starting point with her

StanleyCKC posted February 20, 2016

[Scroll down for previous parts]

Here's a few things to think about

VSkill tackle can get you 3 step kicks into EX Legs but it's rare to be able to VSkill tackle someone
VSkill into step kick into J.MK is a pretty decent crossup
[However better opponents will know how to deal with the step kicks so you may want to do just the crossup part]

Counter hit Forward+HK can lead into Cr.lp,, xx Light Bird
Counter hit Cr.LP can go into Cr.MK
Crush Counter St.HK can lead into dash forward Cr.lp,, xx Light Bird

Back+HP is surprisingly good at crush countering wake ups which you can then confirm into hard legs

DF+HK into Cr.MK xx Medium Bird is a pretty good cross up if used sparingly
[It is fairly slow so it's pretty easy to react to if you do it too much]

EX Bird is actually a pretty good anti air

Forward + MP, St.MK, St.HP, St.HK might annoy your opponents and is great for keeping them at range
[Make sure to walk forward a bit after Forward + MP to connect the St.MK]

Forward + HK can corpse hop, afterwards you can try to get a combo off or grab maybe even corpse hop back again if they are not quick rising


That's All I Got Guys
Good Luck! [And Good Luck to me as well]

StanleyCKC posted February 20, 2016


Hit Confirms
-------------, cr.lp, xx Med Bird
213 Damage
353 Stun

St.HP xx Vtrigger, cr.hp xx Light Legs, cr.lp, xx light bird
[Sometimes you may be too far after the St.HP Vtrigger Cancel]
[so you may have to link into Cr.MK xx Medium Bird instead]
304 Damage
458 Stun

Cr.MP, Vtrigger, xx Medium Bird
[Cr.MP must hit near the tip in order to vtrigger cancel into]
[Will not work if it hits deep]
216 Damage
320 Stun

DF+MK, cr.lp, xx Medium Bird
[This one combo is what makes Chun's Vtrigger god like]
[It's her overhead into combo]
[You can do things such as, cr.lp,]
[and if that did not hit you can follow up with this overhead combo]
263 Damage
383 Stun

F+HK, cr.lp, xx Medium Bird
273 Damage
433 Stun

CL F+HK, Cr.lp xx Light Legs, cr.lp, xx Medium Bird
[Must be a deep hit with the Forward+HK in order to get this combo]
324 Damage
486 Stun

Instant Air Med Legs, cr.lp xx Light Legs, cr.lp, xx Medium Bird
294 Damage
396 Stun

Cr.lp xx light legs xx cr.lp, xx Medium Bird
268 Damage
388 Stun

Cr.HP xx Light Legs, cr.lp, xx Medium Bird
303 Damage
418 Stun

Ji.HP, Jump EX Legs
[This combo is against someone who is neutral jumping]
[If you can catch them at a good time this can land some pretty nasty damage]
[However It'll likely be extremely difficult to pull off mid match]
280 Damage
339 Stun
Meter 1

F+HK, cr.lp, xx EX Fireball, xx Medium Bird
363 Damage
523 Stun
Meter 1

Cr.HP xx EX Fireball, cr.lp, xx Medium Bird
330 Damage
436 Stun
Meter 1

Cr.HP xx EX Fireball, cr.lp, xx EX Fireball, xx Medium Bird
403 Damage
506 Stun
Meter 2

[If someone is neutral jumping in the corner and your close to them you can do a B+HP when they are falling]
[Into 3 Back+HK]
235 Damage
405 Stun
Against Jump


StanleyCKC posted February 20, 2016


[Submitting for the contest and also to help Chun Li players take over the ladder]

Here's what I consider to be some fairly optimal combos for Chun Li
Some of these I found off videos but most I have discovered my self
These combos are based off the current version of the game as of 2/19 so damage values
or combos may change in the future
I did not include any critical art or jump ins for these combos but you can add them in if you'd like
You can typically critical art cancel off any of Chun Li's lightning legs
Let me know if anything is wrong or the damage / stun is off
Splitting into 3 parts because this has too many characters

Hit Confirms
-------------, cr.lp, st.lp xx Hard Legs
146 Damage
273 Stun

Cr.lp,, xx Light Bird
[You have to late cancel for this combo]
[You can actually do a Medium Bird cancel but its timing is strict]
[Alternatively you can do the standard Hard Legs which is easier but no knockdown]
198 Damage
382 Stun

Instant Air Med Legs, cr.lp xx Light Legs, cr.lp xx Light Bird
[Great tool to use as a fairly fast overhead into combo but pretty difficult to pull off]
228 Damage
356 Stun

F+HK, St.LP xx Light Bird or Hard Legs
[Must be edge of F+HK to link very strange]
[Does not work if you land the F+HK too close]
203 Damage
309 Stun

Cr.lp xx Light legs, cr.lp Light Bird
[Cr.lp is a 3 frame jab so this can actually get you out of alot of pressure from the opponent]
[You have to be right next to the opponent however to link cr.lp after light legs]
[This also applies to other combos using Cr.lp xx Light legs as well as Cr.hp xx Light Legs]
[So if your too far you may consider using Cr.lp xx Medium Legs for the damage]
192 Damage
340 Stun

Cr.HP xx Light Legs, cr.lp xx Light Bird
232 Damage
370 Stun

Cr.HP xx EX Fireball, cr.lp, xx Hard Legs
280 Damage
489 Stun


wundercheese00 posted February 19, 2016

While in her V-Trigger state, you can finish her v-skill into aerial stomp chain with a down forward aerial heavy kick, culminating in a 10 hit combo. Perfect for stretching the combo for that extra mile.

Abbadon36 posted July 25, 2015

three light punches into light or medium legs works.
C.lp X 3 xx Light/medium legs
Simple but i'll take the damage where i can get into.
Back Hp can be combo'd off of with s.lp or lk then canceled into legs.

snakeeater91 posted August 25, 2015

Why do her boobs jiggles so much? Not complaining or anything.


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