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Stamina: 900Stun: 900 Tier Ranking: 3rd
Popularity: 12th SF5 Tiers
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kheel posted April 24, 2017

Beginner tips for Akuma's Critical art: Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon).

Because of Akuma's lower than average Health, and the nature of his V-Trigger, it is very easy to get a full stock of Super Meter (Used for Critical Arts) almost every single round!

To explain, his V-Trigger allows for Akuma to perform very high-damage combos without relying on spending his super meter. This means you VERY OFTEN get the chance to use SGS to turn the tables in a fight! Having such a powerful move in your back pocket towards the end of most rounds can be devastating for your opponents, and can possibly earn for you a lot of clutch wins!

Here are some basics I've picked up about SGS in SFV.

SGS will go through fireballs very easily.

You cannot combo into SGS normally. You must use a crush-counter, or the opponent must be stunned from a previous combo.

SGS is considered a "0-frame grab". That means if you use it next to your opponent, they cannot react to seeing the move on screen. They have to predict the SGS before it happens to avoid it!

You can press the last three inputs (Forward+lk+hp) at the same time to shorten how long it takes you to perform the Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu)

As a final tip, if you use SGS, not only will your CA meter be depleted, but so will your V-Gauge. Use it wisely!

zerocoolsem posted January 4, 2020

Akuma já foi bom depois de tanto nerf que o demonio levou muita gente deixou de jogar street para jogar MK e smash bros isso quando a gente ainda ve o povo no Tekken e samurai Showdown.
Resumindo so daqui 300 players ja deixaram de jogar o jogo por causa de tanto nerf que o Akuma sofreu.
A CAPCOM descaracterizou e desconstruiu um dos maiores personagens de sua franquia ,nerfar Akuma e a mesma coisa que dar um tiro no pé!

Memester posted February 23, 2017

Akuma has some pretty ok defensive neutral but it's when he knocks you down that he can take advantage of all those stubby+ on block normals. So you want to play patiently in neutral and try to land safe combos or setups into either standing MK or cr.mp

DeadeyeofThunder posted February 13, 2017

Akuma can go for a really good reset. Standing HK target combo, follow into standing MK into light Shakunetsu, into trigger. Dash up a use crouching MP, dash then use crouching HP into standing MK into any special but it's recommended to use light Tatsu into the Trigger Shoryu so you can go for a good oki setup. Hope that was helpful. Keep in mind this only works in the corner...

szeleale posted December 26, 2017

Give up

mario3d posted December 22, 2016

You suck!


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