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SF5 > Cammy > V-Trigger 1 - Super, V-Trigger, V-Reversal & V-Skill

Cammy's V-Trigger 1 Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition - Delta Dive

V-Trigger 1 a.k.a. Delta Dive
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Clueless313 posted February 20, 2016

To put it simply, think of this V-Trigger as an FADC. It's best used inside of a combo or as a confirm, as it can be easily wasted if you just do it for no reason. Add that to the fact that Cammy's V-Reversal is so strong and useful for her, you really want to make this Trigger count.

As for what the trigger actually does, it enhances all of her kick specials. This includes her DP and drill, as well as normal and hooligan divekick. It doesn't affect her super in any way, however.

V-Trigger drill allows her to juggle into either V-Trigger DP, EX DP, or super on hit and is pretty unsafe. It also goes through fireballs, similar to EX drill.

All V-Trigger DPs have 3 frames of startup and 7 frames of invincibility, essentially meaning they're all EX DP. It's important to remember that they still retain similar angles to their normal, non-V-Trigger counterparts.

V-Trigger divekicks are all +4 on block, and allow you to combo on hit. Always. All of them. Pretty neat, huh?

NurseLee posted March 7, 2016

V-Trigger Delta Drive:

A simple straightforward V-trigger that gives Cammy buffs and replaces all of her kick attack special moves. On activation Cammy’s Delta Drive duration is about 2,000 frames where V-Spiral Arrow, V-Canon Spike, and V-Canon Strike will deplete 1,000 frames each time they’re used. So in other words, Cammy will only get 2 shots of use of V-specials before the duration ends; so, make it count.

Fortunately, with the exception of V-Canon Spike, there is only one version of each V-specials moves so, you don’t have to worry about the kick button strength used; however, V-Canon Spike still varies on horizontal range with kick button strength but, it still retains the same properties.

Also Cammy will lose access to her EX-moves during in V-trigger. But her V-specials moves are better than EX so, it’s still worth using it.

The main use of Delta Drive is using Cammy’s normal attack canceling to capitalize off of far-reaching normal hits for increase damage, or to give Cammy frame advantage off of a heavy attacks.

Cammy can also use it for a quick time-freeze situation for an opening advantage as well.
For instance let’s look at this situation…

Cammy is full screen away and is about to be K.O from her opponent but, she’s fully loaded with meters and she can K.O. her opponent with Critical Art. Unfortunately, her opponent has no meter and does a neutral Jump for a bait yet, Cammy sees the neutral jump so, she utilizes her Delta Drive startup animation (time-freeze) and then pulls of a full screen anti-air punish with super; Cross Stinger Assault.

It’s really effective and it’s a great strategy for Cammy to look for an opening strike. Especially when situations are looking bad for Cammy.

Hope this helps and take care!

fbgzwarpath posted February 22, 2016

Used mostly for canceling into some high damage combos its all but wasted if u boot it raw as you not only have a time limit but a limit of two kick supers


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