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SF5 > Alex
Alex Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition artwork

Alex Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition moves


Stamina: 1,050Stun: 1,075 Tier Ranking: 43rd
Popularity: 9th SF5 Tiers
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KingBoss posted July 24, 2016

Alex's charges are really lenient. So much so that you can combo into them. After holding down, you have to let the stick slide back to neutral-->either standing strong or standing fierce-->then flick up with either head it or stomp. You have to be very quick and it takes some practice but it's viable for jump-in mixups.

In case of any confusion, this video illustrates the tech much better

KingAl posted July 20, 2016

Forward hard punch is +3 on block guys so you can power bomb after or you can do forward hard punch into light kick into ex flash chop, or you can just move forward and do something else. This character keeps people guessing so take advantage of it.

Bechencito posted April 1, 2016

you can do whatever you want and finish with this combination
C.HP-LP.Flash Chop-EX Air Knee Smash

or just
cC.HP-Heavy Hammer

Ezra_Plumz posted March 30, 2016

How do you do Stun Gun Headbutt it's not in the commands?

MALDA_IS_BACK posted March 30, 2016

Need some combos on my homeboy

QueenViper475 posted March 31, 2016

OK! What Alex's cuiticat art move?

NeoPyroXx posted March 31, 2016

Use lp to antiair


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